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Sangla valley is most charming and most beautiful Valley in country. Sangla is a city in the Baspa Valley in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla is located very close to the Tibetan border.
Sangla is a perfect gateway from busy life of cities. Sangla valley is also famous for temples and Meadow in valley. Other name for Sangla Valley is Baspa Valley.
"Sangla" meaning in language of Kinnaur is "Pass of Light" mean valley receiving sunlight during the day.
Sangla Valley/Baspa Valley


Sangla Valley is located in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla or Baspa valley starts at Karcham and ends at Chitkul. Chitkul is also a beautiful village located in this heavenly valley. Sangla valley is situated at an height of around  8,900 feet. This beautiful and majestic Sangla valley is located on the bank of the river Baspa.

Demography & Political View

Sangla Valley cosists of many villages and town but Sangla is biggest town where all facilities are available. here is a little view of Sangla.
According to census 2011
Total Population : 2244
Total houses : 536
Literacy : 78%
Sex Ratio :  1028
Total No. of houses : 536

Temples in Sangla Valley 

Sangla valley is known as for its temple also. There are several famous temples in Sangla valley. Some of them are here below. 
- Badri Nath Ji Temple
- Mata Devi Temple
- Bearing Nag Temples 
These all temples are great example of extraordinary creativity and spirituality.
Temples are truly architecture wonder and devoted to Hindus mostly.

Places to Visit in Sangla Valley

  • Chitkul Village
Chitkul village is located on India-Tibet border and at a distance of around 27 km from Sangla. Village is famous for its extraordinary scenic view and Potatoes also.
  •  Sangla meadows 
Sangla meadows or Sangla Kanda is most favored spot in Sangla valley as it is lush green meadows with mud patches and a magnificent backdrop of snow covered Himalayan Mountains.
  • Kamru Fort
Kamru fort and now temple is great mix of extraordinary architecture and perfection. Kamru Fort is dedicated to Kamakhya Devi. 
The fort consist of a wooden balcony and a big wooden idle of goddess Kamakhya Devi.
  • Batseri Village
Batseri village is located at a distance of around 8 km Batseri village is famous for local handicrafts like kinnauri shawls, caps and other handicrafts items.
  • Tibetan Wood Carving Center
Tibetan Wood Carving Center is also located in Sangla valley and famous for Tibetan handicrafts and items. 

Facts about Sangla Valley

  • Sangla Valley is famous for Sweet & Juicy apples.
  • Until 1989 outsiders were not allowed in valley without permission due to its geographical location.
  • Baspa Dam Reservoir is located in Sangla Valley and this dam is on Baspa River.
  • A saffron farm is located in outskirt of Sangla town.
  • Fulaich Fair is celebrated in sangla valley in the month of August and  September.
  • Kamru fort is more than 800 years old and now it has been turned into temple and temple is dedicated to maa Kamkhya Devi.

How to Reach Sangla ?

To reach Sangla there is only Bus services and Taxi services as there is no airport or railway facility in this place. To reach there one can hire private taxi also.
Distance From Delhi : 560 km
Distance from Shimla : 225 km
Nearest Airport : Shimla
Nearest Railway Station : Shimla
Malana is an ancient Indian village known for its weed/Cream. Malana is located in Naggar Tehsil in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.
Malana is famous for its unique house structure, nature but popular because of Hasish. Malana is known for its ancient custom & manners and judiciary system.
Malana village is in Kullu district but outlying of rest of world. Even primary facilities are missing at this beautiful place.
Malana, Himachal Pradesh


Malana village is in north east of kullu valley & a side valley of Parvati valley. It is located at a height of around 8-9 thousand feet above sea level. Beautiful green village Malana is overlooks the Deo Tiba & Chandarkhani peaks.
Malana is situated side of Malana river.


Malana follow oldest democracy in world. They have there own rules and regulations  which revolves around Jamlu Rishi. It is said that Jamlu rishi ihabited this place and people of Malana still follow his made rules and regulations. There is a parliamentary system in malana which consist of two floors & all is guided by Jamlu Rishi considered as God over there. Jamlu rishi is identified with the time of Puranas & believed to have been worshiped in Pre-Aryan's time.

Demography & Government

Malana is situated in Tehsil Naggar of kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It comes under Kullu assembly constituency .
According to census 1961 population of Malana was around 500 whereas today its around 3 times of that. Total population of Malana is around 1700 and total area is around 179 hectares.
 Malana have oldest democracy & have their own rules an regulations and village is governed by a parliament which consists of lower and upper house. Lower house called as Kanishthang, upper house called as Jayesthang. The current panchayat is Bhagi Ram. They believe highly in their own god Jamlu Rishi & follow rules and regulations set by him.

Language & Culture

Malana residents speaks a local language 'Kanashi or Raksh' which is understood by villages only. Language seems to be mixture of Sanskrit language and Tibetan language.
The village follows a democratic administration & is oldest republic of the world.
There are several rules which will surprise everyone as help of police is not allowed in Malana if somebody wants to seek help of Police he has to pay fine of Rs. 1000 to village council.


Malana residents are nature friendly and they are caring about there trees and animals in Forests. They have several rules and regulations for their forests as one can't fix nails on tree as it could damage the tree.
Burning woods & trees are prohibited in Malana village. Only dry branches are permitted to be carried.


Malana village is famous for its temples specially Jamlu rishi temple, which is built in Kathkuni style and other is Rukmini temple. One interesting thing in temple is that it is prohibited to touch Jamlu rishi image. If someone touches it, will be fined 1000 Rs.
Way to Malana


There are primary as well as government middle school. There are more than 100 students in Malana primary school whereas in Middle school around 15 students.

Rishi Jamblu Devta

Jamblu rishi is everything in Malana village as every rule, regulation and law revolves around him. They have lots of faith in Jamlu devta. The entire administration is controlled by devta Jamblu & village council. This village council consists of around 11 people which are considered as representatives of Jamblu devta . There decision is final . There is no permission to any outsider to administrate in decision of Malana. This is the reason why malana is called as Athens of Himalayas.

How to reach Malana ?

Malana village is connected to kullu by three Mountain passes(Parvati valley, Rashol Pass and Chanderkhani pass).
There is no Bus service for Malana village . So easiest and simple way to reach there is by Taxi service from Jari.
Nearest Town : Manali
Nearest Airport : Bhuntar lies at a distance of around 34 km.
Nearest Railway station : Shimla which is at a distance of more than 100 kms.

