Una is one district of out of 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh.Una district shares boundary with 4 districts two of himachal and rest two of neighbour state Punjab. These districts are kangra in North and Hamirpur in east, whereas Hoshiarpur in west and rupnagar in south of Una district.
Una is basically low hills district due to which it is one of the main hub of industries in Himachal Pradesh.
Una is state for movement to Dharamshala, Kullu Manali ,Jawalamukhi etc.
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Until 1st November, 1966 was one of the tehsil of the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab later it was transferred to Himachal Pradesh. Till 1972 it continued to remain as tehsil of the then Kangra district. On the 1st September,1972 the Himachal Pradesh Government reorganized  Kangra district into three districts (Una, Hamirpur and Kangra).

Administrative View

Headquaters-    Una
Sub-Divisions - 4(Una,Amb,Haroli,Bangana)
Tehsils-              4(Una,Amb,Haroli,Bangana)
Sub- Tehsils-     3(Bharwain, Ispur  &  Jol)
Development Blocks-5 (Una, Amb, Gagret, Dhundla & Haroli)
Panchayats-      around 235
Villages-            around 866
Assembly segments- 5(Una, Haroli, Gagret, Kutlehar, Chintpurni)

Contact address of DC una

Email id- dc-una-hp@nic.in
Phone number-01975-225800.

Geographic and Demographic view

Una district is located at an altitude of 250 meters to 1210 meters southern of Himachal Pradesh. Latitude of una district is around 31 degrees 17'52" - 31 degrees 52'0"(North) and Longitude is around 75 degrees 58'2" - 76 degrees 28'25"(East).
Baba Garib Nath
According to census 2011 total area of Una district is around 1550 sq kms, out of which around 184 sq kms is forest area.Population of Una district is around 5 lakh in which male and females are almost in equal proportion.
Sex ratio- 977/1000.
Literacy Rate-87% (Male around 92% whereas female literacy around 81%).

People, Language and Culture

Most number of people in Una district belongs to Hindu community around 92% belongs to Hindu community whereas other are in small percentage as Sikhism in 4% and rest Islam and Christianity in some amount.
Language mostly spoken in Una district is Punjabi , Hindi and unnavi(pahari language of una)
Culture and tradition of Una district is mixed , some Punjabi touch and some Pahari. This is mostly because most of region of Una district is bordered with Punjab.

Climate and Economy

Due to located in plane area una district is very hot in summers and temperature is maximum around 45 degrees and min during winters is around -3 degrees .
 Best source of Economy of this region is agriculture and people used to grow potato ,cabbage, ginger, Cucumber and lady finger etc whereas fruits grown here are  Guava, Pear(Nashpati) etc.

Fairs and Festivals

1. Hola Mohalla Fair: February-March
2. Sawan Ashtmi Fair: July-August
3. Paanch Bhisham Fair: On Guru Nanak Birthday
4. Piplu Fair: June
5. Pir Nigah Fair:  Una Every Thursday
6. Gugga Fair Chaksarai: Aug-Sept
Chintpurni Devi
1. Prakash Utsav : on Birthday of Baba Sahib Singh Ji
2. Baisakhi Festival

How to reach Una?

Railway Transportaion
Una railway station
Nearest airport to Una is Chandigarh

Road transportation
Distance from Chandigarh- 122 kms
Distance from Delhi -         367 kms
Distance from Shimla-        180 kms.


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