A district with most of population living in village, mostly mountain and rural area.The great khali, mohit chauhan and founder of himachal belongs to this district, Its sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.
 Nahan is headquater of District Sirmaur. Sirmaur District includes shivalik fossil park , where fossils of over millions of years have been found.
Nahan Fort Sirmaur

Demographic View

Sirmaur District have area around 2830 km square located in the most south eastern part of himachal. According to census 2011 population of Sirmaur is around 5, 29,855 with density of 188/ km square.Sex ration is around 918 and literacy rate is 78.80.


Agriculture is main source of income here.Farmer produce fruits like mango ,apples as well as Peach. Sirmaus is known for best peach thats why called as peach bowl.Potato ,ginger and tomato is also produced in sirmaur district.
There is fruit research center in Paonta sahib sirmaur.

Administrative View

Headquarter- Nahan
Assembly Seats- 5
Number of Tehsils- 6
Number of panchayats- 228

Tehsils and Sub divisions in Sirmaur District

  • Nahan
  • Rajgarh
  • Paonta Sahib
  • Shillai 
  • Sangrah
  • Pachhad
  • Nahan 
  • Rajgarh
  • Paonta Sahib
  • Shillai 
  • Sangrah
Contact Address of DC Sirmaur
Deputy Commissioner,
Sirmaur at Nahan-173001
Email Address- dc-sir-hp@nic.in

People,Lifestyle and Culture

In siramur different religious people stays together, but hindu community is in big number. There are a good number of muslims as well as sikh people.
Sirmauri people uised to worship lord called devtas in that region.
Bishu fair is most famous fair and celebrated all over sirmaur.
Thoda dance, Nati, Gee, Rasa and Budhechu are some famous dance style of sirmaur district.Agriculture is main occupation of sirmaur.

Rivers in Sirmaur

  • Yamuna
  • giri
  • Markanda
  • Bata
  • Tons
  • Ghaggar
The giri river which originates from giriganga jubbal/kothkhai is the main river of sirmaur district.It joins Yamuna River near Paonta Sahib.

Pride Of Sirmaur District

Sirmaur had given so many famous personalities in different Fields, Some of them are Creator of himachal Dr. YS Parmar first chief minister of HImachal Pradesh was born in village Bagthan, Dilip singh rana who is known as one of the strongest man on the earth wwe champion The Great Khali is also from sirmaur district. Khali belongs to Shillai Sub-division.One more famous pride of this district is Bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan.There are so many people in defense from this district one of them is Lt Col JS chauhan  and Star Rakesh pandey also belongs to sirmaur district.
Churdhar Shiva Sirmaur

Tourists Places

Some of the famous tourist places in sirmaur district are
1. Churdhar
2. Renuka ji
3. Sarahan
4. Rajgarh
5. Paonta sahib
6. Nahan
7. Shivalik Fossil Park
8. Jaitak fort
9. Haripur dhar

Nearest Railway Station- Ambala Cantt
Nearest AirPort- Chandigarh


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