Manali is a beautiful valley located in Incredible adorable state Himachal Pradesh, India. Manali, Kullu district is located at a height of around 2000 meters in Beas river valley. Manali valley is like a magnet which keeps attracting tourists here every year. Tourist places to visit in Manali, temple in Manali and Nature is always centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Manali is located in July district of Himachal Pradesh and at a distance of around 269 km from state capital shimla.
Manali-kullu District
Manali is famous for for adventures activity like trekking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting skiing and paragliding. Manali is trade route for Laddakh and gateway for Lahaul and spiti district as well as Leh and also for Rohtang Pass But Manali valley is known for its natural beauty and tourist places. Manali have a different places spiritually as several Hindu gods and goddesses temples are located here.

Location of Manali Valley | Geography

Manali valley is located at an elevation of around 6500 feet from sea level. Manali is situated at the northern end of Kullu district and is around 42 km from Kullu town.

History of Manali Valley | Kullu

Manali town is named on a lawgiver Hindu named Manu. Manali is derived from word Manu-Alaya which means Adobe of Manu. According to ancient stories and legends says that Manu stepped this place and created human life again after flood. Manali is in Kullu district and known as 'Valley of Gods'.
Apple, plum , pears etc were Main source of income before Tourism in Manali Valley. Britishers introduced Apple trees in Manali Valley. There were no Apple trees in Manali Valley.
Before people know about tourist places in Manali Valley, this was one of most visited and best destination for first PM of India Jawahar Lal Nehru.
During disturbance in Kashmir , tourism in Manali Valley is on its top. This was also seen during 1980. In peak season most of the Hotels, cafe and resorts are full.

Demography of Manali valley | Population

Manali valley is small town with a population of around 8000 according to census 2011. Manali have around 65% of males and 35% of females. Literacy rate of Manali is around 74 %.
Around 10 Percent of the population is less than of six years. Tourism is main occupation of people of Manali , Himachal Pradesh.

Climate of Manali valley |Temperature

Temperature in Manali Valley is almost similar to Temperature inmost of the hill towns. Temperature ranges between 3°C to 27°C.
In Winters climate is cold in Manali whereas in summers Temperature is moderate in valley.
Manali Valley experience snowfall during December to March , during month of January snowfall is maximum.
Manali is one of the top skiing destination in India.

Places to Visit in Manali | Tourist Places

There are several tourist places in Manali Valley . Manali is known for Adventures activities like Skiing, trekking, bike riding, maintaining etc, which attracts tourist every year. Beauty of Manali can be known from this , that several film had been shoot in this town. Manali Valley is one of the best destination for stars like Sachin Tendulkar , Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Salman Khan etc.
Some of the must visit tourist destination in Manali are given here.
* Hidimba Devi temple
* Nature Park, Manali
* Museum of Himachal culture and Folk art
* Himalayan Nyinmaapa Buddhist Temple
* Manu maharishi Mandir
* Von Nagari Monastery
* Van Vihar Park
* Sacred Tree
* HPTDC Club House

Temples in Manali | Spiritual Places

Hidimba Devi Mandir
Manu maharishi Temple
Vashishts Spring and Temple
Arjun Gufa
Temple at JagatSukh.

Interesting facts about Manali District

  • Manali is ancient trade route for Laddakh and Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan.
  • Manali is gateway route for Leh and Lahaul and Spiti.
  • Minimum temperature in Manali Valley is around -14°C.
  • Salman shoot his last movie 'TubeLight' here in Manali.
  • Manali is top skiing destination in India.

How to reach Manali Valley?

Road Transport :
Manali is attached via road with Delhi in NH-1 , Chandigarh in NH-22 and Mandi, bilaspur and Kullu on NH-21.
-  Distance of Manali from Chandigarh : 309 km
- Distance of Manali from Delhi : 571 km
- Distance of Manali from Shimla : 269 km
Air Transport
Nearest Airport : Bhuntar Airport (50km)
Bhuntar Airport is located on NH -21 and at a distance of 50 km from Manali.
Railway Transport
Nearest Railway station : Una (250 km)
- Distance of Manali from kiratpur sahib railway station : 267 km
-  Distance of Manali from kalka railway station : 277 km
- Distance of Manali from Chandigarh railway station : 309 km
Palampur is a beautiful hill station and one of best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. Palampur is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Palampur is a Municipal council in Kangra valley , surrounded by gardens of tea, forest and also Dhauladhar ranges.
Palampur is also known as 'Tea capital of North India'. Palampur is known for many famous personalities.
Snow covered Dhauladhar ranges from Palampur

History of Palampur, Kangra

Palampur derived from name 'Palum' which means water, combination of water,tea gardens, rice paddies and mountains. Palampur is one of the beautiful and best tourist place in Himachal Pradesh and North India.
Palampur was earlier part of Jalandhar kingdom.
In 1849 Dr. Jameson, Superintendent of Botanical Gardens, introduced tea bush from Almora. In 18th century it was made as tehsil with success of tea gardens. With increase of success of Tea gardens and business , several schools hotels, buildings and other construction work started in Palampur, Kangra.
Before independence first prime minister of India , visited palampur that's why Nehru chawk was built here to remember that event.
After independence military station, PWD office, CSIR , housing board etc were constructed.

Demography of Palampur, Kangra

Palampur is one of the biggest city in Himachal Pradesh, and has population around 3500. Sex Ratio in Palampur city is around 953 female out of 1000 male.
- Literacy rate : around 91 %
- No. of houses : 853
Most of Population in city is of Hindu community , out of total population around 93 ℅ of Population is of Hindus.

Geography of Palampur

Palampur is a hill station located at a height of around 1500 Meters above sea level. Palampur is located in northern India , in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.  Snow covered ranges of Dhauladhar can be seen from palampur city. Palampur is around 30 km from Dharamshala.

Weather of Palampur city

Temperature in Palampur varies with seasons. In winter temperature drops around -4° Celsius , whereas in summers temperature is around 30° to 34° Celsius.
- Average Temperature in Summer : 33° Celsius
- Average Temperature in winters: -3° Celsius

Popular personalities from Palampur

  • Captain Vikram Batra - Army man
  • Shanta Kumar - Politician
  • Ch. Sarvan Kumar - Politician
  • Praveen Sharma - Politician
  • Shiv Kumar - Politician
  • Kunj Behari Lal Butail - Politician
  • Behari Lal Butail - Politician

Market in Palampur| Kangra

There is very famous market in Palampur and are several shopping complex and brands showrooms etc.
Old cooperative such as Bhuttico, is known for woolen dresses.
There are several shops for grocery, vegetables, fruits , stationery, electrical appliances etc.
There are malls like 3D plaza and Grand Plaza shopping malls in Palampur.

