Himachal consists of twelve administrative districts and one of them is Kinnaur. Kinnaur is around 240 km from state capital Shimla. Kinnaur is located in north east of Himachal and bordering to Tibet to the east at attitude ranging between 2319 to 6815 m. It is situated on the NH- 22 also known as Hindustan Tibet Road.The old Hindustan tibet road passes through the Kinnaur valley along Sutlej.
Kinnaur is one of the smallest district in Himachal (Population wise).
There are three high mountains ranges, namely
1. Zanskar 
2. Himalyas
3. Dhauladhar 
beautiful kalpa in kinnaur

These high mountains ranges surrounds valleys of sutlej, spiti ,baspa and there tributaries.
Kinnaur is famous for kinnaur kailash mountain a mountain sacred to Hindus, close to the Tibetan border.

Kinnaur is not only famous for its natural beauty but its equally famous for lifestyle of people, dresses arts and crafts of kinnauri people.

Kinnaur ditrict

Kinnaur district which is one of the smallest district in india by population means, divided into three administrative areas –
1. Kalpa
2. Pooh
3. Kalpa, and Nichar

Tehsils in Kinnaur District

1. Nichar
2. Kalpa
3. Sangla
4. Morang
5. Poo
6. Hangrang
The administrative headquarter of Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo.

DC Kinnaur Contact Information

DC Office Complex,
Kinnaur at Reckong Peo
E-Mail Address : dc-kin-hp@nic.in
Phone Number- 01786-222252


Population - Around 84,300 (46k male and 38300 female)
Population growth- 7.39 %
According to population Kinnaur district rank around 620th out of 640 districts of India.
Literacy Rate- 80.76%
Sex Ratio- 818 Females for every 1000 males.


Mostly Kinnauris spoken in Kinnaur district but Hindi, English, Tibetian are understood and spoken by the people linked in tourism trade.


Temperature in this region is very plesant.Its very high winters around october to may and short summers from june to september.The lower parts around sutlej and baspa recieves monsoon rains.

People of Kinnaur

Most of Kinnauri people belongs to hindu community but due to border attached to tibet there is enough number of Buddhist people.Most of people believe in both these religion ,and this can be understood with flag on many houses of these both communities.People in kinnaur district are very simple and agriculture is main occupation of kinnaur.

Kinnaur is famous for kinnauri apple equally as famous for mount kailash.
Kinnaur district is divided in groups of Gujjars , Rjaputs(kanet) and SC.

Food in Kinnaur

Agriculture is main occupation of kinnauri people.Food like wheat, barley ,ogal and pulses like Rajmah, mash, Black peas etc are produced in this region. Kinnaur is also famous for apple all over the world.
kinnaur-manali highway

Best places to visit in Kinnaur

  • Kalpa
  • Sangla
  • Recong peo
  • Chango
  • Chitkul
  • Pangi
  • Leo
  • Lippa
  • Moorang
  • Riba etc.

Temples in kinnaur

Chandika Kothi mandir
Mathi temple chitkul
Maheshwar mandir Sungra
Chango temple chango.

Nearest Railway Station- Shimla
Nearest Airport- Bhuntar(Kullu)


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