Good news for patients of igmc.Now patients can make slip online on Igmc official website
Like Pgi Chandigarh number one medical college and hospital Indira Gandhi medical college shimla has started their online slip system.
Igmc shimla online registration

How you can make Igmc patient slip online and what are conditions?

To make patient slip online you have to go on Igmc official website .
While making slip online patient have to add their number and after that it will needed to stamped in opd.
After that only slip will be valid.
This facility will be available only till 1:30 PM.
Condition for online slip is , after making online slip patient have to come hospital within 15 days . After fifteen days slip will not be valid.

Patient have to give their number : Dr Ramesh chand

Senior doctor Ramesh chand said this service is just like pgi chandigarh. In this while making slip online patient have to add unique number. Within 15 days this number can't be used twice.
Only 20 slips will be available for medicine and ortho and surgery and 10 slips in cardiology, pulmonary medicine, skin, eye and ENT opd. 

Who was present in meeting ?

In meeting administration officer Dr anjali Chauhan, paediatrics chief Dr Ashwani sood, Dr ML pandey , Dr Arvind kadoria of cardiology, NK mohindru of ENT , anil malhotra of surgery, bhupesh uniyal were available in meeting.

Official website of Igmc Shimla


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  1. It's good initiative ...
    Finally our state is becoming digitalised.