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Chief minister Virbhadra Singh and his government announced in meeting before April first that there will be no interview for Class-III and class-IV workers. Government announced that there will be only written test for class III and IV now for both this Categories.
5000 teachers will be recruited in Himachal Pradesh
Yesterday state ministers in meeting decided that thousands of PAT and PARA teachers will get regular scale now. They also decided that 5000 posts of teachers will be filled including 3900 posts of THAT and C and V. Government also asked to resume land on lease to Swami Ramdev near SadhuPul in Himachal Pradesh . This land was given on release after withdrawn of petition of Swami Ramdev in High court.
Meeting of ministers and officers in shimla was headed by Chief minister Virbhadra Singh late-night .Several announcements were taken in meeting.Some of them are given below.
Some decisions taken in meeting are
- Virbhadra Singh government decided that liquor shops that did not had auction will go to bewerage corporation.
Government also confirmed to review HPFS cadre.
- In other decision government stated that Officers in Forest department will be reduced in 160 cadre. In forest department there will be more officers and also confirmed to fill some posts, These posts are 13 ETO in Excise department, 13 ETI , and some posts at DTC and ATC level.
- Virbhadra Singh is always more focused about temples in himachal as he believes lot in God, in this way government confirmed renovation of Chamunda Devi temple located in Kangra. Chamunda Devi temple will be renovated with amount of around 6 crore rupees . Temple will be renovated by help of ADB
- State government is going to gift Lacs of Dipo shop users with announcements. State government will provide 7 pulses to Dipo shops. In this users can take 3 pulses of their choices . Till now there were only three kind of pulses.
- Other than this Consumers will be provided Atta , this will be for some Categories like BPL and some more. It will be in 10 kg packing.
Virbhadra Singh chief minister of Himachal Pradesh presented 2017-18 budget of state and this was record 20th budget of CM Virbhadra Singh. He said in Shayrana way "Mera ye andaaz jamane ko khalta hai, itni mushkil sehkar bhi ye seedhe Kaise chalta hai "
In budget for 2017-18 chief minister focussed mainly on unemployed people of Himachal Pradesh as well as farmers of state. Chief minister said Agriculture is back bone of state and his government's aim is just good governance.
He announced many new policies and some of the main announcements are given here below.

Main announcements of Budget 2017-18

1. 12th pass and more people will get 1000 ₹ monthly allowance , handicapped unemployed people will get ₹1500 monthly. His government allotted ₹150 crore for it.
2. Subsidy on Anti-hen net increased from ₹5100 to ₹10,000.
3. Amount in 'Beti hai anmol' yojna increased from ₹5100 to ₹10,000.
4. Amount in 'CM kanyadan yojna' increased from ₹25,000 to ₹40,000.

Announcements for farmers in H.P budget 2017-18

1. For more production of kiwi in state , Virbhadra government started new plan named 'Mukhyamntri kiwi protsahan yojna' in which government alloted budget of around 1 crore rupees and announced subsidy of 50% for plants of kiwi.
2. Farmers will get 50% of subsidy for plastic crates , 2 crore rupees is alloted in budget for it.
3. For year 2017-18 around 424 crore rupees is announced for agriculture department.
4. In another important announcement under plan 'CM khet sanrakshan ' yojna for solar fencing subsidy increased from 60% to 80%. Budget of ₹30 crore is alloted for it.
5. To construct poly-house area increased from 2000 square meters to 4000 square meters.

Announcement for progress in organic farming, milk production etc.

- Virbhadra Singh said in his budget that in year 2017-18 steps will be taken to increase organic farming in state. He said under organic farming 2000 hectares area will be covered. 2,000 bio villages and 20,000 vermi-compose units will b constructed.
- To setup poltry unit government will give 60% of subsidy to 100 units.
- Government will issue health card to farmers this year.
- 'Panchayat pashudhan yojna' will be started as 7.80 crore rupees allotted for that.
- For setup of milk processing unit, subsidy increased from 60% to 75%.

Some more important announcements of Budget

1. Budget for Animal Husbandry Department in year 2017-18 is 374 crore rupees.
- For production of off-season vegetables budget of 50 crore rupees allotted.
- Rupees 10 crore for construction of market yard
- Free bus service for patients.
- Himachal Pradesh environment leadership award will be started and under this first prize of rupees 1 lakh, 50 thousand and 25000 rupees as 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be given respectively.
- Budget of rupees 42 crore for zila Parishad and Panchayat smiti in 2017-18.
- Announcement of new CM rural livelihoods scheme with budget of rupees 10 crore.
- 4 Lac soil cards will be issued for farmers and he also said Hamirpur was number in this. He said soil health lab is important.
- Pollution control board shimla will open a local workshop which will help in control of water pollution.
- Milk-seller who sell milk in milk-fed will get 1 rupee per litre extra from next budget year.
      Budget of chief minister Virbhadra singh is historical in many means as he had focussed almost every aspects of life. His budget was good for Unemployed, farmers , new business-persons. Government showed focus about environment, patients etc.
People like this final budget of Virbhadra government or not this will be seen in future when government will face election in 2017.
Elections in state is on the doors and every party and leaders are trying to get more and more support, this time a good news came for PTA, PAT, SMC teachers and outsource​ workers of Himachal Pradesh when Chief minister of H.P Virbhadra Singh said that services of teachers and outsource workers will be regularised.

