Yuvraj of Gandhi family and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is attacking Bhartiya Janta Party and PM Barbara Modi in back to back rallies. In last some days Rahul Gandhi have addressed people in UP rally , Gujrat rally and Almoda rally in Uttrakhand. This time Congress vice president is in other dev Bhoomi state Himachal Pradesh. 
RahulGandhi v/s Modi
Before Himachal Pradesh election 2017 this rally of Rahul Gandhi will be moral boosting for State Congress leader. It's important to know that state Congress is back foot with Corruption charges on CM Virbhadra  Singh and Charge-sheet against Vikramaditya Singh Bushehr Tikka and several leaders by Shimla BJP. Rahul Gandhi addressed a big rally in Himachal Pradesh on occasion of 4 years completion of Virbhadra Singh government in State.

Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi in Dharmshala

Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Narendra modi in Dharmshala and said there are 1% Rich people in India and 99% poor people and Narendra Modi is benefitting those 1% people. He also said that Narendra modi did this Bombing of Demonetization on poor people but not on 94% of black money holder. Only 60% rich people have got black money. Whole country will be in hands of 50 homes who are benefitted by Narendra Modi.

Modi ruined Farmers ,people and Tourism in Himachal

Rahul Gandhi said Himachali Farmers those who grow Apple , Mango , Cherry etc. get money in cash not by phones. He said Demonetization of Narendra Modi is ruining Tourism in Dharmshala and Shimla.
Narendra modi did not give any money to Himachal , Uttrakhand , but he free bank loan big Industrialists. He said Narendra modi have ruined all business in Himachal Pradesh with his 'NoteBandi'.

Modi did surgical strike on poor people

Rahul Gandhi said in Dharmshala Rally that Himachali soldiers did surgical strike on border and Narendra modi did surgical strike on poor people. He said modi did this surgical strike to benefit only 50 families to relief them from bank loan. He said Prime minister will never give money to Himachal , Uttrakhand these States but he will benefit those 1% of people.

Who was present in Dharmshala Rally?

In rally several state Congress leader were present. Chief minister Virbhadra Singh , kaul Singh Thakur, state ministers Gs Bali, Vidhya stokes , many Congress member of legislative Assembly were present in Dharmshala Rally.

Modi have removed 'HAT' of Himachal:Rahul

Rahul Gandhi attacked Narendra modi by a Short form 'HAT' and said Narendra modi have removed 'HAT' of state . He addresses Horticulture, Agriculture and Tourism as 'HAT'. Rahul Gandhi said modi have divided country in two parts , one is poor and other is rich people. He said 'NoteBandi' is not against Corruption but it is against poor people. Rahul Gandhi said modi have transferred white money of people in pockets of Corrupt people.
Rahul Gandhi said in Dharmshala Rally that modi ji used to make fun of him, when he ask something. He said  he have no issue with fun , but at least reply his questions.

Demonetization is to make country better: BJP

Modi in Maharashtra said that I know people are getting problem but this decision is taken for better nation and to fight against corruption. He said Central government is focussed with their work and they are aware about economy. Narendra modi said in Maharashtra that opposition have also praised Growth in economy. Modi was in a function to inaugurate ' Chatrapati Shivaji Smarak' in Maharashtra.
Rajnath singh , Home minister of India said today that Demonetization is never linked with Election but this decision is taken for better Indian. He said 'NoteBandi' is taken against Corruption and Corrupt people.


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