Sangla valley is most charming and most beautiful Valley in country. Sangla is a city in the Baspa Valley in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla is located very close to the Tibetan border.
Sangla is a perfect gateway from busy life of cities. Sangla valley is also famous for temples and Meadow in valley. Other name for Sangla Valley is Baspa Valley.
"Sangla" meaning in language of Kinnaur is "Pass of Light" mean valley receiving sunlight during the day.
Sangla Valley/Baspa Valley


Sangla Valley is located in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla or Baspa valley starts at Karcham and ends at Chitkul. Chitkul is also a beautiful village located in this heavenly valley. Sangla valley is situated at an height of around  8,900 feet. This beautiful and majestic Sangla valley is located on the bank of the river Baspa.

Demography & Political View

Sangla Valley cosists of many villages and town but Sangla is biggest town where all facilities are available. here is a little view of Sangla.
According to census 2011
Total Population : 2244
Total houses : 536
Literacy : 78%
Sex Ratio :  1028
Total No. of houses : 536

Temples in Sangla Valley 

Sangla valley is known as for its temple also. There are several famous temples in Sangla valley. Some of them are here below. 
- Badri Nath Ji Temple
- Mata Devi Temple
- Bearing Nag Temples 
These all temples are great example of extraordinary creativity and spirituality.
Temples are truly architecture wonder and devoted to Hindus mostly.

Places to Visit in Sangla Valley

  • Chitkul Village
Chitkul village is located on India-Tibet border and at a distance of around 27 km from Sangla. Village is famous for its extraordinary scenic view and Potatoes also.
  •  Sangla meadows 
Sangla meadows or Sangla Kanda is most favored spot in Sangla valley as it is lush green meadows with mud patches and a magnificent backdrop of snow covered Himalayan Mountains.
  • Kamru Fort
Kamru fort and now temple is great mix of extraordinary architecture and perfection. Kamru Fort is dedicated to Kamakhya Devi. 
The fort consist of a wooden balcony and a big wooden idle of goddess Kamakhya Devi.
  • Batseri Village
Batseri village is located at a distance of around 8 km Batseri village is famous for local handicrafts like kinnauri shawls, caps and other handicrafts items.
  • Tibetan Wood Carving Center
Tibetan Wood Carving Center is also located in Sangla valley and famous for Tibetan handicrafts and items. 

Facts about Sangla Valley

  • Sangla Valley is famous for Sweet & Juicy apples.
  • Until 1989 outsiders were not allowed in valley without permission due to its geographical location.
  • Baspa Dam Reservoir is located in Sangla Valley and this dam is on Baspa River.
  • A saffron farm is located in outskirt of Sangla town.
  • Fulaich Fair is celebrated in sangla valley in the month of August and  September.
  • Kamru fort is more than 800 years old and now it has been turned into temple and temple is dedicated to maa Kamkhya Devi.

How to Reach Sangla ?

To reach Sangla there is only Bus services and Taxi services as there is no airport or railway facility in this place. To reach there one can hire private taxi also.
Distance From Delhi : 560 km
Distance from Shimla : 225 km
Nearest Airport : Shimla
Nearest Railway Station : Shimla
Every name consist a story behind its name, similarly 12 districts of Devbhoomi carry story behind its name. District's name is linked with history of Himachal Pradesh and Devbhoomi. Here's story behind name of Districts of Himachal Pradesh, in this post.
District names & story Behind it
Know about Himachal Pradesh First

#Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is a state with 55,673 km square area(21,495 sq m) situated in North-India, which is 18th state in India union.'Himachal' name is taken from two Hindi words,'Him' and 'Anchal' Which means Lap of Himalyas. Himachal Pradesh is part of Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is also known as 'Dev Bhoomi' which means 'Land of God and goddess'.
Himachal Pradesh is most peaceful and beautiful state in India, and is famous for its natural beauty. Shimla is District of Himachal Pradesh.
Himachal Pradesh is divided in 12 Districts.
These 12 Districts are given below
Lahaul and Spiti

Story Behind names of these 12 districts is given below

1. Chamba

Chamba District was founded in year 920 AD. There was a king of Chamba Raja Sahil Varman. His daughter's name was Champavati. Sahil Burman named district on his daughter's name.

