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Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh is located at the center of Himachal pradesh. Mandi district is situated at the bank of river Bea's surround by high hill ranges of Gandharv Hills,Rehra Dhar ,motipur dhar and Tarna Hill. Mandi district is famous for its International fair of Shivratri.
Mandi district is also called as ' choti kashi' because it is surrounded by temples and located at bank of river Beas.
Statue of Padmasambhava at Rewalsar lake
There are natural salt in Gumma and Drang of Mandi district .


In history of Mandi district, Mandi district in past was known as ' Mandav Nagar'. Mandav Nagar was names because Rishi 'Mandav' prayed in this area.
Sen family founded this historical 'choti kashi'  in around 1526 AD and ruled it for a long time.
Later after independence Mandi district come to existence after merger of Mandi and suket princely states which were ruled by Sen family.Jogindra Sen was the last ruler of Mandi state.

Geography and weather

Mandi district is located at an altitude of 1040 Meters and latitude and longitude of 31 degrees 72'N and 76 degrees 92'E. Most of part of district hilly area.
Weather in district is pleasant in every season but in city sometimes it very hot as compared to other districts in Himachal pradesh.
Rivers in Mandi district are beas, suketi, Satluj and Uhal

Administrative view

Headquarter : Mandi
Area: 3950 km square
Population: 9,99,518
Literacy Rate: 82.81%
Tehsils : 
Mandi, Chachyot, Thunag, Karsog, Jogindernagar, Padhar, Ladbharol, Sundernagar, Sarkaghat, balh
Bali Chowki, Sandhol, Kotli, Baldwada, Aut, Nihri, Dharampur, Tikken
Sub divisions
- Mandi
- Chachyot
- Sunernagar
- Karsog
- Sarkaghat
- Padhar
- Jogindernagar
Assembly Constituencies
Sadar, Balh, Sunder Nagar,Nachan, Karsog, Chachyot, Drang, Joginder Nagar, Sarkaghat and Dharampur.

Contact address of DC mandi

People and culture

People of Mandi district are middle class , and very simple. Shivratri of Mandi district is very famous. Hindi English pahari languages are spoken but people used to speak in Mandyali language mostly.
Major Highways
NH-21 : Chandigarh-Manali highway
NH-20 : Pathankot-Mandi highway

Lakes in Mandi district

- Prashar Lake
- Rewalsar Lake
- Kunt Bhagyog Lake

Temples in Mandi district

- Shikari Devi temple
- Bheema Kali temple
- Kamakshi devi temple
- Mahu Nag Temple
- Triloknath Temple
- Panchvaktra Temple
- Kamrunag Temple
- Bhoot Nath Temple
- Ardhnareshwar Temple

Places to visit in Mandi district

- Chindi
- Jogindernagar
- Janjheli
- Pangna Fort
- Gadda Gussaini Valley
- Chauntra valley
- Kamlagarh Fort
- Barot Valley
- Barot Dam
- Bir Monetary
- Nargu wildlife sanctuary
- Shikari Devi sanctuary

How to reach Mandi district ?

Road Transport
Distance from shimla: 158 km
Distance from Chandigarh: 202 km
Train Transport
Nearest Railway station : Jogindernagar and Chandigarh
Air Transport
Nearest Airport : Bhuntar kullu district (50 km)