Pride of Himachal - Ajay Thakur

Ajay Thakur, inventor of 'Frog jump', belongs to Himachal Pradesh, is one of the top raider of Indian kabaddi team. Ajay Thakur is Indian kabaddi international player.He proved his skills and stardom in Asian games and specially in pro kabaddi.
His action in kabaddi world cup is going on in 2016. There are two super 10 in first 4 matches.
Ajay thakur himachal pradesh

Profile of Ajay Thakur | kabaddi Player

Name: Ajay Thakur
Father's Name: Chotu Ram
Mother's Name: Rajinder Kaur
Date of birth: 1 may 1986
Birth place: Dabhota, Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh, India
School: Sant Isher Singh Public School, Mohali, Punjab
College/University:  Government Post Graduate College, Nalagarh.

Biography/family of Ajay Thakur

Ajay Thakur born on may 1, 1986, in Dabhota Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh. His father sh. Chotu ram was ex-serviceman in police department and was wrestler and state level kabaddi player whereas his mother Rajinder Kaur is a teacher.

Career of Ajay Thakur | kabaddi player

Ajay Thakur one of the top five raiders of Indian team as well as pro kabaddi league. He represented Air India in industrial national championship.
He played for Banguluru bulls for first two years and Now he is part of Puneri Paltan.

Stats of Pro kabaddi of Ajay Thakur

Matches played: 58
Total raids : 721
Total Points : 316 points
Total tackle points: 11.

Awards and Achievements

Ajay Thakur pride of Himachal , not only represented India and pro kabaddi league but he have lots of records and Achievements also.
Some of them are
1. Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Kabaddi Gold Medal 2013
2. Gold Medal at 2007 Asian Indoor Games .
3. Asian Games 2014 Gold medal.

Interesting things about Ajay Thakur's Life

  • Ajay Thakur is from Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh. His father was state wrestling player as well as he was in police and mother is a teacher.
  • At the age of 10, he ran away from his home to play in a kabaddi tournament.
  • His cousin Rakesh was also kabaddi player of India. So he was big motivation for Indian and Himachal superstar Ajay Thakur.
  • When Ajay Thakur was selected for Indian team he was very thin, and he was mocked by other players for his weight, later he gained 12 kg in 15 days.
  • He is one of the key player in Indian team and played an important role in gold medal in Asian kabaddi championship.
  • Ajay Thakur is famous for 'Frog jump' , interestingly he was not aware about name of the jump, he got to know about its name in TV.
  • Apart from kabaddi ,boxing and wrestling are his favourite games . Whereas Virender Singh is his favourite player.


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  1. I have seen many matches of Ajay Thakur, he is one of the best kabddi champion in India.