On 28th September midnight India attacked Pakistan by killing more than 50 terrorists were killed. India killed these terrorists by surgical strike by Indian army.
After this surgical strike attack all political parties come to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government.
Some of opposition of central government who are always against Narendra Modi ,today praised and some of these are here
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  • Congress party

Bighest opposition party in India ,Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi praised Central government. Sonia Gandhi praised Central government and congratulated Indian army for successive surgical strike.
Whereas congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said this was the first good step by Narendra Modi from 2014. He also congratulated Central government and Indian army.

  • Aam Aadmi Party

Today Aam Aadmi Party chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal released a video and said in video that surgical strike was a best decision by Indian prime minister and I salute Narendra Modi for it.
      He also added there may be lots of contradiction with prime minister and central government but on this serious issue of security and safety of country ,we are with PM Modi.
     Arvind kejriwal advised central
government to raise issue of false propaganda of Pakistan ,about denying of terrorism in there country at international level.

  • Janta Dal United

Ruling party of Bihar JDU also supported central government and president of JDU and chief minister of Bihar is biggest political enemy of Narendra Modi, but he said surgical strike was right decision and there can be no contradiction on national security issue.

  • Shivsena

Shivsena chief Uddhav Thakrey called Narendra Modi after surgical strike and congratulated him and Indian army.
Shivsena spokesperson Manisha said these surgical strike should not be stopped till Pakistan understand reality and stop terrorism
So after a long all parties comes in support of central government and its good to have all parties together on this issue of national security and safety.

Difference in Pakistan and indian politics

Difference in Indian politics and Pakistan politics is quite simple Indian political parties stop all politics on issue of national security issue whereas Pakistan's second number party Tehrik -e-insaf party chief Imran khan attacked his prime minister after surgical strike and his eyes are on Pakistan politics and trying to gain his points in eyes of Pakistani people.


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