Congress vice president celebrated his 46th birthday. Rahul Gandhi is son of former prime minister rajeev Gandhi and present congress president sonia Gandhi's son.
He became MP first time in 2004. In January 2013 he became vice president of national  congress party.

Report card of congress vice president Rahul Gandhi

Congress lost election in these states

2012 : Up, Punjab, Gujarat, Goa
2013 : Tripura, Nagaland, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh.
2014 : Loksabha election, Maharashtra, Haryana, jharkhand , Jammu and Kashmir (lost all election)
2015 : Delhi
2016 : Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, tamilnadu

Congress won in these states under Rahul Gandhi's leadership

2012 : Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur
2013 : Karnataka, Mizoram, Meghalaya
2015 : Bihar with rjd and jdu
2016 : Pudducherry

This time congress in just himachal , manipur, mizoram, uttrakhand, karnataka. Only 7% of Indian population lives in congress ruling states.
Being a oldest party in India , now only in 7% is real concern for rahul Gandhi and congress party. 

Coming UP and punjab election big challenge for Rahul Gandhi

Now in 2016 there is no more elections left. But 2017 will be a big challenge for Rahul Gandhi and congress party.
In 2017 all parties will be in action in Punjab , Himachal, UP, Manipur , Goa and gujrat.
In gujrat and Goa elections will be in the end of year but UP and Punjab elections will be biggest challenge for Rahul Gandhi.

Priyanka vadra can be ace in pack for Rahul in UP

In UP it is expected priyanka vadra can be biggest ace for congress party. She is only one who can save rahul in UP. From 2012 to now 28 elections were faught under his leadership and won only 7.


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