India and Pakistan tension on line of control(LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir is not new thing.
It's time to boycott all companies like 'lays, pepsi, lenovo, xiaomi, zte, huewai, ' etc which are either Pakistan sponsoring companies or Chinese company.
India have tried to make good relations with neighbour countries , Pakistan ,china , Bhutan, Nepal , Bangladesh and all. But Pakistan have given terrorism and killed innocent people, and China have supported them always.
But this is time to give it back to China.
Say no to Pakistan and china #Notochina_andpakistan

What can government do against Pakistan?

Indian government have not taken even a strong step against Pakistan . Pakistan is killing innocent civilians everyday. Indian government should take some serious steps to put Pakistan on back foot. Some of steps against Pakistan that Indian Modi government can take are.
- cancellation of Most favoured Nation status
- Review of water treaty
- no sports , entertainment and no business with Pakistan.
            Most important thing that Modi government need to do is cancellation of status of 'most favoured nation' that had been given to Pakistan in which some special benefits are given to favoured nation.
Remember Pakistan haven't given status of 'most favoured nation to India.

What indians/people of India can do?

Indian people have boycott Chinese products in diwali ,which have effected Chinese business a lot. So this time is to boycott Chinese company products, and Pakistan sponsoring companies .
Chinese companies in India
Xiaomi etc
Pakistan sponsoring companies
Some companies which have a stromg business in India and they are giving sponsorship to Pakistani teams.
Pakistani cricket team have got sponsorship of Pepsi and lays as well as Chinese company Haier.
If India want to trouble Pakistan than it should be at every level. Pakistan sponsoring companies are
Lays etc.

Why China supporting Pakistan?

China is best partner nowadays of Pakistan ,reason behind is very simple. China is trying to get benefit of Pakistan land. China is working on a business corridor in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan.
        War is never a solution and war against country who have lost in 1948, 1965,1971 and 1999. Pakistan can never understand ,so it's every indians duty to make them economically low.
Chinese business depends a lot on India.
So boycott of Chinese company can effect them, and there economy.


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