In India new debate has been started that is it right to ban Pakistani artists in Bollywood.
This all happened after salman khan's statement on Pakistani artists. After his statement Bollywood has been divided in two ways ,one in support of Pakistani actors and other in against.
After 'Uri attack' MNS and shivsena were strictly against Pakistani artists. MNS give ultimatum of 48 hours to Pakistani artists, to go back to Pakistan.
Salman in favour of Pakistani

Terrorists and Artists are not same: Salman khan

Dabang khan of Bollywood Salman khan said on a function of being human foundation said that Pakistani artists are not terrorists. They take work permit from government and government pass it. They spread peace ,love and they are not terrorists.
Salman khan was attacking political parties who want to send Pakistani artists.
Remember most of Bollywood is in support of Pakistani artists like Saif Ali khan , karan Johar etc.

Salman should go Pakistan : shivsena

Shivsena leader attacked Salman khan on his statement and said if salman khas hae that much sympathy with Pakistani artists than he should join Pakistani artists in Pakistan. He should leave India soon.

Only terrorists comes from Pakistan :MNS chief

Salman Khan is close to MNS chief Raj Thakrey, but after Salman's statement Raj Thakrey attacked Salman khan. Don't he think about Indian soldiers , who will save India on borders , Salman khan.
MNS chief Raj Thakrey said only terrorists comes from Pakistan, artists from Pakistan are detective and supporters of artists and terrorists are more culprits.

Bollywood against Pakistani artists

Some of bollywood artists are against Pakistani artists. Some of them are
Abhijeet bhattacharya is always against Pakistani artists, he said all artists are same ,they earn love ,money in India and all are against peace.
He was attacking Salman khan with his statement.
Whereas Anupam kher and film critic Ashok Pandit did not said to ban Pakistani artists, but said Pakistani artists should have condemn URI attack.

Let people decide what they want : Salim khan

Salim khan father of Salman khan who always comes in controversy of Salman khan , said let people decide what they want. He said let people decide they want Pakistani artists or not.

It's clear now this discussion will not stop here, Salman have to pay for it. Because people of India are in real anger after Pathankot and URI attack. It will not be strange if people take this as people were against Amir Khan ,a year back.
Now people have to decide they agree with Salman khan or not, but Pakistani artists should condemn attack by Pakistan.
India is full of talent so why India will need Pakistani artists. They should banned and work permit should cancel.


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