2. Lahaul & Spiti

Lahaul spiti biggest district of Himachal Pradesh in terms of Area and smallest district in terms of Population comprises of two names Lahaul and Spiti.
The district comprises of two mountain area one is Lahaul & other is Spiti.
So lahaul spiti got its name on the name of these two tracts.

3. Hamirpur

Hamirpur is smallest district of Himachal Pradesh with an area around 1118 km square. Hamirpur named on king Raja Hamir Chand.

4. Solan

Solan is one of the district known for Mushrooms and called as "Mushroom City" of Himachal Pradesh. Solan got its name as 'Solan' on the name of Hindu Goddess Devi Shoolini. Shoolini devi is worshiped in Solan and there are several of Devotees of Shoolini devi.

5. Mandi

Mandi District is second most populated district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi is also known as "Choti Kashi" of Himachal Pradesh.
Mandi was known as "Mandav Nagar" on the name of Great Rishi 'Mandav'. Rishi Mandav prayed in this area, and the rocks turned black due to the severity of his penance. Alternatively , the name may have been derived from common word Mandi which means Market.

6. Bilaspur

Bilaspur is second smallest district in terms of area. Bilaspur traces its origin from Rishi Vyas. Earlier Bilaspur was known as Vyaspur.

7. Una Disrict

Una district which was earlier known as Jaswan Dun was founded in 1170 by King Purab Chand(Katoch Family of Kangra).

8. Sirmaur

Sirmaur are quite a few Sunrises. Sirmaur derived its name as sirmaur being senior among-st the princely hill states.

9. Kangra

Kangra District is most populated sitrict of Himachal Pradesh. Ancient name of Kangra District as Bhimanagar founded by Pandavs. Bhimanagar was named on name of Bhima.
Whereas Kangra got its name from words made of Kaan(Ear) and Gaddha(Create) which means famous ancient Plastic surgeons of region known for Plastic surgery of Royal Families.

10. Kinnaur 

Kinnaur District is third biggest district of Himachal Pradesh. Kinnaur was formed in year 1960 and derived its name from word 'Kinner'. The natives of HP are traditionally referred to as Kinners.

11. Shimla

Capital of Himachal Pradesh and queen of Hills Shimla got its name on the name of Hindu Goddess Shyamla Devi.

12. Kullu

One of the Most beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh. There are other evidences in history and literature that confirm that the name of this part was 'kalut' and the letter 'T' was eventually dropped from the name with the time. Thus this place got its present name Kullu.
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Malana is an ancient Indian village known for its weed/Cream. Malana is located in Naggar Tehsil in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.
Malana is famous for its unique house structure, nature but popular because of Hasish. Malana is known for its ancient custom & manners and judiciary system.
Malana village is in Kullu district but outlying of rest of world. Even primary facilities are missing at this beautiful place.
Malana, Himachal Pradesh


Malana village is in north east of kullu valley & a side valley of Parvati valley. It is located at a height of around 8-9 thousand feet above sea level. Beautiful green village Malana is overlooks the Deo Tiba & Chandarkhani peaks.
Malana is situated side of Malana river.


Malana follow oldest democracy in world. They have there own rules and regulations  which revolves around Jamlu Rishi. It is said that Jamlu rishi ihabited this place and people of Malana still follow his made rules and regulations. There is a parliamentary system in malana which consist of two floors & all is guided by Jamlu Rishi considered as God over there. Jamlu rishi is identified with the time of Puranas & believed to have been worshiped in Pre-Aryan's time.

