Republican party leader and person with no experience of politics ,Donald Trump is finally taking oath of 45th president of The America today. It's rarely seen someone taking oath of President of superpower nation United states and facing protest against president. Anti trump leader, personalities and people are protesting in front of Trump Tower. But after all protest and controversies Mr. President Donald Trump will become 45th president of The united states. India will be keen to see how trump will work with India and his views and strategies against Pakistan and China. 

Leaders in Oath ceremony of Trump

- Navtez Sarna - India.
Former president of America
- Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
- George Bush
- Bill Clinton etc.
There will be several representatives of Different countries and personalise from all over the world.

Indians performance in Trump oath ceremony

There will be two or three performances of Indian Bollywood stars and this is first time in history that any Indian will perform in Oath ceremony of United states president. There will be 7 minutes programme of Indian stars and 5 Bollywood songs will be performed during ceremony. These songs are Jumme ki raat , Kala chashma , Malhari, Jai ho and tamil song Top Lesi Podi.
Bollywood star Mika singh and former miss India Manasvi Mamgai will perform in ceremony. Mika singh thanked Mr. President and remember Manasvi was also present in 'Thank You Rally's of Donald Trump after he was elected as president of The united states.

Programme of Donald trump before Oath

Before Oath ceremony of new president of America Donald trump will go to Church near Washington Capitol and than he will go to meet Obama and Michelle Obama. He will have coffee with Barack Obama.Than on the capitol stairs Trump will oath as 45th president The united states by chief justice of United states.
Around 20-30000 army man are around oath ceremony stage and Trump will oath with two Bible in which one is with which Abraham Lincoln took his oath.

Donald Trump Good or Bad for India ?

Mr. President Donald trump and his views on different issues are unknown as he is Owner of a real estate company. His relation with India will be seen later but from his election speeches some points are clear that he likes Leadership of Narendra Modi and it can be understand from the moment when he said 'Abki Baar Trump Sarkaar' during election campaign.
Trump will be good or bad for India , this will be seen in future but some points are given below.

  • How Trump can benefit India?

* H1 - B Visa : Trump had said earlier in his campaign that he will strict rules of H1- B Visa but for India he said he want Indian businessman , worker and students in America. So in case of H1-B visa trump can benefit India.
* Trade and Tourism : As many times Donald had praised leadership of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi , So trump can help India in 'Make in India' of Narendra Modi.
* Terrorism : Against terrorism Donald Trump showed serious anger and strict views. He said during his election campaign that he want to destroy Islamic terrorism. India is continuously talking on terrorism on different forums , so India will keen to know how trump react on terrorism .
* Relations : Trump can be a key man in relation with India as he have criticises  Pakistan for terrorism and called China as currency manipulator. He have criticised China and Pakistan throughout his campaign.

  • India stands to loose ?

- With good relation with Russia , trump can make his good relation with China. That can harm India as China is continuously working against India.
- If he strict rules H1-B visa as  he said in his election campaign and if he don't benefit India than Indians may loose jobs and business in America.
- He promises to reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 15% , if that happens many US Companies will shift from India to United states.
- Trump believes that world is robbing Jobs of United states, and want to close this trade if he implement his rules it can impact India.
Time will tell , trump will affect or effect India but now Mr.President Donald Trump will be 45th president of The united states. According to United states on 11:30 am Donald trump will take oath as president of United states.


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