There will be justice will these workers : CM

Chief minister Virbhadra Singh said while reply of a question in state legislative assembly that under court law and rules some steps or decision will be taken to stop injustice with these teachers and workers. Virbhadra Singh said exploitation of these teachers and workers will not be allowed who are working from a long time. He also added that some steps will be definitely taken to stop this exploitation.

Steps will be taken to regularise all workers : Virbhadra Singh

Chief minister said in assembly, teachers and workers will not be deprived from their rights. He said workers joined job in whatever session will be regularised under rules.
Virbhadra Singh said during reply to a question, if there is lack of roaster while recruitment, that will be filled with backlog.
He also added about outsource workers that for policy of workers wait for upcoming budget. Everything going to come out and if anything is wrong court is there to correct it.

Sources needed for unemployment allowances : CM

Unemployment allowances is a major issue on which government of Himachal Pradesh as well as opposition are always face to face and this time chief minister Virbhadra Singh cleared this issue and said Congress party have completed almost 99% of promises they made, he said about unemployment allowances that to allow it government need to look its sources and options.

Dharmshala as second capital will not withdrawn

Virbhadra Singh said that if sources will not available how can he allow unemployment allowances. Decision of Dharamshala as second capital will not be withdrawn as this is demand of people and opposition have problem with that as they know government won on this issue.
   On opening of new SDM offices, schools , colleges and hospitals , he said if opposition have problem with that , tell me in written I will close that.

43000 recruitments and still more to come: Virbhadra Singh

Virbhadra Singh said his government have recruited around 43,000 people by different means, and development of departments at big level and so some more recruitments going to come. He said Himachal service commission and State public service commission have some limitations so before October all recruitments in schools will be completed.
Suresh Bhardwaj and Ravindra Ravi said CM's reply as incomplete and said chief minister is trying to avoid Questions. Suresh Bhardwaj asked CM to clear if he'll give capital allowances after notification of Dharmshala as second capital to all workers.
      Whole story is politics will keep going but if decision of regularisation of teachers and workers will be taken it will be a good decision for them as well as congress party in upcoming elections.
Rahul Gandhi in Dharmshala did not left anything to say about BJP and Prime minister Narendra modi. But after just 2-3 days politics started in Himachal. Actually GS Bali , Transport minister of Himachal Pradesh did not get place to sit on stage while Rahul Gandhi rally in Dharmshala. SPG did not allowed him to enter on stage, and after that politics begins in Himachal. Chief minister said GS Bali is telling lie whereas Bali asked CM to inquire this whole issue.
Congress v/s congress in Himachal
Congress is calling it successful rally but now they are failing even in there family.

SPG did not allow to enter on stage : GS Bali

State minister and senior congress leader GS Bali said after Rahul Gandhi rally in Dharmshala that after receiving Rahul Gandhi on Airport in kangra, he went to Dharmshala with Vidhya stokes and kaul Singh Thakur. When he was going on stage , SPG members did not allowed to enter on stage as his name was not there on list given to SPG members.

Minister is telling lie about list : Virbhadra Singh

CM of Himachal Pradesh Virbhadra Singh called allegations of Gs Bali as lie. He said there was enough space to sit for ministers , MLA and CPS. There was enough space to sit for 45 people.
He said in Palampur that there was name of minister (Bali) in list but I don't know where was he at that time.
Virbhadra said I don't know if he came there or not.

How name disappeared List ? :GS Bali

MLA from Nagrota and Minister in state GS Bali said that when he reached near stage with IPH minister Vidhya stokes and Health minister Kaul singh thakur , SPG members did not allowed him to sit on stage. He said people from his constituency were sad after he was not allowed to sit on stage. He asked CM Virbhadra Singh to enquire this issue. He also said that he will take next step if answer will not be satisfactory.
He said this was not function of congress party , it was function of state government.