Demography & Government

Malana is situated in Tehsil Naggar of kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It comes under Kullu assembly constituency .
According to census 1961 population of Malana was around 500 whereas today its around 3 times of that. Total population of Malana is around 1700 and total area is around 179 hectares.
 Malana have oldest democracy & have their own rules an regulations and village is governed by a parliament which consists of lower and upper house. Lower house called as Kanishthang, upper house called as Jayesthang. The current panchayat is Bhagi Ram. They believe highly in their own god Jamlu Rishi & follow rules and regulations set by him.

Language & Culture

Malana residents speaks a local language 'Kanashi or Raksh' which is understood by villages only. Language seems to be mixture of Sanskrit language and Tibetan language.
The village follows a democratic administration & is oldest republic of the world.
There are several rules which will surprise everyone as help of police is not allowed in Malana if somebody wants to seek help of Police he has to pay fine of Rs. 1000 to village council.


Malana residents are nature friendly and they are caring about there trees and animals in Forests. They have several rules and regulations for their forests as one can't fix nails on tree as it could damage the tree.
Burning woods & trees are prohibited in Malana village. Only dry branches are permitted to be carried.


Malana village is famous for its temples specially Jamlu rishi temple, which is built in Kathkuni style and other is Rukmini temple. One interesting thing in temple is that it is prohibited to touch Jamlu rishi image. If someone touches it, will be fined 1000 Rs.
Way to Malana


There are primary as well as government middle school. There are more than 100 students in Malana primary school whereas in Middle school around 15 students.

Rishi Jamblu Devta

Jamblu rishi is everything in Malana village as every rule, regulation and law revolves around him. They have lots of faith in Jamlu devta. The entire administration is controlled by devta Jamblu & village council. This village council consists of around 11 people which are considered as representatives of Jamblu devta . There decision is final . There is no permission to any outsider to administrate in decision of Malana. This is the reason why malana is called as Athens of Himalayas.

How to reach Malana ?

Malana village is connected to kullu by three Mountain passes(Parvati valley, Rashol Pass and Chanderkhani pass).
There is no Bus service for Malana village . So easiest and simple way to reach there is by Taxi service from Jari.
Nearest Town : Manali
Nearest Airport : Bhuntar lies at a distance of around 34 km.
Nearest Railway station : Shimla which is at a distance of more than 100 kms.

BJP and Congress party both are preparing for Gujrat election after Himachal Pradesh election where voting completed on 9th of November. Before that Bhartiya Janta Party lost in by-poll Election in Chitrakoot of Satna District of Madhya Pradesh.
BJP candidate Shankar Dayal Tripathi lost election by margin of around 14000 votes. Congress win and BJP defeat is not a big thing but no media channels are showing this news on their channels is a big thing.
Jyotiraditya Sindhiya

No news on TV Channels

Most of News channels like India TV, India News, Aaj Tak and many more are not showing this news before Gujrat elections. NDTV news and some more newspaper highlighted news as they are called as Anti-BJP channels.
Reason : Reason of this can be said as these Pro BJP -News channels does not want to show defeat of BJP before election as it will show Anti behaviour of people in country against BJP. After Good support to congress party in Himachal Pradesh , congress party is expecting good performance in Gujrat also.

Why Chitrakoot was important ???

Chitrakoot seat lose becomes difficult to digest for BJP as ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh worked hard for this seat.
Chitrakoot seat was vaccant after death of congress leader Prem Sigh, who was member of Legislative assembly from last three times from Chitrakoot.
ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and his party tried best to win this seat but failed.
Here's the total votes to both parties with margin of defeat
  • INC : 66810
  • BJP : 52477
  • Margin : 14333
ShivRaj Singh and more than dozen ministers rallied more than 60 times in this area and even UP vice chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya also campaigned this place but people of Chitrakoot rejected BJP completely for the fourth time.

BJP after defeat
- BJP state president Nand Kumar said that defeat in Chitrakoot doesn't show mood of Madhya Pradesh.

