Dharmshala , has been declared as second capital after Shimla of Himachal Pradesh. Virbhadra Singh played a masterstroke after he declared Dharmshala as winter Capital of Himachal Pradesh. With this decision of Chief minister Himachal Pradesh became second state after Jammu and Kashmir which have two capitals . Virbhadra Singh called this decision as must decision for People of lower Himachal and people of Kangra, Hamirpur etc.
But question arises is this right decision or just a political stunt to gain votes of Lower Himachal Pradesh?

Dharmshala Deserves status of second Capital : Virbhadra Singh

Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh said on announcement of Dharmshala as second capital of Himachal Pradesh after shimla , that Dharamshala is an important places and have great history behind it. He said Dharmshala is home of Tibeti Guru Dalai Lama. So Dharmshala deserves status of winter capital.
Virbhadra Singh said that Dharmshala is known for its culture, politics, nature, tourism etc . This decision was to benefit people of Kangra, Hamirpur, Una and lower himachal.
Statements of Political leader on this announcement
  • Kaul Singh Thakur
State transport minister and senior congress leader from Nagrota, Kaul singh Thakur supported this decision and said that government should start work from February onwards.
  •   Kaul Singh Thakur
State health minister Kaul singh thakur said out of party line and said second capital don't benefit people .
  • Vikas Sharma, BJYM Hamirpur
Hamirpur BJYM media chief Vikas Sharma said Congress party should think about unemployed people and not about fake announcements.
  • Shakun Mankotia, Congress secretary Dharmshala
Congress leader and urban secretary of Dharmshala Shakun Mankotia said it's shameful for those who are opposing this decision. He said people are happy with this announcement and congress will organise 'Thank rally' for Chief minister.

Is Dharmshala as capital Political Stunt or not?

This question will arise because BJP and Congress used to raise this issue again and again before elections.To gain lower himachal votes both these parties keeps announcing and raising this issue again and again. Earlier BJP raises this issue and also Legislative assembly. Congress started legislative session in Dharmshala and now congress announced Dharmshala as capital of Himachal Pradesh.
But this is also true and both these political parties should think that with legislative assembly session in Dharmshala , lots of money is wasted . Money that should be spent on development of Himachal , this is consumed by these two parties in political benefit. 

Why Dharmshala not other City as Second capital ?

To make Dharmshala as capital starts from the time of Britishers around 155 years ago. British governor General Lord Elgin came Dharmshala in year 1852 and request. British government to make Dharmshala as Summer capital. But Britishers like Shimla , so choose it as Summer capital . With death of Lord Elgin this issues dies with him. 
BJP raises this issue again in last elections and now congress has declared Dharmshala as second capital.


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