Rahul Gandhi's Dharmshala Rally was flop show : BJP

State BJP called Rahul Gandhi's Dharamshala rally as flop show. They said that congress asked students and aanganbadi workers to come in rally. Some of BJP leaders comment on Rahul Gandhi's Dharamshala rally.
  • Kishan kapoor
Former minister of BJP Kishan kapoor called Rahul Gandhi rally a flop show. He said congress government have wasted around 50 crore rupees to impress Rahul Gandhi . He said in that much about which state government wasted around 25000 houses could have built. He said in funny way that congress have asked students workers etc still only 10000 people were in rally.
  • Dr. Kuldeep singh Tanwar (kisan sabha president)
Kisan Sabha state president dr. Kuldeep singh Tanwar said four years congress government as unsatisfactory for farmers and common people.
  • Prem kumar dhumal
Opposition leader Prem kumar dhumal said on Rahul Gandhi rally , Rahul Gandhi could not tell even a single achievement of state government . He called state Congress party as 'National Shame'.
Yuvraj of Gandhi family and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is attacking Bhartiya Janta Party and PM Barbara Modi in back to back rallies. In last some days Rahul Gandhi have addressed people in UP rally , Gujrat rally and Almoda rally in Uttrakhand. This time Congress vice president is in other dev Bhoomi state Himachal Pradesh. 
RahulGandhi v/s Modi
Before Himachal Pradesh election 2017 this rally of Rahul Gandhi will be moral boosting for State Congress leader. It's important to know that state Congress is back foot with Corruption charges on CM Virbhadra  Singh and Charge-sheet against Vikramaditya Singh Bushehr Tikka and several leaders by Shimla BJP. Rahul Gandhi addressed a big rally in Himachal Pradesh on occasion of 4 years completion of Virbhadra Singh government in State.

Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi in Dharmshala

Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Narendra modi in Dharmshala and said there are 1% Rich people in India and 99% poor people and Narendra Modi is benefitting those 1% people. He also said that Narendra modi did this Bombing of Demonetization on poor people but not on 94% of black money holder. Only 60% rich people have got black money. Whole country will be in hands of 50 homes who are benefitted by Narendra Modi.

Modi ruined Farmers ,people and Tourism in Himachal

Rahul Gandhi said Himachali Farmers those who grow Apple , Mango , Cherry etc. get money in cash not by phones. He said Demonetization of Narendra Modi is ruining Tourism in Dharmshala and Shimla.
Narendra modi did not give any money to Himachal , Uttrakhand , but he free bank loan big Industrialists. He said Narendra modi have ruined all business in Himachal Pradesh with his 'NoteBandi'.

Modi did surgical strike on poor people

Rahul Gandhi said in Dharmshala Rally that Himachali soldiers did surgical strike on border and Narendra modi did surgical strike on poor people. He said modi did this surgical strike to benefit only 50 families to relief them from bank loan. He said Prime minister will never give money to Himachal , Uttrakhand these States but he will benefit those 1% of people.

Who was present in Dharmshala Rally?

In rally several state Congress leader were present. Chief minister Virbhadra Singh , kaul Singh Thakur, state ministers Gs Bali, Vidhya stokes , many Congress member of legislative Assembly were present in Dharmshala Rally.

Modi have removed 'HAT' of Himachal:Rahul

Rahul Gandhi attacked Narendra modi by a Short form 'HAT' and said Narendra modi have removed 'HAT' of state . He addresses Horticulture, Agriculture and Tourism as 'HAT'. Rahul Gandhi said modi have divided country in two parts , one is poor and other is rich people. He said 'NoteBandi' is not against Corruption but it is against poor people. Rahul Gandhi said modi have transferred white money of people in pockets of Corrupt people.
Rahul Gandhi said in Dharmshala Rally that modi ji used to make fun of him, when he ask something. He said  he have no issue with fun , but at least reply his questions.

Demonetization is to make country better: BJP

Modi in Maharashtra said that I know people are getting problem but this decision is taken for better nation and to fight against corruption. He said Central government is focussed with their work and they are aware about economy. Narendra modi said in Maharashtra that opposition have also praised Growth in economy. Modi was in a function to inaugurate ' Chatrapati Shivaji Smarak' in Maharashtra.
Rajnath singh , Home minister of India said today that Demonetization is never linked with Election but this decision is taken for better Indian. He said 'NoteBandi' is taken against Corruption and Corrupt people.
As elections are coming closer in state politics have been started at highest level. This time politics is from state bhartiya Janta party. Bjp had meeting in Deepkamal (office of bjp) with Shimla and Mahasu district leader and workers, regarding chargesheet against state youth congress president and Son of chief minister, Vikramaditya singh bushehar and MLA of former constituency of Virbhadra Singh , Mohan Lal Brakta. In meeting one another name was discussed for charge sheet and that was corporation chairman.