Congress Party
- Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said, people have voted against fake promises of ShivRaj Singh Chauhan. ShivRaj Singh Chauhan promised a lot in last 13 years but doesn't fulfil even one.
- Congress state president said this is a historical win of congress party and this will help congress party to fight as a unit.
- Congress MP and former minister Jyotiraditya Sindhiya thanked people as said people of MP have decided to remove BJP from rule, and Chitrakoot is just a begining.
People of Madhya Pradesh are supporting for there favourite leaders and this time a supporter commented for Jyotiraditya Sindhiya.
Congress and BJP are very active on social media thesedays as they are aware a high percentage of a population in Himachal Pradesh is youth. BJP is questioning five years of Virbhadra Singh with campaign named as #HisaabMaangeHimachal, whereas congress party is answering with campaign named as #JawabDegaHimachal. Here we will tell you how much effect these two campaigns are doing on youth and people of Himachal Pradesh. 
Congress v/s BJP on social media

1. #Hisaab Maange Himachal

Himachal Pradesh BJP started this campaign against congress party and as name suggests , it is about questioning of five years work of congress party and Virbhadra Singh government.
Hisaab maange Himachal is on different social media platforms, but as mostly Hiamchali's are on Facebook, So Facebook page is regularly updated.

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page : 1.58 Lacs Likes
Twitter Account : 422 Followers
YouTube Channel : 3K Subscribers

Facebook Page of BJP Social media campaign have good likes and it is around more than 1.57 Lacs . But reviews are not so good and score is 3.9. Which is not good at all. 
BJP is promoting themselves in campaign by telling people about achievements of central government and blaming 5 years work of Virbhadra Singh government.
     After declaring Prem Kumar dhumal as CM Candidate of BJP, whole campaign shifted from JP Nadda and central government to Prem Kumar dhumal. 
There are many videos made and uploaded on YouTube also which shows bad condition in congress ruled constituencies. But people have to understand whether they are talking with common people of constituency or just party local leaders and volunteers.

2. #Jawab Dega Himachal

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page :  88 K Likes 
Twitter Account :  26.1 K Followers
In response to BJP campaign #JawabMaangeHimachal, Himachal Pradesh congress party started campaign named #JawabDegaHimachal. Which suggest clearly mean, People of Himachal will answer questions that BJP are asking.
Himachal Pradesh congress shows with there campaign that BJP failed at central government level as well as previous Dhumal government. Virbhadra Singh is only the main face in whole campaign as congress party is fighting election on name of Raja Virbhadra Singh. In Virbhadra Singh focus is on upper and lower Himachal Pradesh both , but in images of BJP (#HisaabMaangeHiamchal) only red topis which signifies lower Himachal from where dhumal belongs can be seen.

CM candidates

Earlier it was not not clear in BJP who will be chief ministerial candidate for elections but BJP president declared Prem Kumar Dhumal as chief minister candidate and congress is playing will Ace card Virbhadra Singh as they have no more options.
Congress is pretty confident about victory as CM Virbhadra Singh is ready to become 7th time chief minister in age of 83.
According to some surveys Virbhadra Singh is much popular candidate for Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, whereas health minister JP Nadda is on second position.
Some important links 

Both parties are active on social media and trying to convince people of Hiamchali's Pradesh. But mood of people will come on 9th November on voting machines, and 18th on TV screens.

Himachal Pradesh elections are going to held on Nov 9 and resuls will be out on December 18th 2017. Currently in State there is vribhadra singh government. Here is the list of Richest candidates fighting in upcoming elections 2017.
Virbhadra singh's Son and Congress Candidate from Shimla Rural Vikramaditya singh Bushehr tops the list with assets totalling around Rs. 84.32 Crores. There are many politicians of congress party out of top 10 in crorepati's in upcoming elections.