Temples in Palampur

* Devi latti Lakhni
* Birni Mata temple
* Vindhyavasini temple
* Bandla devi temple
* Mata Ashapuri Mandir
* Shiva temple baijnath

Tourist places in Palampur

  1. Neugal Cafe
  2. Country's 1st bamboo museum in IHBT
  3. Bir & billing
  4. Sobha Singh Art Gallary
  5. Saurabh Van Vihar
  6. Chamunda Devi temple
  7. Baijnath temple
  8. Neugal khad
  9. Bundla stream and Bundla tea estate

How to reach Palampur ?

Palampur , a beautiful hill station for tourism can be visited by road, railway and air transport.
  • Road Transport 
Palampur is connected with all big cities by road Transportation. Bus , taxi services are available to visit this beautiful destination.
* Distance of Palampur from Delhi : 530 km
* Distance of Palampur from Chandigarh : 253 km
* Distance of Palampur from Shimal : 258 km
  • Railway Transport
Palampur is connected with railway line also. Palampur is connected with Pathankot by rail network.
* Distance of Palampur railway station from bus stand : 4 km
* Distance of Pathankot railway from Palampur - 143 km
  • Air transport
Nearest Airport : Gaggal Airport (41 km )
Bajreshwari or Brajeshwari temple is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Brajeshwari devi mandir is dedicated to Vajreshwari Devi.Vajreshvari devi temple is also linked with some ancient stories of Mahabharata. History of Brajeshwari temple is linked with Devi sati, Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Brajeshvari Temple,Kangra

Location of Brajeshwari Temple

Brajeshwari temple is located in Nagarakot ,Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India.
Distance from Railway station: 11 km
Distance from Chamunda Devi Temple: 16km
Kangra fort is also near Brajeshwari temple in Nagarakot , Kangra district.

History of Brajeshwari Devi Mandir

There are two stroies which are associated with maa Vajreshwari Temple. One is about Devi sati and other story is about Mahabharata.
* According to legends when Devi sati sacrificed her life in his father Daksha's Yagya, Shiva starts Tandava by picking maa sati on his shoulder. Lord Vishnu cuts her body in 51 pieces so called as 51 shaktipeeths. Legends says that her left breast fell at this place , so this is one of shaktipeeths like Chintpurni and Naina Devi temple.
* Other story about temple is associated with Pandava and Mahabharata. According to legends,Brajeshwari temple was built by Pandva's after they saw Maa Durga in their dreams.

Structure of Brajeshwari temple

Brajeshvari Temple is surrounded by a wall of Stone and entrance of Mandir is Drum house.
Idol of maa Vajreshwari Devi is in shape of Pindi. It is said that Dhyanu Bhagat offered his head to devi maa at the time of Akbar. So his idol is also present in front of Vajreshwari Devi idol.
Structure of temple is quite unique as there are three tombs in temple, which is rarely seen in temples in Himachal Pradesh.

Weather in Brajeshwari temple

Temperature in Kangra district or near Brajeshwari temple is quite high during summers , and chilling in winters( December - February).

Interesting facts about Brajeshvari Temple

  • This temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeths, as devi Sati's left breast fell in this place.
  • Maa Vajreshwari Devi idol is in shape of 'Pindi'.
  • 'Dhyanu Bhagat' idol is also present in temple.
  • There is also a small 'Bhairav' temple in temple complex.
  • There are three tombs in Devi Brajeshwari temple.
  • Pandva's built this temple after they saw Maa Durga in dreams.
  • Several Muslim emperor's looted this temple.
  • Mohammed Gajnavi looted temple Atleast 5 times and looted tonnes of gold and silver.
  • In 1905 temple was destroyed in earthquake and government built it again.
  • [lock]

    Idol of Maa Brajeshwari

Vajreshwari Devi Pindi

Festivals in Brajeshwari temple

Several festivals are celebrated in Vajreshwari such as Navratre, Makar Sankranti, Diwali , dusshera etc. 
But Makar Sankranti is biggest festival in temple. This festival continues for full week and 'Pindi' of maa Brajeshwari is covered with Makkhan(butter) as it is said that during fight with Mahishasura, Devi maa got some injuries. So she put Makkhan on her body to heel it.

Places to visit Near Brajeshwari temple|Tourist places

  1. Kangra fort
  2. Kareri Lake
  3. Kangra art museum
  4. Jawala devi temple
  5. Baijnath temple
  6. Pragpur village
  7. Kaleshwar Mahadev Pragpur
  8. Taragarh palace
  9. Palampur
  10. Bir & billing

How to reach Brajeshwari temple?

  • Road Transportation
Devotees can reach temple by road Transport as government and private bus service is available. Taxi services is also available to reach temple.
  • Railway Transportation
Nearest Railway station: Kangra railway station(11 km)
  • Airport Transportation
Nearest Airport : Gaggal Airport
Chintpurni Devi Temple is one of 7 major and 51 Shaktipeeths located in Una District of Himachal Pradesh. Temple is dedicated to maa chinnamasta. Chinnamastika Devi temple is surrounded by Shivalik ranges and bordered area with Punjab state.
Maa Chintpurni Devi

Location of Chintpurni Temple

Chintpurni temple is located at an altitude of about 950 m, and is situated at Una  District of Himachal Pradesh.
From west of Bharwain (at Dharmashala- Hoshiyarpur road) ,maa chintpurni temple is at 3 km distance.

History of Chintpurni Temple

  • History of Chintpurni temple is quite similar to the history of Maa naina devi temple , when Devi Sati's burning body was severed by Lord Vishnu, 51 Parts of body scattered all over India to calm Shiva's Tandava. It is said that feet of maa sati feel at this place, so this temple is considered among 7 major and 51 Shaktipeeths in India.
  • Maa Chintpurni is also called as Chinnamastishka (Mastishka is related to head). According to Markendya Purana , goddess Chandi cut her head to quench yogini emanations (jaya and Vijaya)'s thirst of blood.
  • It is believed that a Brahman Mai das built this temple in Chhaproh village. His descendants still live there and worship maa Chintpurni , they are official priests of temple.