Bjp leaders in Meeting in Deepkamal to discuss chargesheet?

There were several leaders and workers of Bhartiya janta party together in Deepkamal in chakkar shimla to discuss about chargesheet against Vikramaditya singh , Mohan Lal Brakta MLA Rohru constituency and corporation chairman. Leader those who were present in meeting are
Shimla BJP leader at Deepkamal
  • Suresh Bhardwaj (MLA) - President of chargesheet
  • Chief spokesman and member of chargesheet - Dr. Rajeev Bindal, Ganesh dutt , Sanjay sood, Ajay Shyan etc.
  • In this meeting former co-operative President and former MLA from Rohru Khushi ram Balnahata was also present.

Scam of himachal congress party in tenders to remove snow : BJP

Mahasu and shimla district bjp leader said that there are several scams by state government in different field and they will file chargesheet in different districts.
Bjp leaders said there is scam of lakhs in tenders given to remove snow in Rohru - Jubbal -kothkhai road. They said there are some areas which were snowless but payment was given to them.
Dr. Rajeev Bindal spokesman of state bjp said that work of tiring took place on rohru Jubbal kothkhai and Theog road as well as shimla rural area and chopal constituency but this tiring couldn't resist of even 2-3 months.
  • Remember in last visit of CM in rohru , he was so angry on MLA Rohru Mohan Lal Brakta and PWD department.

Illegal mining in shimla rural, constituency of CM

Shimla Bjp said illegal mining is going in shimla rural area without any interruption.
  • Bjp blamed congress and  said that college in shimla rural was shifted to building made by a congress leader at a monthly fare of 70,000 Rs. 
  • They also rises issue of Nerva where government offices were shifted to 5 stories building made by a Hpmc officer and blamed that he have acquired government land.

Bjp is dreaming to win in Himachal : Vikramaditya singh bushehar

[next] State youth congress president Vikramaditya singh was in Jawalamukhi with Yadupati Thakur, neeraj bharti ,Ajay Nahan and Kewal Pathania etc. He said in Jawalamukhi Himachal pradesh that state BJP is dreaming to make government in Himachal and also said on Monetisation that central government's dream of good days suffered people.
Vikramaditya singh in Jawalamukhi

Virbhadra Singh have supported demonization : Vikramaditya

[/next] [next] He said bjp is continuously talking about elections and dreaming to make government in state. Vikramaditya singh said that state chief minister Virbhadra Singh have supported demonization by central government without any condition, and this shows his views against black money.
Everytime sate government have supported central government's schemes, supported Modi on demonization, surgical strike but state bjp is always on top level of politics against CM and his family.
It will be interesting to see how things turns before Himachal pradesh election 2017.
28-02-2017 Car accident took in Bashla/Arhal village near Rohru Tehsil in Shimla district yesterday at 7 pm.
Ajay Singh Gill of Bashla village and his relative Shakti Singh from Saras died on the spot. Whereas Bobby gill was injured and died in IGMC shimla. Bobby is brother of Ajay Singh Gill. Bobby gill was referred to Indira Gandhi medical college.
Reason of accident is not yet clear said DSP rohru Madan Kant Sharma. He said dead bodies have been sent for postmartom and reason of accident yet to be identified.
Ajay, Shakti Singh and Bobby gill were going from Arhal to Bashla and just one km from their home this sad incident took place.
Bobby gill was injured and died in IGMC shimla today .

Prime minister Narendra Modi visited Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh first time after 2014 election.
Modi inaugurated three power projects in Himachal Pradesh. He also praised Indian army and said what Israel used to do in past , Indian army have done exactly that.
Modi in mandi himachal
PM Modi
addressing Parivartan rally in Mandi,HP

Government will question state government in 2017 election

PM Narendra Modi said in Parivartan rally that "Dhumal ji was asking that central government is giving so much money to state government Atleast central government should question state government" but now people of Himachal will question state government of Himachal Pradesh.
         Narendra Modi also said that earlier central government have given 21 crore rupees to Himachal government but after our government have given more than 72 crore rupees to state government.
        Modi ensured people of Himachal Pradesh that in coming 3 years poor families will get free gas connection.

PM Modi attacked Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh

Prime minister Narendra Modi said Himachal Pradesh people used to say former bjp CM as chief minister of water and Dhumal as chief minister of roads.
       Narendra Modi said there chief minister have invested their life in serving state but present CM Virbhadra Singh is serving himself.

