Himachal Pradesh General knowledge questions on Lakes, Hot water springs and Rivers
Himachal Pradesh is extraordinary combination of lakes, hot water springs and rivers. There are natural as well as man-made lakes in Himachal Pradesh. Sutlej, Bias, Chinaab, Yamuna and Raavi are some big rivers of Himachal Pradesh. Whereas Khajjiar lake, Manimahesh lake, Chandarnahan lake, Prashar lake etc are some famous lakes of Himachal Pradesh. Manikaran hot water spring, Kasol and Khirganga hot water spring, Tatapani are some major hot water spring in Himachal Pradesh. Some important questions asked on Lakes, Hot water spring and Rivers in Himachal Pradesh are given below.

Exams in which Questions asked on Lakes, Hot water springs and Rivers of Himachal?

There are several exams in which questions related to Lakes, Hot water springs and Rivers of Himachal are asked. In this some are All India Level Exams like IBPS , IAS , SSc, UPSC and Competitive exams of Companies.
In state exams most of questions asked from this topic and in this post questions of previous exams like Himachal Pradesh Administrative services (HPAS), HPSSSB, HPPSC, Naib Tehsildar , Sub Inspector exam, Steno Typist exams, Computer Operator exam, Clerical exam, Lecturer of College Cadre level exam. KCC bank exam, Sub -Inspector Police exam , Tehsil Welfare officer exams , TGT exams, Excise and Taxation inspector exam, HFS Exam etc. of Himachal Pradesh.

Questions on topic Lakes, Hot water springs and Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

Q. 1. Chamba is located on which river ?(HAS-2007)
A. Bias
B. Sutlej
C. Ravi(Ans)
D. Yamuna

Q. 2. Origin of River Yamuna is in which state ?(HAS-2007, HAS-2006)
A. Punjab
B. Uttrakhand (Ans)
C. Haryana
D. Jammu and Kashmir

Q. 3. What was name of Chinab River in Vedas?(HAS-1997,2001)
A. Purushuni
B. Chinab
C. Askini(Ans)
D. None of the above.

Q. 4. Which river was named as 'Purushuni' in Vedas?(HAS-1997, 2004)
A. Yamuna
B. Chinab
C. Bias
D. Ravi(Ans)

Q. 5. Bias river enters in which plane area ?(HAS-2007 mains)
A. Ambala
B. Chandigarh
C. Murthal(Ans)
D. Panipat

Q. 6. Which river is not in Himachal Pradesh ?(HAS-2007 Mains)
A. Yamuna
B. Jhelum(Ans)
C. Bias
D. Ravi

Q. 7. Which is longest river of Himachal Pradesh?(SI Police-2008)
A. Satluj(Ans)
B. Ravi
C. Bias
D. Yamuna
Q. 8. Which river flows in Kinnaur ?(HAS-2004)
A. Ravi
B. Chinab
C. Jhelum
D. Sutlej(Ans)

Q. 9. What is Vedic name of River Bias ?(HAS-2006, PET-2005, Computer operators-2009)
A. Ravi
B. Purishini
C. Askini
D. Arjikia(Ans)

Q. 10. What is Vedic name of Satluj river?(Language teacher exam-2011)
A. Sutudri(Ans)
B. Purishini
C. Askini
D. Arjikia

Q. 11. What is height of Lama lake from sea level?(HAS-2008)
A. 3200 m
B. 3010 m
C. 3962 m(Ans)
D. 3864 m

Q. 12. Which lake is in Lahaul-Spiti ?(HAS-2006)
A. Madhal Lake
B. Chandranahan Lake
C. Chandrataal lake(Ans)
D. None of the above

Q. 13. Where is Parashar lake located in Himachal Pradesh ?(Clerk exam-2007,2009)
A. Kangra
B. Mandi(Ans)
C. Shimla
D. Kullu

Q. 14. Where is Parshuram Taal located ?(State Assistant exam-2009)
A. Shimla
B. Paonta sahib
C. Renuka ji(Ans)
D. None of the above.
Q. 15. Renuka lake is related to whom?(Computer operator -2009)
A. Lord shiva
B. Hatkoti devi
C. Lord vishnu
D. Renuka-Parshuram(Ans)

Q. 16. Renuka lake is located in. Which district ?(Excise and Tax inspector-2006)
A. Kangra
B. Shimla
C. Sirmaur(Ans)
D. None of the above

Q. 17. Manimahesh lake is located in which district?(Sub-Inspector-2008, forest ranger-2006)
A. Kangra
B. Chamba(Ans)
C. Mandi
D. Lahaul-Spiti

Q. 18. Ghadasaru lake is in which district ?(HAS-2004)
A. Shimla
B. Kullu
C. Mandi
D. Chamba (Ans)

Q. 19. Dal lake is located in which district in Himachal Pradesh?(supervisor exam-2008)
A. Kinnaur
B. Kangra(Ans)
C. Una
D. Bilaspur

Q. 20. Nako lake is in which district ?(clerk exam-2012)
A. Lahaul-Spiti
B. Chamba
C. Kinnaur (Ans)
D. None of the above.



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