Himachal chief minister Virbhadra Singh present himself in front of CBI for further investigation on corruption charges on Himachal Chief minister Virbhadra Singh. Virbhadra Singh have charges of money laundering.
He had charges of money laundering being central steel minister    

  • Virbhadra couldn't answer CBI's question on thursday: sources

According to sources when cbi shows evidence in front of Virbhadra Singh and asked questions he coucouldn't answer any of them.
Virbhadra Singh reached at 10 am in front of cbi. He reached there in his black Skoda car. 

  • CBI have enough evidence against pratibha  Singh and her son  :officer

According to an officer CBI have got enough evidences against chief minister his wife and son.
Sources says Virbhadra have taken responsibility on his shoulder to explain  about property of his wife and son.

  • What is whole issue of money laundering case on Virbhadra singh.

On 23rd Dec 2015 a case of money laundering was registered on Virbhadra Singh and his family. He had allegations of money laundering of 6.3 crores of money during 2009 to 2011 when he was central Minister.  CBI have raided his 11 places earlier this year.

Cm Virbhadra in front of cbi
It's not first time that Virbhadra have been asked on this issue. CBI raided his place in shimla .  
Important thing to know about his issue is this issue is of between 2009 to 2011 at the time of congress government. But CBI start investigating on year 2015 at the time of BJP government. So this looks as political agenda also.



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