35 year old projects have been started:PM Modi

Pm Modi said when he was campaigning for 2014 general election he was not aware that he have to open Department of Archaeology .
He was talking about pending projects from last 35 years.
- PM Modi said there was a project in 1981 , Nangalbandh talvada railway , which was in 1981 of around 34 crores and today due to criminal negligence this project is of 2100 crore rupees.
- If this project would have completed at that time , there would have not that much loss of money of people. But most of projects are limited to papers and foundation stone.
- PM Modi said Himachal have lot off scope in tourism , and whenever we have got chance to serve state we have served well.
PM Narendra Modi is going to visit Himachal Pradesh on 18th of October 2016. Narendra Modi will address rally's in in Himachal and will inaugurate some power projects in state.
Himachal cm Virbhadra Singh congratulated army and central government for surgical strike on Pakistan occupied Kashmir on terrorists.
Modi visit Himachal on 18th

Two rallies and some inaugurations by PM modi in Himachal

PM Modi will address two rallies in Nahan (sirmaur district) and Mandi district. He will put base stone of IIM in Nahan and AIIMS in  Bilaspur district.
Narendra Modi will inaugurate  kol dam and rampur power projects.

Government and State Bjp preparing for  PM's tour

Government of Himachal Pradesh and State BJP is preparing for tour of PM Narendra Modi. In government  official program , it is expected CM, some ministers of state , former Cm Prem Kumar Dhumal , JP Nadda ,member of parliament will join program.

412 MW and 800 MW projects will be inaugurated

PM Modi will inaugurate AIIMS in bilaspur and IIM in Nahan. 600 crore rupees will be spend on AIIMS and it will be full of 900 beds and super speciality facility.
Accumulated plan of AIIMS is ready and work will start according to plan.
       After AIIMS, pressure on Tanda medical college and IGMC will decrease. Patients will not be referred to PGI Chandigarh.
PM Modi will inaugurate power 412 MW rampur power project and 800 MW kol dam project powered by SJVNL.

Government have lot of hopes with PM's visit

Government have lot of hope with PM's visit. They are expecting a lot from PM to complete incomplete projects.

CM with central government on surgical strike issue

Cm Virbhadra Singh said there should be no politics on surgical strike issue. He also said central government is a respectable and trustworthy institution so everybody should respect it.
Himachal Pradesh chief minister and senior congress leader Virbhadra Singh said today that loksabha seats should be increased in State.
Atleast 6 member of parliament is required in State: CM
CM Virbhadra Singh said Himachal need more member of parliament. Atleast 6 MP is required for state. He said for a hilly state like Himachal 4 Lok Sabha seats are not enough , this need to be increased.
MP of Himachal pradesh

Its difficult to cover from Sirmaur to Kinanur

Chief minister Virbhadra Singh said number of MP was more when Himachal was union territory but  now number has been decreased to 4. He was talking to media on ridge , and was talking about need of Increase in number of member of parliament from state.

When I visit state ,BJP got attack

When CM was asked ,will u increase number of visits in State areas?
    He  answer this with attack on BJP and said whenever I visit state , state BJP get attack.

I know dignity of state party president , and no dissensions with him

Everyone know about difference in opinion of CM and congress state president , but today CM said everyone is aware of the dignity of post where sukhvider singh Sukhu is today.
He also attacked party president and said every party president should also know their dignity.
He said there is no dispute within the party, and congress party will come in power again next year.
When he was asked about next CM candidate of congress party , he said it will be seen in future . He want to be modest.
So CM is raising a right issue of increase of number of parliament member , but it is also important to know those who are in parliament ,are they doing something for state? Are they raising issues of state?
Until those who has been elected will not work , number of parliament member will not effect.
With his today's statement on Sukhu ,party president it is clear nothing is good inside party and  it may cost them in coming state elections.
Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh congratulated Indian army for surgical attack in Pak occupied Kashmir. Indian army did surgical strike attack against terrorists camps in Pakistan across LOC.
He praised this step of surgical strike and said terrorists cross border and attack Indian Army.
Virbhadra Singh chieft minister
In response of this terrorism this was right step by Indian army, Virbhadra Singh added that in this attack several terrorists had been killed and no casualty took place to citizens of Pakistan.
Allegations of backdoor entry jobs by opposition are baseless
Chief minister and congress star leader Virbhadra Singh denied allegations of Dhumal and opposition that jobs have been given from backdoor.
He asked Dhumal and opposition to tell even a single issue in which jobs had been given from backdoor.
Virbhadra singh attended dozens of rally's in Changar assembly constituency area Jaisinghpur.
Dhumal have habit of lie : Virbhadra Singh
Virbhadra Singh attacked former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal that he had habit of lie. How can be there backdoor entry in jobs, when these all jobs are under observation of public service commision and HPPSC Hamirpur.
He said Dhumal keeps lie without thinking about God.
He said tickets to candidates are given by mutual efforts of central leadership and State leadership.
I am still young and no intention of retirement
Virbhadra Singh wants to lead party in coming state election in 2017 . When he was asked about state CM candidate of congress party he said he is still young and there is no intention to retire from politics.
So it's clear Virbhadra wants one more chance and want to lead party in coming Himachal Pradesh election in 2017.
After lots of problems within party , with GS Bali and congress party state president sukhvinder Singh sukhu , it will interesting to watch how Virbhadra manages his leadership in coming elections.
Former minister and senior BJP leader from Jubbal kothkhai Narendra Bragta attacked congress government and local administration. He was telling on bad conditions of roads in upper shimla area, specially Jubbal kothkhai hatkoti and rohru.
Narendra Bragta MLA Jubbal kothkhai

