Dalip Singh Rana, WWE superstar and Indian wrestler from Himachal Pradesh , India is popularly known as 'The Great Khali'.  Khali is known for his dominance in World Wrestling Entertainment. The great Khali known for his great height, he is in top 8 tallest wrestlers in wrestling history. He became World Heavyweight Champion in year 2007. The great Khali worked in Hollywood, Bollywood as well as TV shows.
Dalip Singh Rana or The great khali

Profile of The Great Khali | Dalip Singh Rana

  • Name : Dalip Singh Rana (The Great Khali)
  • Born on : 27 August 1972
  • Address : Dhiraina, Sirmaur District, Himachal Pradesh
  • Nationality : Indian 

Biography of The Great Khali | Early Life

The Great khali born in a poor family in Sirmaur district of  Himachal pradesh, India. His father Jwala Ram and mother Tandi Devi belongs to a Hindu family in Himachal Pradesh. Born in a poor family and having seven siblings in family, he started his first work as a security guard in Shimla. He came in eyes of a Officer of Punjab police, who approached him and asked to join Punjab Police. Dalip Rana joined Punjab police with his brother in year 1993. He trained in local gyms to become a wrestler. When he came from Himachal and landed in Punjab , that was the turning point of life of The great Khali. later he was selected in Specialized wrestling academy in United states, and he became world heavyweight Champion. With his strong body and more than 7 feet height he became fear for every wwe wrestlers.

source : wwe official Youtube 

 Family of The Great Khali

* Father's Name : Jwala Ram
* Mother's Name: Tandi Devi
* Wife's Name : Harminder kaur
Dalip Rana born on 27th August 1972 in a poor family of Jwala Ram and Tandi Devi. They were so poor that they don't have food to eat. There were seven siblings of The great Khali. His one brother got job in punjab police when Khali was selected for Punjab Police. The great Khali married with Harminder Kaur in year 2002.

WWE Career of The Great Khali

The great Khali started his world wrestling Entertainment(WWE) career in year in 2nd January 2006 and became first Indian in professional wrestling. 
Before this he takes part in All wrestling Pro in United States, World Championship Wrestling, Than he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling. He came in spotlight when he defeated World heavyweight Champion The Undertaker, world's strongest Man Mark Henry and Animal Batista in Smackdown.Khali got his first defeat in Summerslam from The Undertaker, In 2014, Khali lost from Rusev in his first match, Khali's contract expired and he left WWE.
Khali opened his wrestling school in Punjab ,and Continental Wrestling Entertainment in year 2015.
Films and TV.
The great Khali have appeared in 4 Hollywood movies as well as some Bollywood movies. The great khali have worked for Television also. Some of his films and TV shows are given below.

  • [tab]
    • Films
      • * The Longest Yard
        * get Smart
        * Mac Gruber
        * Kushti
        * Ramaa The Saviour
        * HOUBA! On the Trail of the Masupilami
    • TV Shows
      • 1. Bigg Boss
        2. OutSourced
        3. Pair of Kings

Some Facts of Wrestling(The Great Khali)

  • [tab]
    • Finishing Moves of Khali
      • Khali Bomb
        Khali Chop
        Vise Grip
    • Signature Moves of Khali
      • 1. Big Boot
        2. Nerve Hold
        3. ChokeSlam
        4. Scoop Slam
        5. Short Arm Clothesline etc.
    • Some Popular Names of Khali
      • The Punjabi Monster
        The Punjabi Nightmare
        The Punjabi Playboy
        The Punjabi Titan

Interesting Facts about life of Khali

  • The Great Khali was from very poor family and stayed with his seven siblings.
  • Khali started his first job as a security guard in state capital shimla.
  • Khali used to break stones, picks luggage to get money.
  • Khali was Disciple of Ashutosh Maharaj.
  • He got his name after used to shout as 'jai maa kaali', he ha strong believe in Maa kali and Hinduism.
  • Khali worked in 4 Hollywood and 2 Bollywood movies.
  • The great Khali was 1st runner of Indian reality show Bigg boss.
This is big proud for Himachal Pradesh that person like Khali born on this Land. The Great Khali is not only Pride of Himachal but Pride of Nation. 



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