Chail  is one of the most famous tourist place in Himachal. Chail is exotic place of Himachal Pradesh. Chail is famous for Chail palace, kali ka tiba, Cricket Ground and many more. This place attracts visitors every year with its beauty. Chail is a small village near Shimla with  surrounded lush forest and views of the snow-covered Himalayas.


Highest cricket ground Chail
Highest Cricket Ground Chail Himachal Pradesh
In year 1891 during time of Britishers in India,Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala suffers anger of Lord Kitchener which led to restriction of his entry in Shimla (Indian summer capital at that time). So he built place named Chail for himself.
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh donated his most of buildings to Military school(chail) and GOI(govt of India).


Chail is located in District Solan at an altitude of 2,250 m which is around 7,300 ft. Chail is Located almost at same distance from Solan District and well as shimla district. Chail is located in between boundary of Rajgarh, Pandava and Siddh Tibba hills. The place is surrounded by forest of deodars and chir. Shimla, kasauli and solan can be seen at night time from here.

Weather and Climate Of Chail

Temperature of Chail during summers is around 15°C to 20°C.Which can go maximum upto 25°C during mostly in March to July. This time is best to visit this exotic place of Himachal Pradesh.
Monsoon season in Chail continues June and ends in September and the rain is average during this time.
Minimum temperature during December to February is around -1 or -3 degree Celsius.

Tourist attractions/ Places in Chail

  • Maharaja's Palace in Chail
This palace was built in 1891 by maharaja Bhupinder Singh.This palace is known for its architecture.
This palace was built with huts and cottages, lawns, children park etc.
  • Sidh baba temple(Sidh baba ka mandir)
Maharaja starts building his palace from this place and It is said there that sidh which is a saintly person appeared in his dreams and asked to build a temple.
  • Cricket Ground
This is the highest cricket ground in the world and is at around 2,445 m.It is used by military school chail. This ground was built in year 1893.This is used as polo ground also during vacations time of military academy.
  • Wildlife Sanctury
Wildlife sanctury located at sadhupul chail, covers near about 11000 hectares area.hail sanctuary has ghoral, kakkar, sambhar,red jungle fowl, khalij and cheer etc.
  • Sadhupul
This is also a perfect destination, and famous among students and used as a picnic spot.This is located in between kandaghat and chail village and bridge on the Ashwani stream.
  • Chail Military School
Chail Military School is one of the five Military Schools in India. Around 300 cadets from all over India are groomed to be the future leaders of country.This building was donated by Maharaja to govt of India.
  • Kali ka tibba and lovers point are also center of attraction in Chail.
kali ka tibba chail
Kali ka Tibba Chail Himachal Pradesh
How to reach Chail?

  • Air

Nearest Airport : Shimla and Chandigarh.

  • Road
Chail is connected by road and is at distance of around 42 km from shimla and 60 km from kandaghat
  • Railway
Nearest Railway station- Shimla and Kandaghat

Adventure Activities

Bamboo Bridge Adventure Activities
Rock Rappelling
Burma Bridge
Tyre Bridge


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