Timings of Chintpurni Temple

Maa Chintpurni Temple is opened between 4 am to 11 pm.
Devotees bring puri, halwa, sweets , coconut and Chunri etc. Devotees can bring prasad from home as well as market near Chintpurni Temple.
Professional photographers are also available in temple for devotees.

Weather of Chintpurni Temple

Temperature near Chintpurni Temple changes according to the season.
During December to February temperature is very low and woollen clothes are required.
During summer temperature is quite high whereas in rainy season its very humid.

Facilities provided in Temple

There are lots of Hotels , Dharamshala as well as guests house near temple. But during festival times it's almost full specially during Navaratra fairs in July, Ashwin during October and Chaitra in March and April.
Hotel Chintpurni Heights also known as Yatri niwas, is run by Himachal tourism located at Bharwain ,3 km distance from Chintpurni Temple.

Places to visit near Chintpurni temple

*  Sheetla Devi temple
*  Jawalamukhi temple
Naina Devi temple
*  Sujanpur Tira
*  Baba Balaknath Sidhpeeth

How to reach Maa Chintpurni Mandir?

Devi Chintpurni Temple can be reached by all means , Air, road as well as Railway Transportation.
Road Transport : Bus and taxi services are available to reach Devi Chintpurni Temple.
Air Transport:
Nearest Airport: Gaggal is nearest Airport located at Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 60 km from Maa Chinnamastishka Mandir.
Railway Transportation
Nearest Railway station: nearby railway station Amb Andaura (station code AADR) , whereas other stations are Una and Hoshiyarpur which are located at a distance of around 43 km and 50 km respectively.

Interesting facts about maa Chintpurni temple

[lock] - Chintpurni devi is also called as Chinnamastika Devi and Chinnamasta devi.
- Chinnamasta is severed-headed one as well as the foreheaded-one.
- Shiva and Rudra Lord protect maa Chintpurni as temple of maa Chintpurni is surrounded by Lord Rudra and shiva temples.
Chintpurni Temple from inside
- Devotees can reach temple by Himachal express, Jan shatabadi as well as DMU Shuttle Train Service trains.
- In year 2012, snowfall was recorded after 52 years in Chintpurni temple.
Jakhu temple dedicated to lord Hanuman is located on jakhu hill in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.This is an ancient temple in Shimla belongs to Hindu religion.
World biggest statue of Hindu deity, Hanuman is located here in this temple. Other than this there are several tourist places near Jakhu Temple in shimla.
Devotees and tourists can enjoy incredible sunrise and sunset view from jakhu temple.
Incredible Jakhu Temple

Location of Jakhu temple

Jakhu Temple is located on the highest hill of capital shimla , jakhu hills. Jakhu temple is situated at a distance of around 1.3 km from famous The ridge shimla. Jakhu temple is at a height of around 8500 feet from sea level. This highest peak of shimla , give great view of snow covered shivalik mountains as well as sanjaulli town.

History of Jakhu Temple

The history of Jakhoo Temple is related to monkey lord Hanuman ,during the epic of Ramayana. This is story when Lord Hanuman was searching 'Sanjivini Booti' to save Lakshmana.
During Ramayana, Lakshmana got injured by an arrow while fighting with devil Ravana's son Meghnath . Only way to revive Lakshmana was 'Sanjivini Booti'.
When Hanuman dug up the entire mountain after unable to recognise 'Sanjivini Booti'.
Lord hanuman landed on jakhu hill to get more information from the sage yaaku.
Due to heavy weight of lord Hanuman half of size of mountain sank into earth. After getting information about herb Sanjivini lord Hanuman promised yaaku to meet him back , yaaku made a small temple to commemorate the visit of lord Hanuman .

Hanuman statue jakhu

Jakhu is also famous for world tallest statue of Lord Hanuman which was unveiled by Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachhan in year 2010. This giant idol of Lord Hanuman is 108 feet high on a highest hill of summer capital of British era shimla.
This titanic size of hanuman statue can be seen from a long distance in Shimla.

Tourist places near Jakhu Temple

There are several tourist places near Jakhu Temple in Shimla district . Some of them are given below.
* The Ridge Shimla
* The mall shimla
* Tara Devi temple and Sankatmochan Temple
* Fagu and Kufri
* Advance study shimla
* Naldehra
* Lakkar Bazar, Ice saking rink etc.

Weather of Jakhu Temple

Weather in jakhu hill is freezing during winters and around 15-25 degree Celsius during summer. Snowfall in winters can be seen during months of December to February.

How to reach Jakhu Temple?

Jakhu temple can be reached by air , road as well as railway transportation.
* Road Transportation : Bus and Taxi serves are available to reach Jakhu Temple.
Railway Transportation :
Nearest Railway station - Shimla
Air Transportation
Nearest Airport : Shimla

Interesting Facts about Jakhu Temple

- Worlds tallest statue of Lord Hanuman is located here.
- 108 feel long statue on 8100 feet high jakhu hill.
Jakhu Mandir in 1920 postcard
- Thousands of Monkeys can be seen around Temple.
- Temple is far from The mall and Ridge at a distance of around 2 km.
- Abhishek Bachhan unveiled world's tallest statue of Hanuman in 2010.
- Hanuman statue costs around 1.2 crore rupees.
Shri Naina Devi temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeths located in bilaspur district in Himachal pradesh. This temple of maa naina Devi belongs to both Hindu as wells as Sikh people. There is very interesting history of maa naina devi. So many tourist places are there near mata naina devi temple which attracts several devotees and tourists every year.

Location of Temple

Maa naina devi temple is located in a triangular shaped hill, in bilaspur district in Himachal pradesh . This hill is at a height of around 3540 feet from sea level. Distance of maa naina devi temple from bilaspur is around 71 km.Mata naina devi Temple is located on NH-21.
Naina devi temple is at a distance of around 20 km from Anandpur sahib. Temple is surrounded by Bhangra dam and Govinda sagar lake.

