Himstates website is aspired to provide you competitive exams information, questions and answers ,formulas etc. Average  is an important topic for competitive exams, entrance exams as well interviews. 
So to benefit students formulas , questions and previous year questions on the topic of 'Average' is given below,
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    • 'Average' important in which Competitive Exams ?
      • Bank Competitive Exam
        UPSC Competitive Exams
        SSC Competitive Exams
        Defense Competitive Exams
        LIC or GIC  Exams
        University Grants Commission or UGC
        Common Aptitude Test or CAT
        Career Aptitude Test
        Railway Competitive Exam
        MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT

        Average  aptitude questions are also important in state(Himachal Pradesh) competitive exams of HPPSC, HPSSSB, HPBoSE and many more exams of Banking as well as entrance exams etc.

Formulas For Topic 'Average'


Questions On Topic 'Average'

Q. 1. Average weight of Rahul, Raman, and Shivam is 45 kg. If average weight of Rahul and Raman be 40 kg and that of Rahul and Shivam be 43 kg, then the weight of Raman is
A. 17 kg
B. 28 kg
C. 30 kg
D. 31 kg  (Ans)

Q. 2. There were 24 players in a cricket team, average weight of 16 players is 50.28 kg and that of remaining 8 boys is 45.15 kg. Find average weight of all boys in cricket team
A. 47.55 kg
B. 48.55 kg  (Ans)
C. 49.56 kg
D. 48.56 kg

Q. 3. Raghav's marks were entered wrongly in exam as 83 instead of 63. Due to these wrongly entered exam  marks , average marks of class increased by half. Find out number of students in class
A. 20
B. 25
C. 30
D. 40  (Ans)

Q. 4. Average age of Rohan , his wife and daughter 3 years ago was 27 years and that of wife and daughter 5 years ago was 20 years. Find out age of Rohan
A. 40 years  (Ans)
B. 30 years
C. 35 years
D. 45 years

Q. 5. Average weight increases by 2.5 kg of 8 person's wen a new person comes in place of a person of weight 65 kg . What might be weight of new entered person
A. 80 kg
B. 85 kg  (Ans)
C. 90 kg
D. None of these

Q. 6. Average of 20 numbers is 0. of them How many may be greater than zero?
A. 11
B. 0
C. 9
D. 19  (Ans)

Q. 7. In a match between India and Pakistan, While India batting in first 10 overs run rate was only 3.2 . What should be run rate of Indian team in last 40 overs to reach target of 282?
A. 6.25  (Ans)
B. 7.20
C. 6
D. 7

Q. 8. Average monthly income of Sunny and bobby is Rs. 5050. Average monthly income of Bobby and Shreya is Rs. 6250 and the average monthly income of Shreya and Sunny is Rs. 5200.  The monthly income of Sunny is 
A. Rs. 3500
B. Rs. 3000
C. Rs. 4000  (Ans)
D. Rs. 5000

Q. 9. Find average of all prime numbers between 30 to 50?
A. 39
B. 39.8  (Ans)
C. 39.5
D. 39.2

Q. 10. Find average of first 40 natural numbers ?
A. 20.5  (Ans)
B. 20
C. 21.3
D. 22

Q. 11. The average of 25 result is 18. The average of first 12 of them is 14 and last 12 is 17. Find the 13th?
A. 77
B. 78  (Ans)
C. 79
D. 80

Q. 12. Average age of 39 students is 15 years. including of age of teacher increases average age by 3 months, Find age of teacher.
A. 40 years
B. 20 years
C. 30 years
D. 25 years  (Ans)

Q. 13 Virat kohli makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th innings and increases his average by 3. Find his average after 17th innings
A. 43
B. 39  (Ans)
C. 40
D. 53

Q. 14. The average of 11 results is 16, if average of first 6 results is 58 and that of the last 63.Find the sixth result
A. 60
B. 66  (Ans)
C. 62
D. 70

Q. 15. The average of 4 consecutive even numbers is 27. Find the largest of these numbers?
A. 29
B. 28
C. 31
D. 30  (Ans)

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