Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was targeting Prime minister Narendra modi from last some weeks. In every rally from Gujrat to Uttrakhand and Himachal rally Rahul Gandhi have continuously targeting about bribery issue by quoting 'Sahara Diary' . Rahul Gandhi have attacked BJP and PM Narendra modi by saying that in 'Sahara Diaries' there is name of PM (as a CM of Gujrat) and he have been given bribery of rupees 40 crore. 
But Rahul forget that there is name of his party senior leader , former chief minister of Delhi and CM candidate of congress in Uttar-Pradesh. Remember there are some names of other chief ministers like Raman singh and ShivRaj Singh Chauhan ,Jayanti Natrajan etc. But after Sheila Dikshit's statement on documents of Sahara Diaries , congress party is on backfoot.

Congress put Sheila Dikshit on line

Congress put Sheila Dikshit on line to save image of Rahul Gandhi. Because congress was alleging prime minister Modi on basis of Sahara documents , without knowing that there is name of there leaders also in that list. Sheila Dikshit , Jayanti Natrajan and some other congress leaders name is on Sahara Diaries document. According to document PM modi had taken bribe of ₹40 crore.

Sheila Dikshit questioned authenticity of document

After continuous allegation on PM modi by Rahul Gandhi, when UP chief ministerial candidate Sheila Dikshit was asked about documents of Sahara and bribe given to chief minister of Delhi (Sheila Dikshit) . She totally denied that document and questioned authentication of the document . She said supreme Court have already denied these documents , and made their observation.

Why focus on Sheila Dikshit ? : Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit said out of party line that there are many chief ministers name ,like ShivRaj Singh Chauhan, Raman singh, Jayanti Na etc than why you are focussing on Sheila Dikshit only. She said issue is sub-judicious, so she don't want to comment on it.
She said on Twitter about this issue that "It surprised me" , and I have nothing to do with this issue and dont want to comment on this issue.

Supreme Court did not authenticate document

This issue of bribe from Sahara to chief ministers of state and some ministers is matter of sub-judicious. Supreme Court did not authenticate the documents . Supreme Court judge and new CJI Jagdeesh singh khehar said these documents are not enough to questions big personalities.
Still Rahul Gandhi raises this issue to allege Prime minister Narendra Modi and now they are trapped in there own trap.

U-turn of Sheila Dikshit on PM Modi

Sheila Dikshit took U-turn after Daniel of documents of Sahara. She said there are allegations on Prime minister Modi , he should come out clean . She tried to save image of Rahul Gandhi as he was speaking about these papers in every rally. Sheila Dikshit tried to cover up the issue but she forget there is clearly written 'Delhi Cm' in that document.

Different Parties view on 'Sahara Diaries' document

Bhartiya Janta Party will be relieved after statement of Sheila Dikshit . There are several comments from leader of political parties. Some of them are
- Bhartiya Janta Party
BJP got chance after Sheila Dikshit's denied documents and questioned authenticity of papers.
BJP spokesperson and secretary Siddharth Nath singh said that congress yuvraj and party leaders are making stupid mistakes again and again. He singh Rahul Gandhi is no more child, and should gain some wisdom.
- Congress Party
Congress spokesperson said they want inquiry on this issue , and said Sheila Dikshit does not said anything out of party line . Congress party want inquiry on this issue.
- Janta Dal United
Janta Dal United (JDU) spokesperson KC Tyagi said on this issue that he want that papers should made available to public and named person should be questioned.
He said there are names of many leaders like Raman singh etc. So we want that these lists should made public. 
Rashtriya Janta Dal leader Manoj Kumar shares different opinion and said there should be immediate decision by supreme Court judge. As we don't want to lose credibility of position of Prime minister.
Majid Manon Leader of NCP said it's not about any party, Congress or BJP, CM of PM. If anyone did crime and found guilty they should be punished.
JDU, NCP chief Sharad pawar, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav said that all names in list should be investigated.


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