History of Maa naina devi temple

Naina devi temple belongs to Hindu as well as Sikh people. There are three stories behind Naina devi temple.
Story 1: 
- According to first mythological story , it is said that when goddess Sati or known as Parvati burnt herself in bonefire, Lord Shiva got distressed,corpse of his wife Sati on his shoulder and started Tandav dance across the country.
- All deities were angered with it and lord Vishnu released his Chakra and cut sari's body in 51 pieces. That is why there are 51 shaktipeeths in country , Naina devi temple is place where maà sari's eyes fell down. So called naina devi temple in which nain means eyes.
Story 2 :
Shri Naina Devi temple is also linked with Mahishasur, so called as Mahishapeeth also.
Mahishasur was immortal as power given by lord Brahma but with one condition that unmarried woman would defeat him.
He started terror everywhere, later he got impressed with beauty of maa naina devi and proposed her for marriage. But Devi put a condition that she will marry only if he will defeat her.
Devi naina killed demon and took her both eyes out. So called as naina devi temple.
Story 3:
According to Sikh believe it is said that Guru Govinda singh ji left his military against Mughals in year 1756,he did yagna for blessings of thedess naina devi.After maa naina devi's blessings,Guru Nanak dev ji defeated Mughals so Maa naina devi temple is also called as “Temple of Strength” .
Naina Devi,Bilaspur

Aarti Timings

- "Mangal Aarti" is first Aarti in morning and it's timing is 4 am in morning. Priest of temple open gates of temple.
- Second Aarti is "Shringaar Aarti" and it's timing is around 6 am in morning. All kind of pooja and snans are performed by priests in front of devotees.
- There is a noon Aarti also around 12 and called as madhyann Aarti , and last Aarti is around 6 pm in everything.
  • Temple are opened for devotees whole week in timing of 5 am to 7 pm.

Facilities provided at naina devi temple

- Free Langar/ Free boarding
Temple trust provides facilities of free Langar in 24 hours everyday whereas boarding facility for devotees is also available. Around 1000 devotees can stay in boarding of trust.
- Paid boarding
There is also paid boarding facility provided by trust of maa naina devi. There are 45 rooms and 14 dormitories and these boarding are named as “Matri Aanchal”, “Matri Chahya” and Matri Sharan”.
- Government Rest house
Near maa naina devi temple there is government rest house , managed by Himachal pradesh government
Naina Devi temple


Temperature in bilaspur district is always quite high. So this region comes in hot region.

How to reach maa naina devi temple?

To reach maa naina devi temple air , road and railway transportation is available as given below.
  • Air Transport :
Nearest airport : Chandigarh(135 km) and Bhuntar(131 km)
  • Railway Transport: 
nearest Railway station :Kiratpur Sahib(broad
 gauge)and shimla(narrow gauge).
  • Road Transport: Temple is located on the National Highway 21 ,buses and taxis are available for this place.
Kasauli is one of best tourist place or hill station located at Solan district in Himachal pradesh in India. Kasauli is located at a height of around 1950 m from sea level. Kasauli is famous for its tourist places like Manki point, Baptist church,
Christ church, gurdwara shri Nanak dev ji ,
Nahri temple, kasauli club etc.
There are several hotels in Kasauli and cottages to stay for tourists. Kasauli is known for its unspoiled beauty and nature.
Kasauli,Solan Himachal Pradesh

History of kasauli

Kasauli is a cantonment and town established in year 1842 as a colonial hill station during britishers time in India.
There are several streets and buildings in Kasauli which reflects britishers architecture. There several churches in Kasauli like Baptist church,
Christ church that add to the beauty of the place. The adorable tinted glass windows and shining clocks attracts every person visiting the town.

Demography of kasauli

Kasauli is a beautiful place having population more than 5000 and around 55% of male and 45% female. Literacy rate is higher than national literacy rate , it is about 80%. Around 10% of Population in Kasauli is below age 6.

Weather Kasauli

Temperature in Kasauli is very pleasant in every season. This is biggest reason of more number of visitors in this area. Minimum Temperature during winter in Kasauli is around 1 or 2 degree Celsius and in summer it is around 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is maximum during September and minimum in April as it is 90% and 27% respectively.

Villages near kasauli

Samol,Gharkhal,Kasauli Gaon, Chhatiyan, Nahari, Manjhla Madhyana, Kot Beja ,Mashobra are some villages situated near Kasauli.

Tourist places in Kasauli

There are several tourist places in Kasauli which attracts visitors every year. There are many temples, churches and other tourist places given below.
-Manki point
Manki point is best place to visit in Kasauli. It is situated in Air force station and about 4 km from centre of town. It is said that when Lord Hanuman was returning from Himalaya with 'sanjivani booti' ,one step touched this place.
On a clear weather at night stunning view of beautiful city Chandigarh can be see from this place. Remember digital devices like cellphone, cameras, headphones etc are not allowed here.
- Central Research Institute
- Kasauli Brewery
- Beja state
- Mahlog State
- Kasauli club

Temples in Kasauli

- Krishna bhavan Mandir
Krishna bhavan Temple is located in middle of town and was built in year 1926. Krishna bhavan temple is a Hindu shrine and is dedicated to lord Krishna.
- Nahri temple
Nahri temple in Kasauli is dedicated to goddess dunga and lord Shiva. Near nahri temple there is an old bawri which offers water to nearby people. It is said that this temple was built around 150 years ago.

Churches in Kasauli

- Christ church
This Christ church which is made with Italian and Spanish imported glasses was inaugurated in year 1853.
In year 1970 this church came under church of north India in Amritsar.
- Baptist church
Baptist church is one of the best building with brick and wood building and Indian express called it a best architecture of British era.

Gurdwara in Kasauli

- Gurdwara shri Nanak dev ji
Gurdwara is an holy place for Sikh people as temple for Hindu and church for Christians. Gurdwara shri Nanak dev ji is located in Garkhal Market near kasauli. This gurdwara is dedicated to Guru Nanak dev ji.

How to reach Kasauli?

Kasauli can be reached by road ,railway and air transport.

Kasauli to shimla distance - 77 km
Kasauli to Chandigarh distance - 65 km
Kasauli to Ambala cantt. distance - 94 km
Nearest airport - Chandigarh
Nearest Railway station - kalka
McLeod Ganj is one of the beautiful place to visit in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. McLeodGanj is located at a height of about 6900 feet. McLeod Ganj is a holy place for Tibetan people as Dalai Lama lives here. It is commonly known as 'little lahsa' and Dhasa which means little Dharamshala in Tibetan language.
Tsuglagkhang, Namgyal Momentary ,bhagsu nath, Dal lake are some popular places to visit for tourist.


