Anil kumble great indian bowler and former captain is now Indian cricket team coach. Problems for anil kumble are so many and one of them is West Indies tour of Indian cricket team.
Kumble won race of coach by beating Ravi shastri former director of Indian cricket team.

How kumble become coach of Indian cricket team

Anil kumble came in coach race very late .Before him former team director Ravi shashtri was on top in race. Other than him sandeep patil , Daniel vetori, Jason Gillespie were in cricket team coach. But out of 21 Anil kumble was selected for Indian team coach. Total 57 persons applied for coach post ,out of which 21 was selected. 

Top names that were in race of cricket team coach

Its always a big achievement for a person to be a part of BCCI and india n cricket team.That is the reason 57 candidates applied for this post in this top names were Ravi shashtro, Anil kumble, vikram rathore , sandeep patil, Praveen amre, balvinder sandhu, venketesh prasad, rishikesh kanitkar and Stuart law.
In foreign players there were some big names as Jason Gillespie, Shane warne, Daniel vitoori etc.

Three men team selected kumble as coach

Three stars of Indian cricket team ,Sachin, saurav and very very special laxman select 21 names out of which kumble was declared as coach of team India.
Sources says out of these three 2 were in support of kumble and 1 for shashtri.
After this there was a chit chat fight with ganguly and shararti.


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