Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017 is in interesting phase as both congress and BJP are trying to make balance within party as both parties are looking to avoid party infighting.
State Bhartiya Janta Party done with their internal surveys, so they have decided to be in wait and watch policy. As BJP is not ready to reveal list of candidates in state.
According to sources BJP is witing for the time of code of conduct in state and they are hoping to capture Congressman after infighting in state government.
Central parliamentry committee will take final decision on candidates for assembly elections in 2017.

No CM Candidate before election : BJP

BJP is looking to go with same formula as they did in previous elections like Maharashtra, Assam, Haryana and Jharkhand etc. where CM was elected after election.
JP Nadda & Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal are main contenders for Chief minister candidate post of BJP. So BJP is not in mood to give chance of infighting.
Nadda remains Shah’s favorite for the CM’s post, but party’s leadership fear that the transition may not be as smooth as they want it to be.
Prem Kumar Dhumal & his son Anurag Thakur are main competitor of Jagat Prakash Nadda in state for Chief ministerial candidate post.
हिसाब मांगे हिमाचल

Central BJP not in mood to reveal final list

State BJP is waiting for final list but according to central policy BJP is not ready to finalize list as they are fear of fight within party as there are more than 4-5 candidates on each assembly seat. BJP is not going to do same mistake what they did in 2012 when they finalise ist before code of conduct and lost election.
This time Bhartiya Janta Party have marked constituencies where party infighting can take place.

Election campaign is main priority : Satpal Satti

Himachal Pradesh BJP President Satpal Satti said process of candidates selection have own procedure, and after that candidates will be declared. He said central parliamentary committee will decide names but election campaign is more important.

Hisab Mange Himachal

From 12th September Himachal BJP is going to launch campaign against State government and Campaign is named as Hisab Mange Himachal.  To ensure the reach of this campaign to maximum voters, the party would be using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Four central leaders will do press conference between 12 to 20 September.
Satpal Satti, State BJP President said that  a massive campaign will be launched against state government to spread message of campaign.


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