Himachal pradesh is also known as devbhoomi, and capital shimla have so many spiritual places specially temples. One of famous temple on which famous song ' chal rampur chal meri sajni' is made , that temple of Sri bhima kali is located at Rampur bushehar in shimla district, Himachal Pradesh.
This temple is one of popular temple of Hindu religion people. A new temple was made in year 1943 inside this temple.
Many stories are hidden in history of bhima kali temple.

History of Shri bhima kali temple

There are two major stories behind temple of bhima kali temple sarahan.
First is that this princely state of bushehar was ruled by Banasur. Banasur and lord Krishna had fight and head of demon Banasur was buried just in front of temple gate.
The second story behind this place is about Devi sati. During Daksha-Yajna devi sati's ear fell here. After that incident this is a spiritual place for Hindu people and community.
In the new building of Maa bhima kali there is an idol of maa parvati.

Architecture of Bhima kali temple

Bhima kali temple architecture is quite different from Hindu temples. This temple is made in Tibetian and Buddhism style.
Atleast one hour is required to enter temple complex from grounds of bhima kali temple complex.

Praying or Aarti timing in Bhima kali temple

There are 4 timing in a day of pray in  shri Bhima kali ji temple bushehar. These are
1. 6 am & 7:30 am in summer and winter respectively
2.  8 am & 9: 30
3 Noon time (local food is offered to maa )
4. During last Aarti, shalokas from the holy books are chanted.
Most important thing to know about temple is that temple is only opened during Aarti time ,rest it is closed.

Best time to visit Bhimakali kali temple

During summer temperature is very pleasant in area whereas in winter temperature drops so much. Visitors may need woollen jackets and clothes during winter so summer is best time to visit as temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Accommodation facilities in Bhimakali Temple

There is proper a accommodation to stay in bushehar in Bhimakali Temple. Some of places are
1. Temple rest house
To stay in temple rest house permission of Sub division officer of Bushehar i.e. SDM is needed.
Types of rooms available are
The types of rooms:
- 6 VIP rooms with balconies (Double Bed)
- 6 ordinary rooms (double bed)
- 2 dormitories with 14 beds
2. Forest rest house
There is also a forest rest house to stay for devotees and it is at a distance of just 5 km from temple.
Booking to stay in forest rest house can be done at the office of DFO.
3. Public work department circuit house
Public work department or Pwd also provides accommodation to stay. Booking can be done at the office of PWD in Rampur bushehar.

Important contacts for the ease to visit Bhimakali Temple

DC (Commissioner Temple) - 0177 265 3535
S.D.M (Vice Chairman of Temple Trust of Rampur)- 01782 233 002 (office),01782 233 030 (Residence)
- Temple Officer -  02782 234054
- Temple Manager - 01782 274248 (for accommodation booking)

How to reach Bhimakali temple?

- Road transportation
NH - 22 is available for Rampur bushehar and 180 km from shimla.
To reach temple facilities of HRTC buses ,private buses and taxi services is available.
- Air Transportation
Nearest Airport - Jubbarhati Airport shimla
- Railway Transportation
Nearest Railway station - Shimla railway station.


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