Top 10 Richest Politicians in Himachal Elections 2017

Richest Candidates -HP Elections
10. Prithvi Vikram Sen - Rs. 6.85 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Kusumpti
Pritvi Vikram Sen is independent candidate from Vidhan Sabha Constituency Kusumpti, Shimla. Prithvi Vikram Sen is brother in law of Chief minister candidate of Congress party Virbhadra singh and scion of Junga Royal family. He owns commercial buildings. ` will be against current MLA from kusumpti and congress candidate Anirudh Singh and vijay jyoti sen of Bhartiya Janta Party in upcoming elections. Prithvi Vikram Sen declared assets of around 6.85 crore Rupees.

09. Anirudh Singh - Rs. 16.22 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Kusumpti
Anirudh singh is current MLA from Kusumpti constituency and he belongs to a royal family of Koti. Anirudh and his family members have stakes in Hotel and Education business. He will be against Independent candidate and brother-in-law of CM virbhadra singh and BJP candidate Vijay Jyoti sen.
Anirudh Singh declared total assets of around 16.22 Crore.

08. Maheshwar Singh - Rs. 18 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Kullu
Maheshwar singh belongs to Kullu Royal Family, and declared his total assets around 18 crore rupees. Maheshwar singh belongs to Bhartiya Janta Party and before this he was founder of Himachal Lokhit party. He is currently BJP candidate from Kullu constituency. He is king of kullu and owns his own palace and land in Kullu.
He will be against Surender singh Thakur of Bhartiya Janta Party.

07. Prakash Rana - Rs. 20.8 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : JoginderNagar
Prakash Rana is an independent candidate from Jogindernagar constituency and declared assets around Rs. 20.8 Crore. He is a businessman and owns his land in Kharar, Mandi and business in Dubai.
He is against Gulab singh Thakur of BJP and Jiwan Lal Thakur of Congress party.

06. Ashish Butail - Rs. 21.0 crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Palampur
Ashish Butail is son of Brij Bihari Lal Butail, he is fighting as a candidate of Congress party from Palampur constituency. Ashsih Butail is a youg leader and taking his family legacy forward. His father was Richest candidate in Last elections of 2012.
Ashish butail will be against Indu Gauswamy of BJP in upcoming elections. He declared his total assets around Rs. 21.0 crore.

05. Rajinder Rana - Rs. 26.7 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Sujanpur
Rajinder Rana is businessman and social worker, he is member of congress party and candidate from Sujanpur vidhan sabha constituency. Rajinder Rana is a reator and owns property in Punjab and himachal Pradesh.
Rajinder Rana will be against former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Prem Kumar Dhumal. Remember Prem kumar Dhumal is also chief ministerial candidate of BJP party in upcoming elections 2017.
Rajinder Rana declared hsi assets around Rupees 26.7 crore.

04. Virbhadra Singh -Rs. 30.5 crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Arki
Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Virbhadra Singh declared his total assests around Rs. 30.5 crore. Virbhadra singh is Six time chief minister of Himachal Pradesh and chief ministerial candidate of congress party in this election.
Virbhadra singh is congress candidate from Arki vidhan sabha seat as he left his safe seat of Shimla Rural for his son. He will be against Ratan Singh Pal of BJP.
Virbhadra singh belongs to a royal family of Bushehr. He declared his total assets around 30.5 Crore rupees.

03. Anil Sharma - Rs. 37 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Mandi
Anil Sharma of BJP declared his total assests around 37 crore rupees. Anil sharma is son of former congress leader and former union minister Sukh Ram who recently joined Bhartiya Janta Party.  Anil sharma is contesting from Mandi Vidhan Sabha and he will be against congress candidate Champa Thakur daughter of State minister Kaul singh Thakur.

02. GS Bali - Rs. 47.67 crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Nagrota
Transport minister of Himachal Pradesh and senior leader of congress party GS Bali declared total assets of around 47.67 crore rupees. GS bali is congress candidate from Nagrota. He owns mall, hospital and hotel.
GS bali will be against Arun kumar of BJP.

