Pakistan after a strong response from India on line of control(LOC) want to start dialogue with India. Today Pakistan high commissioner in India Abdul Basit said that Nawaj Shareef government in Pakistan want to start dialogue with indian government unconditionally.
This development came after kamar javed bajwa has been declared as next Army chief of Pakistan after Rahil Shareef.
Abdul Basit on indo-pak relation
Kamar javed bajwa is called as 'kashmir expert' as his most of service is around LOC. So it will be interesting to see that , is it good gesture from Pakistan or a new move from terror state Pakistan.

Nawaj government want dialogue with India: Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit Pakistani high commissioner in India said on Monday after one day of declaration of new army chief. Basit said Nawaj government is ready for dialogue unconditionally as they want peace on LoC. Basit said Pakistan government want to stop firing on Line of control.
As Pakistani foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz is visiting India. If there was an offer for talks from India, then it would be accepted by Pakistan.

Solution to all problems between indo-pak is dialogue: Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit said in an interview to Aaj tak that we can delay dialogues for day months and years but ultimately dialogue is solution to all problems between India and Pakistan. Both nations should sit on table and discuss all issues.He also said that "Escalation along the Line of Control is not in Pakistan's interest."

About new Pakistani army chief Kamar javed bajwa

Present Pakistan army chief Rahil Shareef is retiring on 29th of November and than next Army chief will be Kamar javed bajwa. Experts call him 'kashmir expert' as his most of service is around LOC. Like last 2-3 army chief he is also from Baluchistan. Expert calls him very sensible and intelligent person. He like to be with army member most of time. He doesn't like to be in stories. Kamar bajwa have headed biggest battalion of Pakistan army in LOC.
Kamar javed bajwa had also been worked under former Indian army chief Vikram singh under the name of United Nations.
Expert says he doesn't like terrorists and terrorism. So it will be interesting to see how things go later.

Pakistan requested to stop fire on LOC : Manohar Pariker

Indian defence minister two days ago said that Pakistan have requested to stop cross fire at line of control at DGMO level. Manohar Pariker said in Goa that Indian DGMO have said that Pakistan have started this , and they will not stop.
Remember Pakistan is violating cross border peace from a long time.
This time Indian army have strongly replied them in there own language.
It's always difficult to trust on country like Pakistan , as Indian have initiated for dialogue and steps like 'samjhauta express, and bus service ' everytime , but Pakistan have only given cross fire attack, terrorism and kargil.
So time will say how indian government will respond to offer of Pakistan and how things go with new army chief of Pakistan Kamar javed bajwa.


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