Himachal, Devbhoomi is built on foundation of wide diversity like India.With time state has changed so much, but its multicultural, multirelional and multilanguage quality is same.Hindu people are in majority but there is plentiful reprentation of buddhism, Christians, islam as well as sikkhism.Hindu community which stays in majority includes brahmins, rajput,Rathis and Kolis, Kannets.
Most of the Himachali lives in rural area with a marginal population in urban area.Rural area people depends on farming and livestock.
Some popular languages spoken in Himachal are hindi,dogri,mandiali, kinnauri,kullvi ,pahari, punjabi etc
himachal people lifestyle

Lifestyle of Himachali People

Himachal is same as other states in India having wide diversity, around 95% population belongs to hindu community. There is ample representation of other religion. Some areas in Lahaul and Spiti , dharmshala and shimla are famous for Buddhism. The majority of Buddhist population since the area is located near Tibet.
 Though Hindi is state language still most of himachali in rural as well as urban area.
Agriculute is main occupation of himachali people, but educated people have started moving towards urban areas.
As per tradition Brahmins used to wear dhoti kurta, coat,waistcoat ,turban/himachali cap and hand towel while rajput used to wear tight fitting chudidar pyjama's and a long woolean coat.
With time dresses style is getting mixed as some traditional and some western.
In himachal houses are built with wood, clay bricks and roof with slates, but now slates are replaced with steel plates.

Dance and Music

Himachal is famous for its songs and cultural activities.Local music and dance specifies culture of devbhoomi himachal Pradesh.The music and dance implore to gods and goddess in local festivals and fairs. Naati is one of the famous of them which is vocal music with local music instruments like dhol, nagada ,Karnal and Shehnai.etc.
Himachali dance and music varied from region to region and is complex.
Mahasavi , chambyali, kullavi, kinnauri, lahaulli etc are different flavors of himachal's local music.
Some of famous dance types are

Fairs and Festivals

Himachal also called as Devbhoomi which means land of gods. Every year there is festivals and fairs in every region of state.Most interesting thing about these fairs is every village have there own fair every year (vary region to region).
But some of the famous festivals are
    • Kullu Dussehra
      • Kullu
    • Shivratri Fair
      • Mandi
    • Minjar Fair
      • Chamba
    • Mani Mahesh Chhari Yatra
      • Chamba
    • Renuka Fair
      • Sirmaur
    • Lavi Trade Fair
      • Rampur (Shimla)
    • Vrajeshwari fair
      • Kangra
    • Jawalamukhi Fair
      • Jawalamukhi 
    • Holi Fair
      • Sujanpur
    • Shivratri Fair
      • Mandi
    • Naina Devi Fair
      • Bilaspur
    • Rohru Fair
      • Rohru (Shimla)

Arts and Crafts

Himachal is also famous for its handcrafts items.Every years thousands people visits to buy these items from all over the world.talent and hard work of himachali people reflects with there art and craft. Himachali caps(Topi) and himachali shawls are famous.The carpets, shawls, woodwork and paintings are worth appreciating. Pashmina shawls are a product that is highly in demand in Himachal and all over the country.



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