Before independence McLeod ganj was part of Britishers. In year 1840s district Kangra headquarter became so crowded that's why britishers start staying in McLeod. They used to spend there summers here.
In 1960s 14th Dalai Lama came here after failed uprising in Tibet against communist party of China. Indian govt gave permission to refugees to stay in McLeod.
So this place is holy for Tibetan.


McLeodGanj is located at a height of around 6900 feet. McLeodGanj is located at the ranges of Dhauladhar ranges. Highest peak of Dhauladhar ranges ' Hanuman ka teeba' is just behind whose height is around 18500 feet.

People and Culture of McLeod Ganj

- People of McLeod ganj is very simple and peaceful.
- People of McLeodGanj can be seen helping tourists in region.
- They are also helping beggars and for them organisation like Tonglen is working to make them self independent.
    Culture of McLeod ganj is very wide. There is Hindu culture and Buddhist culture here in McLeod Ganj.

Weather and Temperature

Best time to visit McLeodGanj is in summers because at that time temperature is moderate and it is between 20 degrees to 33 degrees.
In winters temperature dip's due to snowfall at Dhauladhar ranges.

Places to visit/Tourist places

There are so many places to visit in McLeod some of these are given here below.
1. Dharamshala
2. Bhagsu Nag
3. Dal lake
4. Triund
5. Namgyal monastery
6. Tsuglagkhang
7. Tibetan museum
8. Bhagsu fall
9. Church of St. Johns in wilderness

How to reach McLeod ganj?

McLeodGanj can be reached by road transport , bus and taxi service is available.
Nearest Railway station
Pathankot- 90 km (broad gauge)
Kangra and nagrota- small gauge
Nearest airport
Gaggal Airport -10 kms

Images of McLeodganj

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Dal lake
Bhagsu Nag Temple McLeodGanj
Bhagsu Nag Temple
Khajjiar ,most beautiful place in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar is located at a height of about  2000 m.
Khajjiar is also known as Mini-Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh.
Khajjiar is located in Chamba district of Himachal pradesh.
Dhauladhar ranges and Himalayan peaks can be seen from far.
Sign board in khajjiar


There is a reason of second name of khajjiar as Mini-Switzerland, i.e. Due to beautifulness of khajjiar and topological resemblance to Switzerland, in 1972 Mr. Tilly V Blazer ,Head of Chancery of Switzerland called khajjiar as Mini-Switzerland. After that tourism in khajjiar reached at new heights.
He also put a sign board of yellow color which shows distance of khajjiar from Switzerland.
Khajjiar is one of 160 places which resembles to Switzerland.


Khajjiar or Mini-Switzerland is located at a height of 6500 feet from sea level. Khajjiar is located at a distance of around 569 km from National capital Delhi, and 24 km from other beautiful place Dalhousie.

Places to visit and Activities in khajjiar

There are so many places to travel in khajjiar , Mini-Switzerland. Chamba , Dalhousie and bharmaur are some of the best tourist places in Khajjiar.
1. Golden Devi Temple
Golden Devi temple in khajjiar is located at the edge of the khajjiar lake and due to its golden dome, it is known as golden Devi temple.
This temple is one of the famous tourist attraction and famous temple of khajjiar.
There is a golf course near golden Devi temple
2. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary
This sanctuary is located in between Dalhousie and khajjiar. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary is spread over a area of around
19.63 sq km.
Several animals like leopard, lion, tiger ,deer , jackals etc can be seen in sanctuary.
Some endangered species of animals can be seen here.
3. Khajjiar villages
Khajjiar villages is famous for apple gardens and long trees near villages.
Khajjiar villages is near khajjiar ground.
4. Paanch Pandav trees
There is one tree which is famous for its shoots and so called as Paanch Pandav trees. There are 6 shoots of similar length in a single tree and local people of khajjiar called, it represents five Pandva's and Draupadi.
5. Khajji Nag Temple
Khajji Nag Temple was built in 12 AD,  and one of the holy place to visit in khajjiar. There is Mandapa inside this holiest temple and khajji Nag Temple is near khajjiar lake.
6. Khajjiar lake and ground
There can be only word for khajjiar lake and ground that is 'heaven'. It is really treat for eyes to watch these lake and ground.
Shahrukh starter movie 'kuch kuch hota hai' was filmed in this place.
Khajjiar lake is at a distance of 20 km from Dalhousie and cover an area of around 5000 sq yards.
- Trekking
Tourist who come here can enjoy trekking in khajjiar. Khajjiar to dainkund is moderate 3km trek.

Place to stay(Accommodations)|Hotels

-  Rest house of forest department
-  Several guest houses and cottages of PWD and forest department.

Weather and climate

In khajjiar temperature is very attractive for tourists and it is cool in most of time. Tourist can visit this holiest place during month of march to November.

How to reach khajjiar?

Khajjiar can be reached by road transport,
It is 23 km from Dalhousie and around 26 km from Chamba district.
Nearest Railway station
Pathankot- 120 km
Nearest Airport
Gaggal(Kangra)-180 km

Images/photos of Khajjiar

Paanch Pandav Tree
Some more beautiful pictures(like and tweet to view)
Khajjiar Lake
Khajji Nag Temple
Kharapathar is one of the famous tourist place in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Kharapathar is located at a height of around 2900 m. Kharapathar is a hotspot for tourists because of its natural beauty.
Khadapathar name is derived from a huge egg like rock.Khara Pathar is a himalayan hamlet.


Kharapathar is located between kothkhai and Jubbal in Shimla District.Khadapathar is covered with apple orchards, beautiful views and excellent walk and hike trails.

Weather and climate

Weather of Khara pathar is very pleasant in every season.Temperature in khadapathar is mostly less than 20 degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature can hover around freezing point when heavy woollens are required. During summer, the climate is pleasant and cottons / light woollens are suggested. Kharapathar receives heavy snowfall in winter season.

Tourist Places/ Activities

  • Hateshwari temple 

Hatkoti temple is about 29km from khadapathar, famous temple of hateshwari maa is located at bank of river Pabbar.This temple is dedicated to lord shiva and goddess Durga called as maa hateshwari.It is believed that this is spot where the gods fought a Battle.There is also a temple of shiva. ...more

  • Jubbal

 Jubbal is located at around 20km from hatkoti ,jubbal is famous for Palace located in Jubbal market, it was designed by a French architect in the 1930 and is a remarkable mix of European and Indigenous styles.

