BJP and Congress party both are preparing for Gujrat election after Himachal Pradesh election where voting completed on 9th of November. Before that Bhartiya Janta Party lost in by-poll Election in Chitrakoot of Satna District of Madhya Pradesh.
BJP candidate Shankar Dayal Tripathi lost election by margin of around 14000 votes. Congress win and BJP defeat is not a big thing but no media channels are showing this news on their channels is a big thing.
Jyotiraditya Sindhiya

No news on TV Channels

Most of News channels like India TV, India News, Aaj Tak and many more are not showing this news before Gujrat elections. NDTV news and some more newspaper highlighted news as they are called as Anti-BJP channels.
Reason : Reason of this can be said as these Pro BJP -News channels does not want to show defeat of BJP before election as it will show Anti behaviour of people in country against BJP. After Good support to congress party in Himachal Pradesh , congress party is expecting good performance in Gujrat also.

Why Chitrakoot was important ???

Chitrakoot seat lose becomes difficult to digest for BJP as ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh worked hard for this seat.
Chitrakoot seat was vaccant after death of congress leader Prem Sigh, who was member of Legislative assembly from last three times from Chitrakoot.
ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and his party tried best to win this seat but failed.
Here's the total votes to both parties with margin of defeat
  • INC : 66810
  • BJP : 52477
  • Margin : 14333
ShivRaj Singh and more than dozen ministers rallied more than 60 times in this area and even UP vice chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya also campaigned this place but people of Chitrakoot rejected BJP completely for the fourth time.

BJP after defeat
- BJP state president Nand Kumar said that defeat in Chitrakoot doesn't show mood of Madhya Pradesh.

Congress Party
- Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said, people have voted against fake promises of ShivRaj Singh Chauhan. ShivRaj Singh Chauhan promised a lot in last 13 years but doesn't fulfil even one.
- Congress state president said this is a historical win of congress party and this will help congress party to fight as a unit.
- Congress MP and former minister Jyotiraditya Sindhiya thanked people as said people of MP have decided to remove BJP from rule, and Chitrakoot is just a begining.
People of Madhya Pradesh are supporting for there favourite leaders and this time a supporter commented for Jyotiraditya Sindhiya.
Congress and BJP are very active on social media thesedays as they are aware a high percentage of a population in Himachal Pradesh is youth. BJP is questioning five years of Virbhadra Singh with campaign named as #HisaabMaangeHimachal, whereas congress party is answering with campaign named as #JawabDegaHimachal. Here we will tell you how much effect these two campaigns are doing on youth and people of Himachal Pradesh. 
Congress v/s BJP on social media

1. #Hisaab Maange Himachal

Himachal Pradesh BJP started this campaign against congress party and as name suggests , it is about questioning of five years work of congress party and Virbhadra Singh government.
Hisaab maange Himachal is on different social media platforms, but as mostly Hiamchali's are on Facebook, So Facebook page is regularly updated.

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page : 1.58 Lacs Likes
Twitter Account : 422 Followers
YouTube Channel : 3K Subscribers

Facebook Page of BJP Social media campaign have good likes and it is around more than 1.57 Lacs . But reviews are not so good and score is 3.9. Which is not good at all. 
BJP is promoting themselves in campaign by telling people about achievements of central government and blaming 5 years work of Virbhadra Singh government.
     After declaring Prem Kumar dhumal as CM Candidate of BJP, whole campaign shifted from JP Nadda and central government to Prem Kumar dhumal. 
There are many videos made and uploaded on YouTube also which shows bad condition in congress ruled constituencies. But people have to understand whether they are talking with common people of constituency or just party local leaders and volunteers.

2. #Jawab Dega Himachal

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page :  88 K Likes 
Twitter Account :  26.1 K Followers
In response to BJP campaign #JawabMaangeHimachal, Himachal Pradesh congress party started campaign named #JawabDegaHimachal. Which suggest clearly mean, People of Himachal will answer questions that BJP are asking.
Himachal Pradesh congress shows with there campaign that BJP failed at central government level as well as previous Dhumal government. Virbhadra Singh is only the main face in whole campaign as congress party is fighting election on name of Raja Virbhadra Singh. In Virbhadra Singh focus is on upper and lower Himachal Pradesh both , but in images of BJP (#HisaabMaangeHiamchal) only red topis which signifies lower Himachal from where dhumal belongs can be seen.

CM candidates

Earlier it was not not clear in BJP who will be chief ministerial candidate for elections but BJP president declared Prem Kumar Dhumal as chief minister candidate and congress is playing will Ace card Virbhadra Singh as they have no more options.
Congress is pretty confident about victory as CM Virbhadra Singh is ready to become 7th time chief minister in age of 83.
According to some surveys Virbhadra Singh is much popular candidate for Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, whereas health minister JP Nadda is on second position.
Some important links 

Both parties are active on social media and trying to convince people of Hiamchali's Pradesh. But mood of people will come on 9th November on voting machines, and 18th on TV screens.