Himstates website is aspired to provide you competitive exams information, questions and answers ,formulas etc. Problems on Numbers is an important topic for competitive exams, entrance exams as well interviews. 
So to benefit students formulas , questions and previous year questions on the topic of 'Problems on Numbers' is given below,
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    • 'Problems on Numbers' important in which Competitive Exams ?
      • Bank Competitive Exam
        UPSC Competitive Exams
        SSC Competitive Exams
        Defense Competitive Exams
        LIC or GIC  Exams
        University Grants Commission or UGC
        Common Aptitude Test or CAT
        Career Aptitude Test
        Railway Competitive Exam
        MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT

        Problems on Numbers aptitude questions are also important in state(Himachal Pradesh) competitive exams of HPPSC, HPSSSB, HPBoSE and many more exams of Banking as well as entrance exams etc.

Formulas For Topic 'Problems on Numbers'


Questions On Topic 'Problems on Numbers'

Q. 1. If 1/3rd of 1/4th of a number is 15 , then 3/10 of that number is ?
A. 36
B. 30
C. 54  (Ans)
D. 47

Q. 2. 3 times the 1st of 3 consecutive odd integers is three more than twice the 3rd. Find the 3rd integer
A. 8
B. 10
C. 12
D. 15  (Ans)

Q. 3. If product of two numbers is 8, when  18 is added to number the digits are reversed . Find the Number
A. 81
B. 24  (Ans)
C. 18
D. 42

Q. 4. 120 is product of two number , and 289 is sum of their squares. Find sum of the number
A. 23  (Ans)
B. 22
C. 13
D. All of them

Q. 5. Find sum of 2 consecutive even numbers, if difference of squares is 84?
A. 35
B. 24
C. 40
D. 42  (Ans)

Q. 6. The difference of two numbers is 13 and sum is 25. What will be their product ?
A. 110
B. 112
C. 114  (Ans)
D. None of the above

Q. 7.  Three digits Number has sum = 10. Find number if 
Middle digit = sum of the other two and
Number will be increased by 99 if its digits are reversed. The number is:
A. 135
B. 253  (Ans)
C. 351
D. 420

Q. 8. What is the sum of numbers if product of two numbers is 9375 and the quotient, when the larger one is divided by the smaller, is 15.
A. 335
B. 200
C. 351
D. 400  (Ans)

Q. 9.  What will be the positive number which is equal to 60 times of the reciprocal of number if increased by 17?
A.  13
B.  3  (Ans)
C.  51
D.  42

Q. 10. A number is of two digits. If digits interchange places and the new number is added to the original number, then the resulting number will be divisible by
A.  13
B.  09
C.  51
D.  11  (Ans)

Q. 11. If 138 is the sum of square of three numbers and some of their products taken two at a time is 131. Find the sum 
A.  10
B.  20  (Ans)
C.  50
D.  40

Q. 12. Which digit should come in place of $ and # if the number is 62684$# is divisible by both 8 and 5 ?
A.  8, 0
B.  4, 0  (Ans)
C.  5, 0
D.  6, 0

Q. 13. What least number must be added to 3000 to get a number exactly divisible by 19
A.  2  (Ans)
B.  3
C.  5
D.  12

Q. 14. Find a number which is nearest to 3105 exactly divisible by 21 ?
A.  3  (Ans)
B.  2
C.  51
D.  42

Q. 15. Find the smallest number of 6 digits which is exactly divided by 111 ?
A.  111211
B.  100021
C.  100011  (Ans)
D.  100322

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