Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state with 55,673 km square area(21,495 sq m) situated in North-India, which is 18th state in India union.'Himachal' name is taken from two Hindi words,'Him' and 'anchal' Which means Lap of Himalyas. Himachal Pradesh is part of Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is also known as 'Dev Bhoomi' which means 'Land of God and goddess'.
Himachal Pradesh is most peaceful and beautiful state in India, and is famous for its natural beauty.Shimla is District of Himachal Pradesh.
Himachal Pradesh is divided in 12 Districts.

Geographical View

Geaographical Location Of Himachal Pradesh
Latitude:         30' 22' 40" North to 33' 12' 40" North.
Longitudinal: 75' 45' 55" East to 79' 04' 20" East.
himachal Pradesh Map

Himachal is surrounded by National as well as International boundry.In southeast of Himachal Uttakhand , Punjab on the west, China on the east, Haryana on the southwest, and J&K on North of Himachal Pradesh.
Most Parts of Himachal is hilly but some districts are also plain areas.The state is situated at altitudes ranging from about 1,473 ft to 21,320 ft above sea level.


Total population of Himachal Pradesh is around 6,856,509 iout of which 3,473,892 males and 3,382,617 females(Census of India 2011) and density of Himachal pradesh is around123 per square km. This population is 0.57 % of India's total population, gaining a growth of 12.81 per cent. Himachal Pradesh has a literacy rate of 83.78 per cent and gender ratio at 974/1000, according to the 2011 Census figures.

The main communities in the state are Rajputs, Rathis, Brahmins and Ghirth. Himachal has a good number of population of Tibetans as the Mcleodganj is the capital of Tibetan Govt, Other religions that contain a small percentage are Buddhism and Sikhism.

Districts in Himachal Pradesh

There are 12 Districts in Himachal Pradesh as given below.

Data According to Census 2011
    • Shimla
      • Population- 814,010
        Sex Ratio- 915
        Literacy-83.64 %
    • Solan
      • Population - 580,320
        Sex Ratio - 880
        Literacy - 83.68%
    • Kangra
      • Population - 1,510,07
        Sex Ratio -1012
        Literacy-85.67 %
    • Bilaspur
      • Population - 381,956
        Sex Ratio - 981
        Literacy-84.59 %
    • Mandi
      • Population - 999,777
        Sex Ratio - 1007
        Literacy - 81.53 %
    • Hamirpur
      • Population - 454,768
        Sex Ratio - 1095
        Literacy - 88.15 %
    • Una
      • Population- 521,173
        Sex Ratio-976
        Literacy-86.53 %
    • Chamba
      • Population- 519,080
        Sex Ratio-986
        Literacy-72.17 %
    • Lahul and Spiti
      • Population- 31,564
        Sex Ratio-903
        Literacy-76.81 %
    • Sirmaur
      • Population- 529,855
        Sex Ratio-918
        Literacy-78.80 %
    • Kullu
      • Population- 437,903
        Sex Ratio-942
        Literacy-79.40 %
    • Kinnaur
      • Population- 84,121
        Sex Ratio-819
        Literacy-80.00 %
The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla, which was summer capital of India during Britishers Government.
A District in Himachal is an Administrative Unit which is Headed By Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate which is a Indian Administrative officer.
    • Sub-Divisions
      • 55
    • Tehsils
      • 82
    • Sub-Tehsils
      • 35
    • Development Blocks
      • 77
    • Panchayats
      • 3,243
    • Zila Parishad
      • 12
Rajya Sabha  - 3
No. of Parliament Constituencies Lok Sabha     - 4


Hindi is the official language of Himachal Pradesh. But most of Himachali speaks Pahari Language in everyday conversation.there are more than 30 languages in Himachal. English language is also used for govt. work. Around 90 percent of Himachali speaks Hindi language.Punjabi is also spoken in some region.
The most important thing about language is that there is some minor change in language after some km of distance,which is very rare to see.


The most number of population in Himachal Pradesh is hindu .Around 95% population belongs to hindu community. But there are some others religion in some percentage as around 2% muslims, 1.5% sikh.There are some percentage of people belong to buddhism, jainism etc.


Tourism is one of the major contributor of economy.There are so many tourist places in Himachal. These places not only attract people from Different parts of India but also every year Thousands of Visitors from all over the world visits Himachal Pradesh.
The states is blessed with so many landscape and variety of topographic feature that attract visitors to come again and again.
Activities For Tourists
State is famous for activities like Paragliding, horse riding, ice skating, skiing ,fishing ,boating etc.
Facility of rafting and mount climbing also available in state to attract more and more visitors every year.

Movies shooted in State

Himachal is not famous among visitors or tourists, Its also a perfect place for movie makers and bollywood.
Many bollywood movies had been shooted here in himachal like Roja, jab we met, heena, veer zara, highways and ye jawani hai deewani.
Latest superhit movie bang bang shooting also took place in Himachal Pradesh.
 Himachal Hosted first Paragliding world cup successfully.

Lakes and Rivers

There are so many small and big Rivers as well as Lakes but some major Lakes and Rivers are

Rivers in Himachal Pradesh
Sutlej,  Beas, Ravi, Parbati and Chenab

Lakes in Himachal Pradesh
Renuka Lake,  Sreolsar,Riwalsar, Khajjiar, Dal Lake, Beas Kund, Dasaur, Nako Lake ,Mani Mahesh, Brighu, Prashar,  Chander Tal, Suraj Tal, Kareri, Gobind Sagar.

 There is facility of Air ,Railways as well as Road Transportation facility in Himachal.
Air Transportation - Bhuntar, Gaggal and Shimla Airport are three airports which connects state with cities like Chandigarh and Delhi.

Railway Transportation - There is Kalka Shimla Railway which is recognized as World heritage by UNESCO.Pathankot -jogindernagar is also one of the railway transportation route.
shimla-kalka railway_world heritage

Road Transportation

Maximum number of people travel through roads. The state has around 30,000 km long network,including  8 National Highways and 19 State highways. But sometime there's difficulty with road network due to snowfall.


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