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Himachal Pradesh is known for its beautiful art ,writers ,Literature and also books written by Himachali writers as well as by other authors. There are total 38 small art centers in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is known for some arts like Kangra Kalam, Chamba Arts , Kullu arts, Chamba Rumaal etc.
Himachal Pradesh is also famous for Literature and Writers/Authors of Himachal Pradesh. Literature of Himachali writers is available in different languages like, Hindi , English ,Urdu , Sanskrit and Pahari also.
Several awards are available for writers , some of them are 'Pandit ChandraDhar Sharma Guleri' , 'Pahari Gandhi Baba Kashi Ram' and 'Dr. Yashwant singh Parmar' awards.

Exams in which Questions asked on Art,Literature,Books and Writers of Himachal?

There are several exams in which questions related to Art, Literature,Books and Writers in Himachal are asked. In this some are All India Level Exams like IBPS , IAS , SSc, UPSC and Competitive exams of Companies.
In state exams most of questions asked from this topic and in this post questions of previous exams like Himachal Pradesh Administrative services (HPAS), HPSSSB, HPPSC, Naib Tehsildar , Sub Inspector exam, Steno Typist exams, Computer Operator exam, Clerical exam, Lecturer of College Cadre level exam. KCC bank exam, Sub -Inspector Police exam , Tehsil Welfare officer exams , TGT exams, Excise and Taxation inspector exam, HFS Exam etc. of Himachal Pradesh.

Questions on Topic 'fairs and festivals and culture,dance' in H.P

Q. 1. International famous 'Rumal Art' belongs to which district of Himachal Pradesh ? (HAS - 2003 Pre)
A. Sirmaur
B. Shimla
C. Chamba (Ans)
D. Mandi

Q. 2. Who is author of 'Himachal Art' ? (HAS-1995)
A. Shri Keshav
B. LC. Pandey
C. Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
D. JC Frank (Ans)

Q. 3. Who is writer of 'Praachin Himachal' ? (HAS-1997)
A. Shri Keshav
B. LC. Pandey (Ans)
C. Dr. Prem Bhardwaj
D. Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar

Q. 4. Himachal Pradesh Art and Culture Academy started in which year ? (HAS-2008)
A. 1970
B. 1966
C. 1972 (Ans)
D. 1999

Q. 5. In year 1986, who got first 'Chandradhar Sharma Guleri' Hindi Literature award ? (HAS-2008)
A. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B. Shri Keshav  (Ans)
C. LC Pandey
D. Shakti S. Chandel

Q. 6. Who is writer of book 'Peliendary in Himalyas' ? (Naib Tehsildar Exam-2011)
A. LC. Pandey
B. Dr. YS. Parmar (Ans)
C. MS. Randhava
D. H.A. Roz

Q. 7. Which award is given on Hindi Literature for Himachal writers ?
A. Pandit ChandraDhar Sharma Guleri (Ans)
B. Pahari Gandhi baba kanshi ram
C. Dr. YS. Parmaar Award
D. None of the above

Q. 8. Which award is given for Himachali authors in Pahari Literature ?
A. Pandit ChandraDhar Sharma Guleri
B. Pahari Gandhi baba kanshi ram (Ans)
C. Dr. YS. Parmaar Award
D. None of the above

Q. 9. Who got First 'Pahari baba kashi ram award'  ?
A. Miya Goverdhan singh
B. Kahan Singh Jamal
C. Shri Keshav
D. Jaydev Kiran  (Ans)

Q. 10. Who got first 'Yashwant singh parmar' award?
A. Shanta Kumar
B. Miya Goverdhan Singh  (Ans)
C. Jaydev Kiran
D. Hariram Justa

Q. 11. In which district of H.P Russian Painter named 'Nicholas Rodrick art college' is located ?
A. Chamba
B. Kullu  (Ans)
C. Shimla
D. Mandi

Q. 12.Himachali Artists who got 'Padma Shri' award ?
A. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Keshav
B.  Keshav , Musafir Ram Bhardwaj
C.  Musafir Ram Bhardwaj, Vijay Kumar Sharma (Ans)
D. All of the above

Q. 13. 'Padma Shri award' winner Vijay kumar sharma born in year? 
A. 1970
B. 1965
C. 1930
D. 1962 (Ans)

Q. 14. Mussafir Ram Bhardwaj, Padma Shri award winner belongs to which district ?
A. Solan
B. Shimla
C. Chamba (Ans)
D. Lahaul Spiti

Q. 15. Who is author of 'Dharti hai Balidan Ki' ?
A. Dr. Prem Bhardwaj
B. Shanta Kumar (Ans)
C. Hari Ram Justa
D. Rajendra Rajan

Q. 16. Who is writer of 'Paanchaali' ?
A. Keshav Narayan
B. Dr. Manohar Lal
C. Thakur Maulu Ram
D. Ramesh Chandra Sharma (Ans)

Q. 17. Who is writer of book 'Gorkha Conckvest of Arki' ?
A. Dr. Tulsi Raman
B. OC Handa
C. M.R. Thakur
D. Udhhav Kumar Singh (Ans)

Q. 18. Who is author of book 'Historical Document of Kullu' ?
A. Parmanand Shashtri
B. Lal Chand Prarthi
C. Heera Nand Shashtri (Ans)
D. K.L Vaidh

Q. 19. Who is writer of book 'Imperial Shimla' ?
A. Parmanand Shashtri
B. Lal Chand Prarthi
C. Pemla Kanwar (Ans)
D. Narendra Arun



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