Arvind Kejriwal chief minister of Capital of India, Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal made his party AAP party after Anna Movement against Corruption and in support of Lokpal bill. Arvind Kejriwal and his party founder members went on different route and created party named Aam Aadmi Party which was expected a true, gentleman politicians and common people but now AAP leaders and Arvind kejriwal is known for false promises and lie against all parties and many issues. There is long list of such lie and false promises, some of them are mentioned below. But before that know about AAP party.
AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)
AAP party ruling party in Delhi and opposition party in Punjab was founded in year 2012 after Anna Movement against Corruption and Jan Lokpal bill. Aam Aadmi Party have student wing , youth wing , women and Labour wing. Aam addmi party and Arvind kejriwal came in power with a big majority in Delhi with 67 seats out of 70 on ideology of Anti-corruption , Democratic socialism and Populism. But AAP party have done everything opposite to that in many cases , even founder members of AAP party , Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were thrown out of party.

Big Lies and False promises of Kejriwal and AAP

There are many but some of the top 'Jhuthe Vaade' of Arvind kejriwal and Aam aadmi party are given below.
1. No action against Sheela Dikshit
Aam Aadmi Party came in power with many promises and one of them was action against former chief minister Sheela Dikshit as kejriwal said before election that Sheela dikshit and congress party was involved in corruption cases but no action was taken against any leader specially Sheela Dikshit till now.
2. I will not take any government facilities
Kejriwal who tries to be iconic leader before Delhi Election and promised people of Delhi that he will not take any kind of government facilities such as car, bungalow, security etc. But today he had more facilities than normal chief minister.
3. Delhi will get status of 'State'
Arvind Kejriwal did not loose anything to capture votes of Delhi people and in this , he promised people of Delhi that he will make Delhi as state , but being so educated he was aware that this issue is not in his hand as a chief minister , it is issue of central government and Loksabha.
4. AAP party is party of common people 
Arvind Kejriwal said in his rallies before Delhi Election and Punjab Elections that this party is party of non criminal , and common people but most of leaders of Aam Aadmi Party are businessman and wealth in crore. There are several leaders who are indulge in many criminal activities, even law minister of Delhi got jailed for fake degree case.
5. I will not support and take support of any party
Being a second number party in Delhi during 49 days of rule of Arvind Kejriwal took support of Indian national Congress. But before elections kejriwal said that he will not take support of any party, even he sweated of his children. But he did not stand with this also.
Being biggest party , BJP did not ask to make Government.
6. Batla House and Ishrat encounter was fake 
Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal said to Muslim community that Batla House encounter and Ishrat Jnha encounter were fake , but before his fake statement High court declared them as terrorists of Indian Mujahidin.
7. I am against VIP culture 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party leaders always said that they are against VIP culture , but kejriwal have got all VIP facilities , and protected under 'Z' level security. Punjab Amrinder singh government and Yogi government of UP have stopped VIP culture without spreading lie.
8. Modi degree is fake 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party spread lie against Prime Minister Narendra modi's fake degree but BJP leaders showed original degree , still Aam Aadmi Party are not ready to believe status of degree true, as they want to believe what they want.
9. PMO insulted Chief minister's and did not allowed cellphone
Arvind Kejriwal said after 11 inter state meeting that PMO did not allow some chief minister's cellphone to enter inside, but truth is that no cellphone is allowed inside Prime minister office.
10. Judge's transfer is killing of judiciary by Modi government
Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party mislead people by telling that Modi government is killing judiciary by transferring Judges , but when Supreme court former judge enquire whole issue he found that judge himself asked for transfer due to health issues.

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