Pm Modi addressed a big rally in Panji,Goa. PM Modi went Goa for a big rally after Japan visit. This was Pm's  first rally in India after 500 and 1000 notes
He said this is just a start against corruption. Pm Modi said in Goa rally that we have to cure diseases of 70 years corruption in 17 months.
He said to buy jewellery above 2 lakhs PAN number is needed.

I know problems of common people : Modi

Prime minister Modi thanked people of India for supporting him on this decision of discontinuation of 500 and 1000 rs. Notes in India.
He said I know there may be problem to common people in India, but good people should not worry about this . Only corrupt people need to worry.
But common people and tax serving people are helping me.

Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi on discontinuation of notes

Some days ago congress vice president stood in queue to withdraw money. Modi attacked him in funny way and said those who did 2g , coal scam they are standing in line to withdraw money.
He also said today many politicians and corrupt people are in situation where they can't even say anything wrong about this decision.

I have left my home for country: Modi

Prime minister Modi said in Goa rally that I have left my family , home and state for country. I am not greedy of position . He also said I am not made for any position , I want to just serve nation. Modi also got emotional while addressing people of Goa.

This is just starting on corruption

On issue of corruption Modi said he know what he is doing. When he take step of Jan dhan yojna several politicians made fun of it. But he is doing everything step by step.
So this is not full stop on corruption , this is just starting . Just give me 50 days and than you will see your expected nation.
He said his next decision will be on undeclared property. He said I have several projects in my mind against corruption.

Corrupt people will not leave me : Modi

Modi said that I know corrupt people will not leave him because he is taking money of 70 years after independence. But he doesn't fear from anyone. Some people keeps doing politics it's there work. I don't care about them. For betterment of people of India and honest people every step will be taken . This is just starting some more strong steps will come soon.

Give me just 50 days against corruption

PM Modi said it takes 90 days for election in our country. I am just asking 50 days , I know there will be some problem but after 50 days if you'll feel this decision wrong whatever punishment you will give I am ready to have that. But give me just 50 days.
He said every honest people is with me , this is just against corruption.


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