Most of roads either closed or in bad condition: Bragta

Narendra Bragta said that roads in upper shimla are either closed or in very bad condition. He also added that in first rain of the season, most of roads are in very bad conditions.

Bad road condition between kothkhai and jubbal

Former MLA from jubbal kothkhai siad that in first rain of the season theog-kothkhai and hatkoti road is in very bad condition.He blamed local administration and State government for this.
Bragta said people are facing jam from last 48 hours .
Alternative of theog kothkhai and hatkoti -rohru road is via tahu -khadapathar and patsari but that road is also in bad condition.

People are facing problem in fruit transportation

Narendra Bragta said people are facing problems and it's getting difficult them to transport their fruits to fruit mandi.
He said BJP has time and time raises issue that government had not taken care of roads during summer and now this is headache for local people.

Roads are prime issue of this valley , Narendra Bragta have faced anger of Jubbal Kothkhai in last election and if this keep continue congress and Rohit Thakur Mla from Jubbal kothkhai and brakta from Rohru can face anger of people, because it's about there hard work whole year.

The decision on merger of HLP (Himachal Lokhit Party ) and Maheswar Singh chief of HILOPA with BJP will be decided by High command .

Merger of HLP in BJP was not discussed in meeting : sources

Sources said after BJP core group meeting in chamba that merger of Himachal Lokhit Party was not discussed in meeting.
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Who was present in core group meeting?

BJP Core group meeting in chamba was attended by state big leaders like Kangra BJP MP and former chief minister Shanta Kumar, Leader of opposition and former chief minister prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Expected BJP cm candidate and central health minister JP Nadda, MP from Hamirpur  and BJP yuva morcha president Anurag Thakur and State BJP president satpal satti.

High command will decide merger of HLP led by Maheshwar singh

A member of core group said that final decision on merger of HLP and Maheshwar singh in party will be decided by high command of bhartiya janta party.
Sources said BJP leaders from kullu were opposing entry of Maheshwar singh and HILOPA in BJP, on the ground that Maheshwar singh leader and he will cut there clout in the party in kullu district.

Himachal Lokhit Party as a third front in State

Voices of dissents are getting louder in HLP's led by Mahender sofat, sharam chand guleria and subhash sharma etc. They are saying HLP as third front in State.
Maheshwar singh is fighting battle for political survival as he had ties with BJP in 2012 election and supported Virbhadra Singh in assembly. BJP had labeled HLP as Virbhadra's b-team.
Maheshwar and Virbhadra Singh's honeymoon time ended when Virbhadra Singh inducted karan Singh ,Maheshwar Singh's brother as Ayurveda minister in his cabinet.
Maheshwar singh is supposed to be close with expected BJP CM candidate JP nadda. So it will be interesting to see what happen next in case of Maheshwar singh.
Shimla and upper shimla farmers have bad news. In capital shimla apple carrying charges have been increased by 10 percent in meeting organised by DC shimla rohan chand Thakur. With this increase in carrying charges , farmers of shimla district specially farmers of Jubbal kothkhai ,rohru, rampur etc. This increase in carrying charges was took after meeting on apple season. 
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One side weather issue and now rate increase

Farmers of shimla district said today that they were already depressed with weather and now carrying charge increase have created problem for them. On this issue they were very angry from shimla administration. They said carrying charge increase looks baseless. 

Meeting took place under guidance of DC shimla rohan chand Thakur

DC shimla attended the meeting and discussed about rates of tempo and pickup. Carrying charges increase is double attack on farmers , earlier weather issues and now charges increase.

Many officers from upper area didn't attend meeting

Upper shimla area's many officers werr not present in this meeting, its been said that they were aware of this charges hike and were not happy.
Electricity and pwd officers from rohru and chopal were not present in this meeting.

Sir there is no electricity even in your office :farmer

During meeting one funny incident took place when officers were discussing issues of electricity in rohru Jubbal kothkhai and chopal area. A farmer said there is no electricity sometimes in SDM office in rohru. SDM rohru accepted this and said , yes you are right, sometimes it happens. 

