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Himachal Pradesh is known for sports in state. Earlier Sports was limited up to educational institutes but today Sports is at different level and several awards are given for extraordinary performances in field of sport at National as well as International level in Himachal Pradesh. We are providing important GK questions about topic Sports in Himachal, Sportsman in Himachal as well as grounds located in Himachal Pradesh with Answers. Volleyball is state game of H.P. Himachal have given several International players in different games , some of them are Hockey captain Charanjeet Singh , Women hockey captain Seeta Gosai , Shooters like Samresh Jung and Subedar Vijay Kumar , Boxer BS Thapa etc.
Himachal is known for grounds like highest ground in chail beautiful cricket stadium in Dharamshala etc.

Exams in which Questions asked on Sports, Players and Grounds in Himachal?

There are several exams in which questions related to Sports, Players and Grounds in Himachal are asked. In this some are All India Level Exams like IBPS , IAS , SSc, UPSC and Competitive exams of Companies.
In state exams most of questions asked from this topic and in this post questions of previous exams like Himachal Pradesh Administrative services (HPAS), HPSSSB, HPPSC, Naib Tehsildar , Sub Inspector exam, Steno Typist exams, Computer Operator exam, Clerical exam, Lecturer of College Cadre level exam. KCC bank exam, Sub -Inspector Police exam , Tehsil Welfare officer exams , TGT exams,Excise and Taxation inspector exam, HFS Exam etc. of Himachal Pradesh.

Questions on Topic 'Sports, Awards, Players and Grounds' in H.P

Q.1. Ninehall Golf ground is located in which place in Shimla District ? (HAS-2006 Pre Exam)
A. Theog
B. Sunni
C. Mashobara
D. Naldehra (Ans)

Q.2. Highest ground located in which place in Himachal pradesh? (HAS-2006 Pre Exam)
A. Dharamshala
B. Kullu
C. Chail (Ans)
D. Shimla

Q.3. Youngest mountaineer(Male) who have registered his name in Guinness book of world record 
A. Deepu Sharma (Ans)
B. Deepu Verma
C. Deepak Sharma
D. Deepak Thakur

Q.4. Youngest Mountaineer(Female) who have record to reach on Mount Everest at the age of 19 ?
A. Dikki Dolma (Ans)
B. Dolma Rani
C. Seeta Gosai
D. Ranjana Kashyap

Q.5. Which Sport is State game of HImachal Pradesh ?
A. Cricket
B. Volleyball (Ans)
C. Football
D. Kabbaddi

Q.6. Biggest award of Himachal Pradesh in field of sports ?
A. Arjun Award
B. Padma Shri
C. Parshuram Award (Ans)
D. Bharat Ratna
Q.7. When did 'Parshuram Awards'started in Hiamchal Pradesh?
A. 1983
B. 1984
C. 1987 (Ans)
D. 1999

Q.8. First Sportsperson to achieve highest sports award(Parshuram Award) of Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Suman Rawat, Virender Sharma and Chaman Dhauta (Ans)
B. Suman Rawat, Virender Sharma and Samresh Jang
C. Samresh Jang, Virender Sharma and Chaman Dhauta
D. BS Thapa, Virender Sharma and Subedar Vijay Kumar

Q.9. Indian Women hockey Captain of H.P got Arjun Award ?
A. Dikki Dolma
B. Seeta Gosai (Ans)
C. Priyanka Negi
D. Sanjo Devi

Q. 10. Arjun Awardee shooters of Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Samresh Jung, Rajywardhan Singh Rathore
B. Vijay Kumar , Abhinav Bindra
C. Vijay Kumar , Samresh Jung (Ans)
D. Vijay Kumar , Rajywardhan Singh Rathore

Q. 11. Who won Arjun Award in 1987 after she won Gold in long race in Seoul Asiad games ?
A. Priyanka Negi
B. Raano Devi
C. Sonia Rai
D. Suman Rawat (Ans)

Q. 12. First Padma Shri award winner Himachali player ?
A. Vijay Kumar
B. Samresh jung
C. Charanjeet Singh (Ans)
D. Seeta Gosai
Q. 13. Shooter of Himachal Pradesh who got 'Padma Shri' award for his performance in Olympics ?
A. Subedar Vijay Kuamr (Ans)
B. Samresh Jung
C. Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore
D. Abhinav Bindra

Q. 14. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award winner of Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Charanjeet Singh
B. Vijay Kumar (Ans)
C. BS Thapa
D. Seeta Gosai

Q. 15. Where is open air ice skating rink in Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Solan
B. Kinnaur
C. Kullu
D. Shimla (Ans)

Q. 16. When was Indira Gandhi Sports complex made for sports in Shimla ?
A. 1992
B. 1995
C. 1994
D. 1997 (Ans)

Q. 17. Star international Kabaddi player of Himachal Pradesh helped to won world cup in 2016 ?
A. Ajay Thakur (Ans)
B. Anup kumar
C. Rakesh Kumar
D. Vikramjeet Malik
Q.18. First cricket player of Himachal Pradesh represented India ?
A. Nikhil Gangta
B. Vinay Kumar
C. Rishi Dhawan (Ans)
D. Rajiv Nair


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