Congress party was not even able to find reasons of loss in Himachal pradesh yet but they are facing one more issue of slap fight between Dalhousie MLA, AICC secretary and senior congress leader Asha Kumari and Himachal Pradesh police constable Rajwanti. Earlier Police constable lodged FIR against member of Legislative assembly Asha kumari, and now yesterday Asha kumari also filed FIR against lady constable. This issue is not now small as everyone in state is talking about it and considering Lady constable as Lady Singham. State chief minister Jai Ram Thakur and Congress president Rahul Gandhi also comment on this issue.
Asha Kumari v/s Rajwanti(Lady Constable)

How issue started ?

This controversy started when Congress leader and MLA from Dalhousie Asha kumari slapped Lady constable Rajwanti and she also responded in same manner and slapped Asha kumari. Lady constable was on duty during Rahul Gandhi visit to Himachal Pradesh. Lady constable Rajwanti was stopping ladies to enter inside as she was ordered by her senior person.
She said in a interview that she was not aware whom she stopping. Angry MLA Asha kumari said in public Place that "Tum Janti ho,  main kaun hu ?".
Lady constable and her colleague didn't allowed anyone to enter inside. Asha kumari became angry and slapped young lady constable. In response she also slapped MLA.

I was not aware about Asha Kumari : Constable

Lady constable of Himachal pradesh police Rajwanti said she was not aware about MLA Asha kumari. She said she and her team were ordered to stop everyone to go inside as Rahul Gandhi was present inside.  She said we were ordered to stop everyone as SP and senior officer were checking passes and they were allowing only people with passes.
Rajwanti also added she was not aware about MLA Asha kumari and said I was on duty and we follow orders whatever senior orders.

FIR against each other 

Rajwanti lodged FIR in Sadar Police station on same day after this controversy and she said she was hurt with this incident and this was a real shock for her self respect. Asha Kumari lodged FIR yesterday and written in FIR, " One woman constable restrained me from entering the Congress Bhawan yesterday. She slapped me repeatedly and threatened me of dire consequences,” wrote Asha in her complaint lodged. She further went on to add that the cop hurled abuses at her and also used filthy language". After this whole controversy lady constable said she is getting threat from unknown caller regarding this matter but she will not back-step as her self respect is broken with this incident.

Important Statements on this controversy

  • Rahul Gandhi 
Rahul gandhi on same day of controversy said that he is very hurted with this incident. He said clearly that he is hurted with behavior of Asha kumari. Rahul added that we are because of people and for people.
  • Jai Ram Thakur
Himachal pradesh chief minister said in delhi after this incident that culprit will be punished. He ordered for to check whole matter.

Who is Asha Kumari ?

Asha Kumari born on September 23rd,1955 at New Delhi. Her father was retired chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh. She studied at Bhopal and then married in a Royal family in Himachal Pradesh with Sh. Brijendra Singh on 19th April, 1979. 
Asha Kumari was general secretary of NSUI of MLB Girls College, Bhopal and was one of founder member of NSUI. Asha kumari won from Dalhousie seat in 2017 also. She is also AICC member and is very close to congress president Rahul Gandhi

Who is Rajwanti ?

Rajwanti is constable in Himachal Pradesh Police. She is also a boxing champion player. Rajwanti is popular player of Shimla district.


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