Prime minister Modi had his first interview after being elected as prime minister to any private channel.This interview was taken by famous news anchor and reporter Arnab goswami. But this is not the whole story, kapil sibbal had questioned this interview of Modi.He said Modi should face their reporters. With this question are rising that who are their reporters that kapil sibbal is talking about? Question is that who is reporters of congress party???
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What is whole issue of Modi's interview to arnab

Actually this whole issue started when narendra Modi prime minister of India gives interview to times now editor in chief and star reporter Arnab Goswami.
After this interview congress party leader kapil sibbal tweeted and said Modi should answer our reporters also.He said Modi should attend a press conference and answer to our reporters.

Tweet with congress official account

Statement of kapil sibbal was officially tweeted by congress party.As this tweeter comes, kapil sibbal and congress party was on target of each individual on social media. People start asking who are congress supported reporters.

 Which TV channel and reporter are supposed as congress supporter

This is not first time that this question have been arrived that who is congress party supporter reporter. Many TV channels and reporters are called as congress supporter.As news 24 is of Anuradha prasad wife of congress leader rajiv shukla.abp news and ndtv most of time is seen in full support of congress party.Barkha dutt , ravish Kumar etc are also called as congress supporter reporter. This is really shameful as media is supposed as third puller of democracy and when media run news in support of any party this is really shameful.


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