Khajjiar ,most beautiful place in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar is located at a height of about  2000 m.
Khajjiar is also known as Mini-Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh.
Khajjiar is located in Chamba district of Himachal pradesh.
Dhauladhar ranges and Himalayan peaks can be seen from far.
Sign board in khajjiar


There is a reason of second name of khajjiar as Mini-Switzerland, i.e. Due to beautifulness of khajjiar and topological resemblance to Switzerland, in 1972 Mr. Tilly V Blazer ,Head of Chancery of Switzerland called khajjiar as Mini-Switzerland. After that tourism in khajjiar reached at new heights.
He also put a sign board of yellow color which shows distance of khajjiar from Switzerland.
Khajjiar is one of 160 places which resembles to Switzerland.


Khajjiar or Mini-Switzerland is located at a height of 6500 feet from sea level. Khajjiar is located at a distance of around 569 km from National capital Delhi, and 24 km from other beautiful place Dalhousie.

Places to visit and Activities in khajjiar

There are so many places to travel in khajjiar , Mini-Switzerland. Chamba , Dalhousie and bharmaur are some of the best tourist places in Khajjiar.
1. Golden Devi Temple
Golden Devi temple in khajjiar is located at the edge of the khajjiar lake and due to its golden dome, it is known as golden Devi temple.
This temple is one of the famous tourist attraction and famous temple of khajjiar.
There is a golf course near golden Devi temple
2. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary
This sanctuary is located in between Dalhousie and khajjiar. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary is spread over a area of around
19.63 sq km.
Several animals like leopard, lion, tiger ,deer , jackals etc can be seen in sanctuary.
Some endangered species of animals can be seen here.
3. Khajjiar villages
Khajjiar villages is famous for apple gardens and long trees near villages.
Khajjiar villages is near khajjiar ground.
4. Paanch Pandav trees
There is one tree which is famous for its shoots and so called as Paanch Pandav trees. There are 6 shoots of similar length in a single tree and local people of khajjiar called, it represents five Pandva's and Draupadi.
5. Khajji Nag Temple
Khajji Nag Temple was built in 12 AD,  and one of the holy place to visit in khajjiar. There is Mandapa inside this holiest temple and khajji Nag Temple is near khajjiar lake.
6. Khajjiar lake and ground
There can be only word for khajjiar lake and ground that is 'heaven'. It is really treat for eyes to watch these lake and ground.
Shahrukh starter movie 'kuch kuch hota hai' was filmed in this place.
Khajjiar lake is at a distance of 20 km from Dalhousie and cover an area of around 5000 sq yards.
- Trekking
Tourist who come here can enjoy trekking in khajjiar. Khajjiar to dainkund is moderate 3km trek.

Place to stay(Accommodations)|Hotels

-  Rest house of forest department
-  Several guest houses and cottages of PWD and forest department.

Weather and climate

In khajjiar temperature is very attractive for tourists and it is cool in most of time. Tourist can visit this holiest place during month of march to November.

How to reach khajjiar?

Khajjiar can be reached by road transport,
It is 23 km from Dalhousie and around 26 km from Chamba district.
Nearest Railway station
Pathankot- 120 km
Nearest Airport
Gaggal(Kangra)-180 km

Images/photos of Khajjiar

Paanch Pandav Tree
Some more beautiful pictures(like and tweet to view)
Khajjiar Lake
Khajji Nag Temple


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