Dharamshala cricket ground , one of the beautiful ground located at god's city himachali. But it's unfortunate people of state always miss cricket action because of political leaders and bad politics of himachali Pradesh.
Ipl 2016 matches in dharmshala

What happened this time?

IPL is running in India and this is cricket league season, but himachal is facing political issues with HPCA . HPCA was hosting IPL matches but now three matches has been shifted to mohali which earlier Himachali cricket association was hosting.Remember every year HPCA hosts IPL matches and it is home ground for kings XI Punjab.Now matches of 7th , 9th and 15th may matches will held in Mohali cricket ground.

Is this first time match has been shifted???

No, it's not first time that matches has been shifted earlier high voltage match between India verses Pakistan was shifted to Kolkata due to security issues mentioned by himachali government.

Political views of parties on this issue 

  • Sudhir sharma, Rural Development minister Himachal Pradesh (congress party)
"Cm virbhadra Singh had given assurance of full security inside and outside of ground, even assured entertainment tax free matches. Matches has been shifted because of HPCA not government of himachal pradesh."
  • Anurag thakur, bcci secretary, HPCA president (bjp)
"Looking at old incident of India-pakistan match we have asked government to give assurance about security in written for these IPL matches. But even after 1 week government have not replied so this shows negative response of government for IPL matches."

HPCA and Bjp is saying government is not giving assurance about security but Cm had publicly announced to give security for all matches in himachali earlier .

What's our view on this issue ???

Himstates feels on this issue that both parties are trying to capture public votes with this issue. Congress is trying to show people of himachal that they are against the work culture of HPCA and they are not against cricket, whereas BJP is trying to counter Bjp with allegations that congress party doesn't support cricket in state. But all-over both parties are fighting for votes, one is fighting to be 7th time CM and other is trying to make his father next CM.
But himstates want to advise them ,more than politics you should focus on people of himachali.


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