Himstates website is aspired to provide you competitive exams information, questions and answers ,formulas, Tricks, previous year questions etc. Percentage is an important topic for competitive exams, entrance exams as well interviews. 
So to benefit students formulas , questions and previous year questions on the topic of 'Percentage' is given below,
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    • 'Percentage' important in which Competitive Exams ?
      • Bank Competitive Exam
        UPSC Competitive Exams
        SSC Competitive Exams
        Defense Competitive Exams
        LIC or GIC  Exams
        University Grants Commission or UGC
        Common Aptitude Test or CAT
        Career Aptitude Test
        Railway Competitive Exam
        MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT

        Percentage aptitude questions are also important in state(Himachal Pradesh) competitive exams of HPPSC, HPSSSB, HPBoSE and many more exams of Banking as well as entrance exams etc.

Formulas of Topic 'Percentage'

  • Percentage : sign % : x % = x hundredths = x/100
  • a/b as percentage can be written as a/b% = (a/b x 100).%

Questions on Topic 'Percentage'

Q. 1. Rana is a Mango seller had some Mangoes , Rana sells 40% of Mangoes and still have 420 Mangoes. How many Mangoes he had
A. 600 Mangoes
B. 700 Mangoes  (Ans)
C. 800 Mangoes
D. 900 Mangoes

Q. 2. If 20% of x = y, then y% of 20 is same as
A. 20% of a
B. 15% of a
C. 5% of a
D. 4% of a  (Ans)

Q. 3. Virat Kohli scored 110 runs with includes 3 fours and 8 sixes. What % of runs virat kohli scored by running between the wickets?
A. 500/11 %  (Ans)
B. 300/11 %
C. 100/11 %
D. None of these

Q. 4. In Maharashtra elections ,there are two candidates one of BJP and other of congress party. If BJP candidate got 55% of total valid votes and 20% of votes were invalid. If total number of votes were 7500 then the number of votes congress candidate got were
A. 2600
B. 2500
C. 2800
D. 2700  (Ans)

Q. 5. Population of Shimla city increased from 1,75,000 to 2,62,500 in a decade. The average population increased per year is
A. 6%
B. 7%
C. 5%  (Ans)
D. 8%

Q. 6. Raghav buy a Android Mobile phone worth rupees 6650. He gets rebate of 6% on it and pays sales tax at the rate of 10%. Find the amount he will have to pay
A. 6876.30 Rs
B. 6876.20 Rs
C. 6876.10 Rs  (Ans)
D. 6876 Rs

Q. 7. Three parties contested in Punjab elections , AAP got 1136 votes, Congress got 7636 and BJP got 11628 votes. What percentage of total votes did BJP got
A. 60%
B. 57%  (Ans)
C. 59%
D. 80%

Q. 8.  Two tailors Ram Kumar and Shyam Lal are paid total of Rs. 550 per week by their employer. If Ram Kumar is paid 120% of the sum paid to Shyam Lal. How much is Shyam Lal paid per week?
A. Rs. 200
B. Rs. 275  (Ans)
C. Rs. 250
D. Rs. 300

Q. 9. Shweta went to a shop and brought things of Rs. 25 , out of which 30 paise went on sales tax. If the Tax rate was 6% then  what was the price of the tax free items.
A. Rs. 16.70
B. Rs. 18.70
C. Rs. 15.70
D. Rs. 19.70  (Ans)

Q. 10. An inspector rejects 0.08% of the meters as defective. How many will be examine to the project?
A. 2200
B. 2100
C. 2500  (Ans)
D. 2400
Q.11. 65% of number is 21 less tahn 4/5th of that number. What is the number?
A. 140  (Ans)
B. 120
C. 130
D. 100

Q. 12. If 7.5% of the number is 12.5% of the other number and difference of 2 numbers is 1660. Find the numbers
A. 2490,4100
B. 4100,2400
C. 2490,4150  (Ans)
D. 2100,4150

Q. 13. Price of product was decreased by 10% and the number sold increased by 30%. What was the effect on the total revenue and find increase in Revenue(in %)?
A. 16%
B. 10%
C. 11%
D. 16%  (Ans)

Q. 14. If X earns 99/3% more than Y, how much % does Y earn less than X?
A. 20%
B. 27%
C. 25%  (Ans)
D. 30%

Q. 15. If Rohit's salary is 20% less than Mohit's salary, by how much percent is Mohit's salary more than Rohit's?
A. 25%  (Ans)
B. 27%
C. 29%
D. 20%

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