  • Giri Ganga

The hike and trekking to Giri Ganga (7 km) is an enjoyable one through thick deodar woods. This is the source of the river Giri Ganga (also called the Giri) that rises just below the Kuppar peak. The river pours its waters into the mighty Yamuna and there is a small shrine at the spot.

How to reach?

Distance from shimla- 85 km
Nearest Railway Station and Airport (108 km)Shimla. 
Distance to Rohru is 30 km
Rampur via Sungri is 110 km 
Narkanda via Baggi is 95 km. 

Kufri is one of the best tourist place in district shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is located at a height of around 2300 metres and almost 7450 feet. Kufri is small tourist hill station situated at around 13-14 km from capital shimla.
Kufri name of hill station is derived from word 'kufar' which means lake in local language.
Animals in Himalayan nature park kufri

What's inside
History of kufri, geography of kufri, tourist places in kufri best time to visit kufri and how to reach kufri etc.

History of kufri |shimla

Kufri was part of kingdom of Nepal including shimla and was unknown for world. Later it becomes part of Sugauli Treaty under British empire. In year 1819 Britishers developed this area as a tourist place.

Geography of kufri

Kufri is located at a height of around 7500 ft. ,it is situated at 31.10 degree north and 77.25 degree East.
Kufri is located at around 13 km from capital shimla and 6 km from other famous destination Fagu.

Images/photos of kufri shimla

Snow in kufri shimla
Yak riding in kufri
Mahasu peak in kufri


Tourist places/places to visit in kufri

There are so many places which are centre of attraction for many of the visitors in kufri, shimla H.P.
Some of them are here given below.

  • Himalayan nature park kufri

Himalayan nature park kufri is spread over 90 hectares of area , it is aground vvv GT 18 km from shimla. Himalayan nature park is located at a height of around 2600 metres.
Himalayan Nature Park include himalayan animals like Leopard, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Bharal, Black Bear, Tibetan Wolf, Leopard Cat, Sambhar, Ghoral, Barking Deer, Monal, White Crested Kaleej and Cheer pheasant.

  • Kufri fun world

Kufri fun world is another tourist destination where tourist can spend whole day. Kufri fun world is a joy park with lots of facilities for speacilly kids.
Kufri fun world have world's highest go-kart-track. Park is equipped with various rides and pools. Huge number of children, teenagers and adults visit this place.

  • Mahasu peak

Mahasu peak is one of the best destination in kufri shimla, it is few km from shimla. There is no proper facility of skiing in mahasu peak but local operators organise skiing for tourists. On a clear day , bandrinath and kedarnath peaks are seen from mahasu peak.

  • Chini bungalow

Chini bungalow is located at kufri and is famous for its statues and architecture.

  • Indira nature park

Indira nature park is a park which gives panoramic view of locations around. It is near Himalayan nature park kufri.

  • Skiing and yak riding in kufri

Tourists in kufri can enjoy skiing as well as yak riding.Horse riding and Yaj Riding in Kufri is popular tourist activity especially for kids to be taken around to different view points on a horseback

  • Fruit research center

Near kufri , few kms short of Naldehra is Craignanoo, the biggest fruit Research centre in Northern India.

  • Fagu

Fagu is also one of the most beautiful place to visit. It is near kufri . Fagu is around 6 km from Kufri shimla.

Best time to visit kufri

Kufri in summer(April, may ,June , July, august and September)
In summer kufri is best place because of its peaceful environment.
Kufri in winter( October, November, December, January ,February, march)
In winter kufri becomes more beautiful destination for visitors because in winter they can enjoy skiing etc on this hill station.

How to reach kufri ?

Air:Shimla , Chandigarh.
Rail: Shimla, Shoghi and Kandaghat are nearest railway stations.
Kaza a small but beautiful town in Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh. Kaza is 210 Km from Kalpa, 47 km from Tabo. It is situated at the left bank of river Spiti at an altitude of 3800 Meters.
Kaza the beautiful town of Spiti Himachal is famous for its colourful festivals and Sakya Tangyud monastery.
Read more
Chail tourist place to visit in Himacha

Kaza is a cold desert with very close similarities to the Tibet and Ladakh regions in terms of terrain, climate and the culture as they follow Buddhist culture .
Kaza is perfect place for tourists because of its precious beauty, perfect scenery and peaceful nature. It's perfect place for various tourist activities.

Weather and climate of Kaza

Weather in Kaza is pleasant in summer but colder than other region of country. Winter lies between November to April in this region , and temperature during winter is below freezing point due to heavy snowfall.

Facilities at Kaza ,Spiti

Kaza in Spiti valley and its nearby village has good accommodation and other facilities like Petrol/Diesel pumps. It also has a market for daily necessities. There is also good facilities of medical services.
Places to visit in Kaza

  • Dhankar: This beautiful place is located at a height of 3890 m , 24 km from Tabo and famous for Buddhist monastery.
  • Pin Valley : A valley which is very beautiful and known for its monasteries, is below kungri glacier.
  • Kunzum pass: Kunzum pass is at a height of 4551 m and 74 km from Kaza. Kunzum pass is highest motorable pass. Kunzum pass is named on the name of Goddess Kunjum.
  • Chandar tal lake: Chandar Tal lake is located at a height of 4270m and around 7 km from Kunzum pass and 81km from Kaza. This lake is one of the most beautiful lake in Himalayan region,this lake is Surrounded by snow, this deep blue water lake has a circumferences of 2.5 km. River Chandra flows very close to the lake.

Food and best time to visit Kaza, Spiti valley

Tourist can get limited food variety here in Kaza. Only Indian and Tibetan food is available here ,in vegetarian and non vegetarian variety.
Best time to visit Kaza is between may to September due to better temperature.

Activities at Kaza ,Spiti valley

Kaza is central station to the other parts of the Spiti valley, Kaza is perfect place for  base camp for trekking, mountaineering and tours directed to other parts of the valley.

Places to stay in Kaza , Spiti valley

Best place to stay in Kaza , Spiti valley are of different range, mid range and low range also available near river. PWD guest house is also available in Kaza but prior booking is needed.
Home stays in Kaza is also available and it's best if tourist want to explore culture of region. 