01. Vikramaditya singh - Rs. 84.32 Crore
Vidhan Sabha Area : Shimla Rural
Vikramaditya Singh  is richest candidate in this elections , with total assets of around 84.32 crore rupees. Vikramaditya Singh  is son of Chief minister virbhadra singh and yuvraj of Royal family of Bushehr.
Vikramditya own lands and gardens of Apples, and property in out of state also.

Rohru VidhanSabha seat is considered most safest seat for Indian national Congress party and this time Mohan Lal brakta and young lady leader of BJP Shashi Bala are against each other as this seat is reserved seat. Here you will know all update of Rohru elections ,results, opinion polls and Everything.

Shashi Bala v/s Mohan Lal Brakta
Mohan Lal Brakta is current member of legislative assembly from Rohru and he is contesting against new face of Rohru Shashi Bala. Shashi Bala was chosen as BJP candidate after a lot of discussion as she was not first choice of Bhartiya Janta Party.
Before her there were names of Arvind Dhiman, Dhirta , Bhushan Lal etc. But Shashi Bala was elected Candidate at last moment. Now MLA Mohan Lal Brakta is against Shashi Bala of BJP.


Rohru is a very beautiful city located at the banks of Pabbar River. Rohru is famous for Apples, and its natural beauty. Rohru comes under Shimla district and is at a distance of around 115 km from Shimla. Shimla is one of the most populated city in Himachal Pradesh.
In elections prospective Rohru constituency is considered as the safest seat of congress party always. Virbhadra singh won from this constituency for Five times. For BJP it was Khushi Ram Balnahtah who won in By-Poll election. He had faced Raja Virbhadra singh strongly in all elections which virbhadra singh won because of his popularity.

Rohru Vidhan Sabha seat Detail

Total Voters : 63417
Female voters : 33296
Male voters : 30121
BJP Candidate : Shashi Bala
Congress Candidate : Mohan Lal Brakta
Constituency Number : 67

List of MLA from Rohru Assembly Constituency

Election YearReservationWinner MLAWinner MLA PartyRunner UP Candidate
2012(SC)Mohan Lal BraktaINCBalak Ram Negi
2009GENKhushi Ram Bal.BJPManjit Singh Thakur
2007GENVirbhadra SinghINCKhushi Ram Balnatah
2003GENVirbhadra SinghINCKhushi Ram Balnahta
1998GENVirbhadra SinghINCKhushi Ram
1993GENVirbhadra SinghINCKhushi Ram Balnath
1990GENVirbhadra SinghINCSatya Dev Bushehari
1985GENNehar SinghINCPartap Singh Mukhiya
1982GENSatya Dev BushehariINCPratap Singh Mukhia
1977GENSatya DevJNPNehar Singh
1972GENAmrit Singh RathoreINCSatya Dev Bushahri
1951GENPadam DevINCNoopa

Mohan Lal Brakta

Name : Mohan Lal Brakta
Address : Village Kutara, Tehsil Rohru, District Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Phone Number : 9418050428
- Mohan Lal Brakta is current member of legislative assembly.
- He won by margin of 28415 votes.
- This margin was highest in history of Rohru Assembly constituency seat.
- He won against BJP candidate Balak Ram Negi in 2012 elections.
- He is trusted leader of Congress party and specially Virbhadra singh.
- At root level he was not so successful as Virbhadra singh was angry with him during his trip to rohru but he got again chance to prove himself in this election.

