Punjab politics is in interesting phase, Political dynamos are coming one after other in Punjab to show there power. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-president declared Captain Amrinder singh as Chief minister candidate of Punjab in Majitha Rally in upcoming Punjab elections. Aam Aadmi party is not behind Congress party, CM candidate is not declared but in party manifesto Arvind kjriwal declared that vice-chief minister of Punjab will be from minority.Today in Patiala constituency of Captain Amrinder Singh, Aam aadmi party leader and Chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal did road show. Prime minister modi also addressed rally in Punjab and attacked congress party. Modi called Congress party as Sinking ship.
Rahul Gandhi Declared Amrinder singh as chief minister candidate in presence of Navjot Singh Sindhu.

Main points of Majitha rally of Rahul Gandhi

- Amrinder Singh will be Chief minister of Punjab.
- 70 % of youth in punjab are drug addict.
- Congress will make strong law against drug in Punjab.
- Arvind kejriwal want to become CM of Punjab also.
- What work Aam Aadmi party did in Delhi, that they are asking for votes in Punjab.They could not fulfil their promises.
- Badal family had ruined life of Punjab.
- Modi ji talks about Religion and Corruption , but how can he talk about these things with Shiromani Akali Dal and Sukhbir Singh badal.
- Most of business and Transport are of just one family.

Main Points of Jalandhar Rally of Narendra Modi

  • Some People are diminishing image of Punjab for personal interest and making bad image of youth of Punjab.
  • Congress party is Thrashing about for power , so trying to make bad image of punjab in country as well as world. Punish them who are trying to make bad image of Punjab.
  • India Trust on Punjab and people of Punjab.Punjab progressed with unity of Hindu and Sikhs.
  • No body knows what is congress wishing , what they want to do . They are like a sinking boat and no body would like to sit in sinking boat.
  • Congress party imprecate Samajwadi party in Uttar- Pradesh and now they are alliance with them. Congress party is past now.
  • More than 150 Crore Rs. got from congress leader but congress did not said even a single word on that.
  • NDA government have cleared pending loan of farmers.
  • OROP costs more than 10,000 crore rupees but our government did that. Congress did not cleared OROP from last 40 year.
  • In two years problem of Urea had been solved.
  • Solution of all problems is in Development,If want to do politics do politics of development.
  • We are fighting against black money and corruption ,but some people are disturbed with that.

Aam Aadmi Party Manifesto for Punjab elections 

- Free test in health clinic
- 5 rupees full plate food like Amma kitchen in Tamilnaduin all Districts and small towns.
- Up to 2 Lakh rupee loan for Minority people of Punjab.
- Free Laptops for students above 8th Class.
- Farmers will get relief on loan up to 5 lakhs rupees.
- Vice-Cm will be from minority.
- End of Property tax, 5 Lac cashless health insurance for treatment in Private hospital.
- Leaders involved in Drugs business will be behind bars and their property will be seized.
- All Farmers in Punjab will be loan free till 2018.
- AAP MLA's and Ministers will not use Laal Batti Gaadi.
- Employment for 25 Lakh people of punjab.
- Drug free Punjab within one month .
- Old age, Widow and Handicapped pension will increased from 500 Rs, to 2000 Rs.

Politics on movie Udta Punjab is still continued, but one party aam aadmi party have joined this politics now.
One side Punjab government is linking aam aadmi party with sameer nayar whereas aam aadmi party is calling it just a political stunts of Punjab government.
Udta punjab co producer sameer
Question is when producer of udta Punjab movie Anurag kashyap already said that he do not want Politics on movie. Than why aam aadmi party is trying to support udta Punjab. Answer is very simple aam aadmi party and kejriwal want to benefit in Punjab Politics with this movie.
Co producer of movie udta punjab is aam aadmi party worker: Education minister punjab
Punjab education minister daljeet Singh cheema blamed CO producer of movie udta Punjab and said he is active member and worker of aam aadmi party.
He tried to prove this by showing old tweets of Arvind kejriwal in whih he welcomed sameer nayar in his party.  
Sameer nayar replied his tweet and said he will keep working for party.
Not only sameer nayar , whole India is our: Kejriwal
Delhi Chief minister Arvind kejriwal said not only sameer nayar but whole India is our. He totally ignored question on sameer nayar. He said dharmender , amitabh and madhuri all are our.  
Why level of kejriwal and aam aadmi politics is decreasing?
Kejriwal is not focusing on movie for Punjab elections but for Punjab elections he comes with a teachers notification for  Punjabi people only.
He also announced a bridge name on Sikh. So question arises why everything this time.
Aam aadmi party is using delhi people moneu in punjab: bjp
Bjp said Delhi government and Arvind kejriwal is misusing money of Delhi people. They are investing Delhi people money to win Punjab election.
Aam aadmi Party and all other parties are trying to capture each and every issue for there own benefit.



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