Important note before Kaza visit for foreigners

To visit this region foreigners have to take permit from SDM or DC office , this is not applied on Indian tourist.

How to reach Kaza, Spiti valley

Nearest airports : Kullu (Bhuntar) 250 km. and Shimla 445 km. Kaza can be approached by road from Shimla  in month of May to October and from Manali 200 km. via Kuzam Pass in month June to October.
In winters when Rohtang Pass remains closed Periodic flights from Kullu can let you through to Kaza.

Photos of Kaza, Spiti Valley



Chail  is one of the most famous tourist place in Himachal. Chail is exotic place of Himachal Pradesh. Chail is famous for Chail palace, kali ka tiba, Cricket Ground and many more. This place attracts visitors every year with its beauty. Chail is a small village near Shimla with  surrounded lush forest and views of the snow-covered Himalayas.


Highest cricket ground Chail
Highest Cricket Ground Chail Himachal Pradesh
In year 1891 during time of Britishers in India,Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala suffers anger of Lord Kitchener which led to restriction of his entry in Shimla (Indian summer capital at that time). So he built place named Chail for himself.
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh donated his most of buildings to Military school(chail) and GOI(govt of India).


Chail is located in District Solan at an altitude of 2,250 m which is around 7,300 ft. Chail is Located almost at same distance from Solan District and well as shimla district. Chail is located in between boundary of Rajgarh, Pandava and Siddh Tibba hills. The place is surrounded by forest of deodars and chir. Shimla, kasauli and solan can be seen at night time from here.

Weather and Climate Of Chail

Temperature of Chail during summers is around 15°C to 20°C.Which can go maximum upto 25°C during mostly in March to July. This time is best to visit this exotic place of Himachal Pradesh.
Monsoon season in Chail continues June and ends in September and the rain is average during this time.
Minimum temperature during December to February is around -1 or -3 degree Celsius.

Tourist attractions/ Places in Chail

  • Maharaja's Palace in Chail
This palace was built in 1891 by maharaja Bhupinder Singh.This palace is known for its architecture.
This palace was built with huts and cottages, lawns, children park etc.
  • Sidh baba temple(Sidh baba ka mandir)
Maharaja starts building his palace from this place and It is said there that sidh which is a saintly person appeared in his dreams and asked to build a temple.
  • Cricket Ground
This is the highest cricket ground in the world and is at around 2,445 m.It is used by military school chail. This ground was built in year 1893.This is used as polo ground also during vacations time of military academy.
  • Wildlife Sanctury
Wildlife sanctury located at sadhupul chail, covers near about 11000 hectares area.hail sanctuary has ghoral, kakkar, sambhar,red jungle fowl, khalij and cheer etc.
  • Sadhupul
This is also a perfect destination, and famous among students and used as a picnic spot.This is located in between kandaghat and chail village and bridge on the Ashwani stream.
  • Chail Military School
Chail Military School is one of the five Military Schools in India. Around 300 cadets from all over India are groomed to be the future leaders of country.This building was donated by Maharaja to govt of India.
  • Kali ka tibba and lovers point are also center of attraction in Chail.
kali ka tibba chail
Kali ka Tibba Chail Himachal Pradesh
How to reach Chail?

  • Air

Nearest Airport : Shimla and Chandigarh.

  • Road
Chail is connected by road and is at distance of around 42 km from shimla and 60 km from kandaghat
  • Railway
Nearest Railway station- Shimla and Kandaghat

Adventure Activities

Bamboo Bridge Adventure Activities
Rock Rappelling
Burma Bridge
Tyre Bridge


Hatkoti Temple one of the religious temple of himachal and center of attraction for tourists. Hatkoti Temple is located in Hatkoti(Jubbal),around 100 km from shimla, capital of himachal pradesh.This temple is dedicated to lord shiva and goddess Durga called as maa hateshwari.It is believed that this is spot where the gods fought a Battle.There is also a temple of shiva.
hatkoti temple jubbal rohru


There is no specific history of hatkoti temple, But Some people believe this temple was made by adi shankaracharya
.Some believe it was established in Third era due to some scripted stones of Gupta age's have been found different places of this historic place.

But the most important thing about this temple is believe that it was made during Mahabharata period, And some proof of this believe can be seen while entering temples premises. There are five stone called 'Deols' in hindi and pahari. This is believed that the temple was used by "pancha pandva's" as their toy houses.
In the temple complex there are a kirtan ghar and a rest house.

About Maa hateshwari

Maa hateshwari is one of the most powerful goddess of Hindu Religion. Bhagwat Gita also describes about maa hateshwari
"Hateswari(Shakti of Hateshwar) and hence this place is known as Hateswari, one of the main residences of Shiva and Shakti."
The shrine houses a beautiful idol of the goddess in bronze. The idol represents the goddess with ten arms, riding a lion, holding weapons and lotus flower and killing the demon Mahishasura.


Hatkoti temple is located around 100 km from shimla ,3-5 km from sawra and 10 km from Rohru.This temple is located at 31.101°N 77.711°E. It has an average elevation of 1,440. Hatkoti is situated along river Pabbar.

Best time to visit Hatkoti Temple

Shimla tour for a person would remain incomplete this wonderful temple with lot of mysterious believe.
Best time to visit temple is march to october, however temperature keeps changing with time here.whereas in November to February the place become so cool, still its good to visit here and experience of snowfall.

Timing of Hatkoti temple

shiva temple hatkoti

Temple remains open from morning 6 am to 10 pm at night.The photography is free within temple premises.

Interesting Fact About Maa Hateshwari

It is said in Himachal and Rohru, Jubbal area that maa hatkoti idol changes its expression according to time,sometimes smiling and sometimes anger on her face. People in this region relates it with mood of nature.

Events Celebrated in Hatkoti temple

There are a lot of events(fairs and festivals) celebrated in this temple.But some of them are
1.Chaitra Navratra during April
2.Ashwin Navratra During October.
Fairs are organised time to time to worship maa shakti durga.Thousands of devotees visits temple and offers Halwa(Prasad) and flowers to worship maa Durga in Form of maa "Vaishnavi"

How to Reach Hatkoti Temple?

Hatkoti is situated along pabbar river at a distance of around 105 km from states capital.Tourists can reach temple by road, via kotkhai, khadapathar, jubaal. There is proper facility of buses and taxi transportation.

Nearest Railway station: Shimla

Nearest Airport: Shimla.