Bajreshwari or Brajeshwari temple is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Brajeshwari devi mandir is dedicated to Vajreshwari Devi.Vajreshvari devi temple is also linked with some ancient stories of Mahabharata. History of Brajeshwari temple is linked with Devi sati, Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Brajeshvari Temple,Kangra

Location of Brajeshwari Temple

Brajeshwari temple is located in Nagarakot ,Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India.
Distance from Railway station: 11 km
Distance from Chamunda Devi Temple: 16km
Kangra fort is also near Brajeshwari temple in Nagarakot , Kangra district.

History of Brajeshwari Devi Mandir

There are two stroies which are associated with maa Vajreshwari Temple. One is about Devi sati and other story is about Mahabharata.
* According to legends when Devi sati sacrificed her life in his father Daksha's Yagya, Shiva starts Tandava by picking maa sati on his shoulder. Lord Vishnu cuts her body in 51 pieces so called as 51 shaktipeeths. Legends says that her left breast fell at this place , so this is one of shaktipeeths like Chintpurni and Naina Devi temple.
* Other story about temple is associated with Pandava and Mahabharata. According to legends,Brajeshwari temple was built by Pandva's after they saw Maa Durga in their dreams.

Structure of Brajeshwari temple

Brajeshvari Temple is surrounded by a wall of Stone and entrance of Mandir is Drum house.
Idol of maa Vajreshwari Devi is in shape of Pindi. It is said that Dhyanu Bhagat offered his head to devi maa at the time of Akbar. So his idol is also present in front of Vajreshwari Devi idol.
Structure of temple is quite unique as there are three tombs in temple, which is rarely seen in temples in Himachal Pradesh.

Weather in Brajeshwari temple

Temperature in Kangra district or near Brajeshwari temple is quite high during summers , and chilling in winters( December - February).

Interesting facts about Brajeshvari Temple

  • This temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeths, as devi Sati's left breast fell in this place.
  • Maa Vajreshwari Devi idol is in shape of 'Pindi'.
  • 'Dhyanu Bhagat' idol is also present in temple.
  • There is also a small 'Bhairav' temple in temple complex.
  • There are three tombs in Devi Brajeshwari temple.
  • Pandva's built this temple after they saw Maa Durga in dreams.
  • Several Muslim emperor's looted this temple.
  • Mohammed Gajnavi looted temple Atleast 5 times and looted tonnes of gold and silver.
  • In 1905 temple was destroyed in earthquake and government built it again.
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    Idol of Maa Brajeshwari

Vajreshwari Devi Pindi

Festivals in Brajeshwari temple

Several festivals are celebrated in Vajreshwari such as Navratre, Makar Sankranti, Diwali , dusshera etc. 
But Makar Sankranti is biggest festival in temple. This festival continues for full week and 'Pindi' of maa Brajeshwari is covered with Makkhan(butter) as it is said that during fight with Mahishasura, Devi maa got some injuries. So she put Makkhan on her body to heel it.

Places to visit Near Brajeshwari temple|Tourist places

  1. Kangra fort
  2. Kareri Lake
  3. Kangra art museum
  4. Jawala devi temple
  5. Baijnath temple
  6. Pragpur village
  7. Kaleshwar Mahadev Pragpur
  8. Taragarh palace
  9. Palampur
  10. Bir & billing

How to reach Brajeshwari temple?

  • Road Transportation
Devotees can reach temple by road Transport as government and private bus service is available. Taxi services is also available to reach temple.
  • Railway Transportation
Nearest Railway station: Kangra railway station(11 km)
  • Airport Transportation
Nearest Airport : Gaggal Airport


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