So it looks very funny when officers don't have electricity In their offices than how farmers and people will get electricity.
Apple charges hike can be said as a bd decisions from administration, because they want support in case of bad weather and this hike is double attack on them.
Himachal Pradesh youth congress secretary and young congress leader yadupati Thakur lost his primary party membership. This happens because of misbehaviour. Yesterday sarkaghat block congress decided to cancel his primary membership of party. 

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Pride of Himachal, jp nadda |his early life and political career

Why youth congress secretary got suspended?

Yadupati was found guilty in boycotting function of former minister and congress leader Rangeela ram rao on 8th of june with black flags.
So sarkaghat block committee suspended his party primary membership. 
Sarkaghat block secretary bramhadas told about this decision. State congress committee called decision of block congress members decision as unconstitutional.

On Sunday after three hours long meeting this decision was taken. Brahmhadas said this decision was taken in presence of party coordinator Narendra Thakur.

Suspension was not discussed in meeting : Narendra Thakur

Block congress coordinator Mr Narendra Thakur said there was no discussion about suspension of yadupati Thakur. He said they have just discussed about visit of cps Rohit Thakur. He told block congress is going to unveil lie of prime minister Narendra Modi on 30th June.  He totally denied about discussion of yadupati's suspension - Narendra Thakur

Block congress sarkaghat was advised to ask reason from yadupati thakur and if he is suspended than its unconsititutional decision.  -Harbhajan singh bhajji.

I am hard working member of party, and I have never done anything against party line. I have full trust on my party high command and I will accept whatever they will decide. -Yadupati Thakur
Mid day meal is an important scheme in schools for students in which school provide meal for them in lunch. But many  time a lot of careless is shown by teachers under this scheme. So after long warning about daily monitoring of scheme via SMS.
   Primary education Directorate issued notice to thousands of teachers of state. This notice has been issued for ignorance of daily mid day meal status.In first week of march Directorate had issued notices to around 5000 schools.
3943 schools still not giving daily report
According to Primary education Directorate after notice around 1000 teachers are giving daily report by SMS but still more than 3943 schools are not giving daily update about mid day meal scheme and teachers of Mandi , Chamba and Kangra are behind in this .
According to mid day meal branch N number of schools according to districts given notices are
Teachers of 668 schools in kangra, 657 schools of Mandi, 617 schools of Chamba, 448 schools of Shimla, 323 schools of Sirmaur, 294 of Kullu , 232 of Solan, whereas 181 schools of Bilaspur district, 172 of Lahaul-Spiti, 150 schools of Una district, 155 of Kinnaur and 46 schools of Hamirpur district. Around 15345 schools of state are authorized to give daily status of Mid day meal by SMS.
Actions will be taken against teacher if they did not follow instructions : Director Manmohan Sharma
Primary education Directorate director Manmohan Sharma said that in case teachers did not give daily status of Mid day meal , department will take actions against those teachers.
Primary education Directorate said that list of defaulter teachers have been sended to Deputy director. He will issue final warning notice to all defaulter teachers, and still if they do not follow instructions they will be punished by department.
What is mid day meal scheme and daily status ?
Mid day meal scheme is a scheme in which meal is given to students of first to eighth class in government schools. From 2016 Primary education Directorate started daily reporting for monitoring of scheme.
For this NIC have created a Automated meal reporting and management system, and mid day meal responsible teachers have to report primary education Directorate by SMS .
To make reporting more effective SMS service is free . Telecom regulatory authority of India has provided a toll free number to Himachal. With this Directorate will be informed about the quantity of meal given.But in success of this scheme some teachers are responsible.
Central health minister JP Nadda's statement on himachal cm candidate race , talks have been started that who will be bjp cm candidate in Himachal ? Till now Prem Kumar Dhumal was only candidate for cm in Himachal . But now race has started with nadda in race. 

Nadda in working committee meeting said if party will want I am ready to be cm candidate. 

High command will take final decision: satpal satti

After nadda's statement on cm candidate issue, heating has been started inside state party.
This is big question for state bjp and central BJP. It's getting difficult for party leaders to answer this question.
When satpal satti state BJP president who is called close to dhumal was asked about cm candidate in Himachal. Satpal satti smartly answered this question and said high command will take final decision on this issue. This is out of his area. 

