Akhilesh yadav chief minister of Uttar-Pradesh becomes national president of Samjwadi party. Shivpal yadav is expanded as State president of Samajwadi party. Amar singh ,is also out of Samajwadi party now. These all decisions were taken today in 'Rashtriya Adhiveshan' of Samajwadi party.
UP politics took an interesting turn when yesterday SP supremo and state Samjwadi party president suspended Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and national secretary Ramgopal Yadav from party for 6 years. But within 24 hours Akhilesh and Ramgopal are in SP again. This looks so simple like exit and entry but there is some interesting scenario in whole issue given below.
With this disturbance in Samjwadi party , opposition parties like Congress, BJP and Bahujan Samjwadi party will be glad, as they will try to capture this internal war of SP.
Shivpal yadav, reason of expansion
State president Shivpal Yadav, is considered to be reason behind exit of Akhilesh yadav and Ramgopal. Shivpal is uncle of Akhilesh yadav but there differences are open Every time. Akhilesh was angry from the day when Shivpal was elected as State SP president in place of Akhilesh yadav.
Other issue which made serious collision in party was when Akhilesh supported leaders didn't get ticket in released list.
Akhilesh released his own list of 225 candidates , after which Akhilesh and Ramgopal yadav were suspended from party for 6 years.

Akhilesh and Ramgopal were suspended

Shivpal yadav and SP supremo Mulayam singh yadav had press conference in evening as Party national president and state president were angry with new list of Akhilesh yadav and National meeting of party by Ramgopal yadav . So in evening they suspended Ramgopal and Akhilesh yadav from party for next 6 years.

Akhilesh showed his power today

There were two meetings of Samjwadi party today after exit of CM Akhilesh and National secretary Ramgopal yadav, one of Akhilesh yadav and other of Samjwadi party.
But around 200 MLA's were in support of Akhilesh yadav and rejects leadership of Shivpal yadav and Mulayam singh yadav.
There were only chants of 'Akhilesh Zindabad' in Lucknow.

Aazam Khan saved Samjwadi Party

Aazam Khan leader of Samjwadi party and minister of Akhilesh government today did a splendid job to save Samajwadi party. He managed a meeting of Akhilesh , Shivpal and Mulayam singh yadav. After meeting it was decided that Party will not split , and will face upcoming UP elections in 2017 with full unity.

Political parties and leaders statement on Samajwadi war

Shivpal Yadav, SP state president
- "Everything is good inside party now".
- "On Netaji's decision Akhilesh and Ramgopal are in party now".
- " Party will work strongly in state to come in government again and to stop communal forces".
- "We will discuss seats and decide it after meeting".
*   Rashid Alvi, Congress spokesman
- "This is internal matter of Samajwadi party".
- " Mulayam singh yadav is doing this to benefit BJP".
- "Amit shah and BJP is behind this war in Samjwadi party".
*   Aditya Nath , BJP MP
- "Mulayam is doing this all drama to gain sympathy".
- " SP knows that they going to defeat in upcoming election, so doing all this drama".
*   Lalu Prasad Yadav , RJD supremo
Lalu Prasad Yadav called Akhilesh yadav and Mulayam singh yadav both and asked to solve issues within party.
- " Now everything is good in party , I am happy as I am relative of Mulayam singh yadav".
- "Samajwadi party should fight election with coagulation with Congress party to stop communal parties in state".
*   Amar singh
- "I dont believe in break policy, I believe in unity".
- " Netaji showed mature politics".


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