Himstates website is aspired to provide you competitive exams information, questions and answers ,formulas etc. Time and Distance is an important topic for competitive exams, entrance exams as well interviews. 
So to benefit students formulas , questions and previous year questions on the topic of 'Time and Distance' is given below,
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    • 'Time and Distance' important in which Competitive Exams ?
      • Bank Competitive Exam
        UPSC Competitive Exams
        SSC Competitive Exams
        Defense Competitive Exams
        LIC or GIC  Exams
        University Grants Commission or UGC
        Common Aptitude Test or CAT
        Career Aptitude Test
        Railway Competitive Exam
        MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT

        Time and Distance aptitude questions are also important in state(Himachal Pradesh) competitive exams of HPPSC, HPSSSB, HPBoSE and many more exams of Banking as well as entrance exams etc.

Formulas For Topic 'Time and Distance'


Questions On Topic 'Time and Distance'

Q. 1. A Truck travelling with 5/7 of its actual speed covers 42 km in 100 minutes and 48 seconds. Find actual speed of car ?
A. 30 km/h
B. 35 km/h  (Ans)
C. 40 km/h
D. 38 km/h

Q. 2. Mohan Lal went for a tour in his new car , he travels first 160 km at 64 km/h and next 160 km at a speed of 80 km/h. Find average speed for the first 360 km he travels
A. 30 km/h
B. 35.05 km/h
C. 70.11 km/h  (Ans)
D. 45 km/h

Q. 3. A man traveled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He traveled partly on foot at speed of 4 km/h and partly on cycle at a speed of 9 km/h. Distance he traveled on foot is ?
A. 10 km/h
B. 12 km/h
C. 14 km/h
D. 16 km/h  (Ans)

Q. 4. A man saw train from distance of 100 metres. When train started , man also starts running. If the speed of man is 8 km/h and speed of train is 10 km/h . How far the thief will have run before he is overtaken?
A. 400 m   (Ans)
B. 300 m
C. 600 m
D. 500 m

Q. 5. Rangeeta crosses 600 m long road in 5 minutes. What is speed in Km/h ?
A. 12 km/h 
B. 7.2 km/h  (Ans)
C. 8.6 km/h
D. 10 km/h

Q. 6.  A sports bike reaches from Delhi to Shimla in 5 hours at a speed of 240 km/h . To reach in 5/3 hours , it must travel at a speed of ?
A. 300 km/h
B. 360 km/h
C. 720 km/h  (Ans)
D. 610 km/h

Q. 7. Babli Thakur walks at a speed of 14 km/h instead of 10 km/h, she would have walked 20 km or more.  The actual distance traveled by her is?
A. 50 km  (Ans)
B. 40 km
C. 60 km
D. 20 km

Q. 8. Speed of metro is 54 km/h excluding stoppages and 45 km/h including stoppages. For how many minutes does train stops per hour ?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10  (Ans)

Q. 9. To cover a distance of 30 km, Mukul takes 2 hours more than Rohit Ranjan. If Mukul doubles his speed, then he would take 1 hour less than Rohit. What is Mukul's speed ?
A. 7 km/h
B. 5 km/h  (Ans)
C. 6 km/h
D. 10 km/h

Q. 10. Rahul covered a certain distance at some speed. Had he moved 3 kmph faster, he would have taken 40 minutes less. If he had moved 2 kmph slower, he would have taken 40 minutes more. The distance is ?
A. 35 km/h  (Ans)
B. 38 km/h
C. 40 km/h
D. 44 km/h
Q. 11. It takes 8 hours for a 600 km journey, if 120 km is done by train and the rest by car. It takes 20 minutes more, if 200 km is done by train and the rest by car. The ratio of the speed of the train to that of the cars is:
A. 2 : 3
B. 3 : 4  (Ans)
C. 4 : 3
D. 3 : 2

Q. 12. Shiva completes a journey in 10 hours. He travels 1st half of the journey @ of 21 km/hr, 2nd half @ of 24 km/hr. Find the total journey in km.
A. 224 km  (Ans)
B. 300 km
C. 238 km
D.302 km

Q. 13. In Flight of 600 km, an Indian airlines aircraft was slowed down due to worst weather conditions. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is:
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A. 67 minutes
B. 60 minutes
C. 77 minutes
D. None of the above

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