Himstates website is aspired to provide you competitive exams information, questions and answers ,formulas, Tricks, previous year questions etc. Time and Work is an important topic for competitive exams, entrance exams as well interviews. 
So to benefit students formulas , questions and previous year questions on the topic of 'Time and Work' is given below,
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    • 'Time and Work' important in which Competitive Exams ?
      • Bank Competitive Exam
        UPSC Competitive Exams
        SSC Competitive Exams
        Defense Competitive Exams
        LIC or GIC  Exams
        University Grants Commission or UGC
        Common Aptitude Test or CAT
        Career Aptitude Test
        Railway Competitive Exam
        MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT

        Time and Work aptitude questions are also important in state(Himachal Pradesh) competitive exams of HPPSC, HPSSSB, HPBoSE and many more exams of Banking as well as entrance exams etc.

Formulas For Topic 'Time and Work'


Questions on Topic 'Time and Work'

Q. 1.  Rohan and Shubham complete a work in 6 days. Rohan alone can do it in 10 days. If Rohan and Shubham both work together can do work in how many days ?
A. 4 days
B. 7 days
C. 3.75 days  (Ans)
D. 3 days

Q. 2. Ranjan can do a work in 4 days , Ritika can do same work in 5 days. With help of Sunny they complete work in 2 days. Find in how many days Sunny can complete that work ?
A. 4 days
B. 10 days
C. 15 days
D. 20 days  (Ans)

Q. 3. Person X , Y and Z do a work in 20, 30 and 60 days.If he is helped by Y and Z on every third day , than in how many days X can do that work ?
A. 10 days
B. 15 days  (Ans)
C. 12 days
D. 16 days

Q. 4. Shubham is thrice as good as a workman as Sarita, so is able to complete an office work in 60 days less than Sarita, In how many days they will complete that work if work together ?
A. 20 days
B. 22days
C. 23 days
D. 22.5 days  (Ans)

Q. 5. Riya does 80% of a work in 20 days. SHe then ask in Sanjeev and they together finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long Sanjeev alone would take to do the whole work?
A. 35 days
B. 35.5days
C. 37.5 days  (Ans)
D. 36 days

Q. 6. Z can do a work in 18 days and X in 15 days. X left work after 10 days. In how many days Z can complete remaining work ?
A. 6 days  (Ans)
B. 7 days
C. 5 days
D. 4 days 

Q. 7. 6 women and 4 women can complete work of stitching in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it? 
A. 38 days
B. 40 days  (Ans)
C. 42 days
D. 36 days 

Q. 8. 10 Teachers can complete a work in 7 days and 10 Trainees take 14 days to complete the work. How many days will 5 Teachers and 10 Trainees take to complete the work?
A. 6 days
B. 5 days
C. 7 days  (Ans)
D. None of these

Q. 9. Sambhavi can do a work in 12 days. Shivangi is 60% more efficient than Sambhavi  . How many days Shivangi take to do that work ?
A. 6.5 days
B. 5 days
C. 7.5 days  (Ans)
D. 7 days

Q. 10. 45 Workers can complete a work in 16 days. Six days after they started working , 30 more men joined them, How many days they will take now to complete remaining work ?
A. 12.5 days  (Ans)
B. 11 days
C. 11.5 days
D. 12 days

Q. 11. A work which could be finished in 9 days was finished 3 days earlier after 10 more men joined. The number of men employed was?
A. 16 days
B. 18 days
C. 20 days  (Ans)
D. 22 days

Q. 12. X & Y can make 100 toys in 3 days, Y & Z in 4 days, Z & X in 6 days. How long will Z take to do it?
A. 20 days
B. 22 days
C. 24 days  (Ans)
D. 26 days

Q. 13. 20 women can do a work in 16 days. 16 men can complete the same work in 15days. What is the ratio between the capacity of a man and a woman?
A. 2 : 3
B. 4 : 3  (Ans)
C. 4 : 5
D. None of these

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