Shashi Bala 

Shashi bala is new candidate of BJP, she is contesting for first time for the post of Member of Legislative Assembly elections. Before her there were many names like Arvind Dhiman, Dhirta, Bhishan Lal.  
- Shashi Bala is new face in Rohru for BJP.
- BJP have played a card by nominating a Lady candidate against one time member of legislative assembly.
- BJP was confused in choosing candidate among Arvind Dhiman who joined BJP recently and before that he was active member of congress and Dhirta , who is new in politics.
- There were some more names like Bhishan Lal, President of Gram Panchayat Arhal.
After filing nomination from Rohru Shashi Bala said " She thanked party for trust on her and said  she will fullfil all expectations 

Khushi Ram Balnahtah former MLA Rohru said about Shashi Bala , that BJP have trusted a lady Candidate who did only social activities till now.
It will be interesting to see who will win this seat, as both parties are trying to convince people with their logic. But its sure it will not be a easy task for BJP candidate Shashi Bala. She needs full support from her party as well as rejected leaders like Arvind Dhiman, Rajinder Dhirta, Bhishan Lal etc. 

Jubbal Kothkhai assembly seat is one of the most important seat for both BJP and Congress in upcoming Himachal Pradesh elections 2017. Here you'll get all information of Kothkhai constituency including opinion polls, results and Interesting facts of J&K VidhanSabha area.
There are two big leaders against each other, one side it's former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Thakur Ram Lal's grandson Rohit Thakur other side it's former agriculture minister Narendra Bragta.
Rohit Thakur won last election against Narendra Bragta and he is favourite in this election too.

  • List of BJP & Congress Candidates for HP elections

Rohit Thakur v/s Narendra Bragta

Jubbal Kothkhai Constituency

Jubbal Kothkhai constituency is one of the most important and popular Constituency as it is land of one of the big leader Lt. Sh. Thakur Ram Lal ,now former agriculture minister Narendra Bragta and Rohit Thakur, grandson of  Thakur Ram Lal.
Before election status and political view it's important to know about structure of Jubbal Kothkhai Constituency.
Constituency No. : 65
Total Voters : 33649
No. of male votes : 17323
No. of Female votes : 16326
BJP candidate : Narendra Bragta
Congress Candidate : Rohit Thakur

Jubbal Kothkhai elections - 2017

In election of Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017, BJP senior leader and former Agriculture minister Narendra Bragta is against current MLA and CPC of congress party Rohit Thakur. Jubbal Kothkhai seat is always considered as safest seat of congress party. Congress party have won mostly in this seat. Congress former leader and chief minister Thakur Ram Lal won from this constituency till his death. After that Narendra Bragta won two times and Rohit Thakur won twice .

Narendra Bragta V/s Rohit Thakur

Let's compare BJP and Congress in Jubbal Kothkhai . Rohit Thakur and Narendra Bragta both are popular leaders and have strong following. But it will be interesting to see who will win in this election.
  • Rohit Thakur 
Rohit Thakur born on 14th August 1974, his grandfather was chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. Rohit Thakur also started his career as student leader and later he become active politician and won as MLA from Jubbal Kothkhai constituency in year 2003 and 2012.
He entered political arena at a very young age.
Name : Rohit Thakur
Father's Name : Sh. Jagdish Thakur
Political Party : Indian National Congress
Address : Village Potta, Post Office Dhar, Tehsil Jubbal District Shimla H.P.
Email :
Phone : 9418012127
  • Narendra Bragta 
Narendra Bragta is popular leader of Himachal Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party and won election from Jubbal Kothkhai in year 1998 as well as 2007. He was agriculture minister of state during BJP rule in year 2007.
Before Jubbal Kothkhai Constituency he was MLA from Shimla constituency also.
Narendra Bragta is one of closest leader to former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Prem Kumar Dhumal.
Name : Narendra Bragta
Email id :
Phone number : 9418250001



Both Leaders have good political experience and hold in party. Rohit Thakur is young leader and grandson of former MLA and Chief minister of HImachal Pradesh, Thakur Ram Lal, whereas Bragta is former agriculture minister of Himachal Pradesh.
Here's poll and choose your leader. Don't forget to watch video on Jubbal-Kothkhai Constituency.