Next cm will be of bjp: Prem Kumar dhumal

One side as a leader of opposition Dhumal was top contender for cm candidate but now nadda is in race also. When Dhumal was asked about cm candidate , he said next CM will be of bhartiya janta party.
He was quite on JP nadda as BJP cm candidate.
Dhumal said this time we will have cm.
As elections are coming closer , Himachal BJP has started making strategies. In this segment state BJP working committee meeting has been started in Manali. In this meeting workers will be motivated for 2017 election in state.
Hp Cm candidate for 2017

Meeting will continue for next three days 
Bjp working committee meeting will continue for next three days. Himachal BJP will try to focus on strategies for election 2017. They will tell there workers to show failure of ruling congress government 
National bjp secretary shrikant sharma will be present in meeting
Himachal pradesh prabhari and bjp national secretary shrikant sharma will be present in this meeting. On the last day of meeting central health minister JP nadda will address BJP workers and will try to motivate them for coming elections.
In working committee meeting Prem Kumar Dhumal , satpal satti will also be present.
After meeting cm candidate race will start

With this meeting race for cm candidate will also begin. There was only Dhumal for cm candidate as he is leader of opposition , but with time health minister nadda had increased his status quickly and he belongs to RSS and close to Modi and shah. It is expected that he can be cm candidate this time because central BJP is angry with fight of Dhumal and Virbhadra Singh. They want a face with clean image.
So what will happen in coming days it's interesting to see but one thing is sure BJP has started there plans and strategies for Himachal elections 2017.
25th January is celebrated as 'Statehood day's of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh celebrated 47th statehood day today. Chief minister Virbhadra Singh was present today at Dhalpur ground in Kullu district where function of 'Statehood day' of Himachal Pradesh was celebrated.
Several colourful functions were presented in Dhalpur ground but sad news came for workers of Himachal Pradesh , who were expecting announcement of 5% DA. They will be sad because workers were expecting announcement soon.
Yesterday SS Jangta , president of workers association met with Virbhadra Singh and asked him to release all pending DA soon. But now workers association will be sad.

What happened on 'Statehood day' ?

Chief minister Virbhadra Singh was greeted by people and leaders in Dhalpur ground. Senior BJP leader Maheshwar Singh was also present with Virbhadra Singh. Virbhadra Singh inspect Pradesh at Dhalpur ground and at 11 am. CM flagstaff national flag. Chief minister Virbhadra Singh was chief guest in this function.
During this Virbhadra Singh salute Himachal Police, ITBP, SSB, Female police , Homeguard, and NCC groups.
Artists of function and Platun commandent were presented by Virbhadra Singh.

Some people divides people during elections : Virbhadra Singh

Senior BJP leader Maheshwar Singh was present with Virbhadra Singh in Dhalpur ground . On this occasion Maheshwar Singh and Virbhadra Singh talked with each other for long time.  Virbhadra Singh launched website of Kullu district in which all details about people of Kullu will be available.
CM attacked on opposition and said some people divides people on basis of culture, location and cast.
He also said some joker's are showing acts let them in there homes.

Himachal Statehood day in History

Himachal Pradesh got statehood status in year 25th January 1971 when that time Prime minister Indira Gandhi declared Himachal Pradesh as 18th state of Independent India at Historical Ridge Ground.
At that time Indira said if People of Himachal can face problems of snowfall than people of Himachal will also face upcoming problems.
- Himachal is fastest growing economy of India.
- Himachal is hub of pharmaceutical industry.
- Himachal Pradesh is leading in sports personalities, singers ,actors , soldiers and officers.
- Himachal Pradesh is one of the top state in Horticulture industry.
- Himachal Pradesh is role model for not only small states but big states in field of Health, education , Industry, peace and social welfare and inclusive growth

Good news for patients of igmc.Now patients can make slip online on Igmc official website
Like Pgi Chandigarh number one medical college and hospital Indira Gandhi medical college shimla has started their online slip system.
Igmc shimla online registration

How you can make Igmc patient slip online and what are conditions?

To make patient slip online you have to go on Igmc official website .
While making slip online patient have to add their number and after that it will needed to stamped in opd.
After that only slip will be valid.
This facility will be available only till 1:30 PM.
Condition for online slip is , after making online slip patient have to come hospital within 15 days . After fifteen days slip will not be valid.

Patient have to give their number : Dr Ramesh chand

Senior doctor Ramesh chand said this service is just like pgi chandigarh. In this while making slip online patient have to add unique number. Within 15 days this number can't be used twice.
Only 20 slips will be available for medicine and ortho and surgery and 10 slips in cardiology, pulmonary medicine, skin, eye and ENT opd. 

Who was present in meeting ?

In meeting administration officer Dr anjali Chauhan, paediatrics chief Dr Ashwani sood, Dr ML pandey , Dr Arvind kadoria of cardiology, NK mohindru of ENT , anil malhotra of surgery, bhupesh uniyal were available in meeting.

Official website of Igmc Shimla