Politics is not about truth , a perfect example of this comes in delhi politics. When alka laamba got punished for truth. For this truth she lost her spokesperson 's post. 

What is whole issue of alka laamba ?

Actually alka lost her post for a statement which she gave on transport minister Gopal rai. She gives statement leaving party line and said party chief Arvind kejriwal asked gopal rai to resign. That's why he resigned. According to alka gopal rai had allegations of corruption and ACB had filed FIR on him

How party stand different from alka laamba?

On this issue aam aadmi party sgand totally different from former spokesperson alka laamba. Aam aadmi party said gopal rai resigned according to his wish. He have health issues that is why gopal rai resigned. But after different statement from party line alka lost her spokesperson post.

What is corruption charges on Gopal Rai?

Gopal rai who was former transportation minister of Delhi government. He got so much praise for odd even program but he had some corruption charges, he had allegations to benefit any app based company. Case is under investigation of ACB.

Who is alka laamba ?

Alka laamba is aam aadmi party MLA , she is former DU president also. Alka laamba was was head in Varanasi when Arvind kejriwal was fighting election in 2014 . She is seen most of time on TV debating for aam aadmi party. But this time she got punished for truth.
Aam aadmi was seeming as a good option in indian politics but this party is also same as other parties. They can do anything for votes and politics, and demotion of alka laamba.


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