Himachal pradesh elections became interesting when some big leaders of BJP and Congress lost from their constituencies. BJP got big surprise as chief ministerial candidate of BJP Prem Kumar Dhumal lost his seat from Sujanpur seat.It was very known that sujanpur seat will not be easy for him as he used to fight from Hamirpur seat. But this time BJP changes candidates and asked PK dhumal to fight from Sujanpur seat.
Here are some big leader of both parties BJP and Congress who faces upset in Himachal Pradesh election reults 2017.
Big BJP-Congress leader Defeated

1. Prem kumar Dhumal

BJP chief minister candidate and two times Himachal pradesh chief minister Prem kumar Dhumal lost his seat in elections. He lost from Rajinder Rana by margin of around 3000 votes. Prem kumar dhumal was aware that this seat will not be easy for him as he used to fight from Hamirpur seat.

2. Satpal Satti

BJP state president Satpal Satti lost his seat from Una constituency as he lost from a 10th pass congress candidate Satpal singh Raizada. Satpal satti also lost by a margin of around 3000 votes. Satpal singh Raizada got more than 31,300 votes whereas Satpal satti got around 28,100 votes.

3. GS Bali

GS bali former Transport minister and former MLA from Nagrota constituency also lost his election as Arun kumar of Bhartiya janta party won by a small margin of around 600 votes. GS Bali is big leader of himachal pradesh , as at one time he was in CM candidate race from congress party. So this can be called as big upset.

4. Kaul Singh Thakur

Kaul singh thakur and former minister of congress party lost election from darang seat. Jawahar thakur of Bhartiya Janta party defeated former minister by more than 7000 votes. Kaul singh thakur got only 24851 votes whereas Jawahar thakur got 31392 votes.

5. Gulab SIngh Thakur

BJP senior leader and relative of Congress party leader Kaul singh thakur, Gulab singh thakur also lost from his Jigindernagar constituency by a big margin like Kaul singh thakur. Gulab Singh Thakur won by a margin of around 9000 votes. Prakash Rana of BJP defeated Gulab singh thakur. Prakash Rana got around 27887 votes.

6. Maheshwar Singh

King of kullu and former MP Maheshwar singh was biggest upset of this election as he lost election from Congress leader Sunder singh thakur by a small margin of around 2000 votes. Sunder singh thakur got around 31423 votes whereas Maheshwar singh got around 29885 votes.

7. Sudhir Sharma

Sudhir sharma a young dynamic leader of Dharamshala and most loyal leader of Virbhadra singh and congress party. He was considered as most safe in this seat. After earlier lead sudhir sharma lost from BJP leader kishan kapoor. Kishan kapoor defeated Sudhir sharma by a margin of around 3000 votes. Kishan kapoor of BJP got around 26050 votes, whereas Sudhir sharma got around 23053 votes.

8. Champa Thakur

Daughter of Kaul Singh thakur Champa thakur also lost his Mandi seat. She lost from former congress leader Anil sharma. Anil sharma is son of former congress leader Sukh ram and both son and father joined BJP spme time ago. Anil sharma got votes around 31282 votes whereas champa thakur got only 21025 votes.

9. Rajesh Dharmani 

Rajesh Dharmani and two times congress leader Rajesh Dharmani also lost election from Ghumarwin seat. He lost election against Rajinder Garg of Bhartiya Janta Party. Rajinder Garg got vote around 30009 whereas Rajesh dharmani got only 21561 votes.

10. Rohit Thakur

Former MLA and grandson of former chief minister Thakur Ram lal lost election from senior BJP leader Narendra Bragta by a margin of around 1000 votes only. Narendra Bragta got only 27466 votes whereas Rohit thakur got only 26404 votes.

With these results of elections 2017 in Himachal Pradesh it can be said that People can upset anyone. No matter how big or small leader.


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