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ID Dhiman former education minister of Himachal Pradesh and one of biggest leader in Himachal pradesh of bhartiya janta party. He is pride of Himachal pradesh as he have done a lot for Himachal pradesh in field of education and at party level for bhartiya janta party.
Ishwar dass Dhiman
Full name of ID Dhiman was Ishwar dass Dhiman. Ishwar das Dhiman was born on
17th November 1934 and died on 15th November 2016.

About ID Dhiman

Full name : Ishwar das Dhiman
Birth date : 17th November 1934
Died on : 15th November 2016
Father's Name : GR Dhiman
Shimla Address :Set No. 112, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Vidhayak Sadan, Shimla-171004.
Permanent Address : Village Dialri, P.O. Bhoranj, Tehsil Bhoranj, Distt. Hamirpur .
Mobile Number : 9418451176
Email :

Personal life of ID dhiman

ID dhiman or Ishwar das Dhiman was son of late Shri G. R. Dhiman. He was born at Dialri, District Hamirpur on 17th November, 1934. In education qualification Ishwar das Dhiman was Bachelor of Arts,  Master of arts, Master of education and Certificate in Vocational Education.
He studied  at Punjab University, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
Family of ID dhiman
ID dhiman married to Smt. Satya Dhiman, he have one son and Two daughters.
         ID Dhiman served in Education Department as T.G.T. and as Headmaster, High School for 13 and 16 years respectively.

Political career of ID Dhiman

Ishwar dass Dhiman took voluntary  retirement from Education Department. In year 1989 he joined Bhartiya Janta party under leadership of Shanta Kumar.
Some contribution to party and state is given below.
- State Executive Committee - 1990-93
- State Delegate of Bhartiya janta party - 1990-92
- Vice- President of Scheduled Castes - 1993-95
- President of Scheduled Tribes Morcha, Bhartiya Janata Party- 1995-98.
He was elected in state legislative assembly in year 1990,1993, 1998, 2003 and 2007 from Mewa (now called as Bhoranj ) Legislative Assembly constituency.

Some special facts of personal life

  • Interest : Social work
  • Languages known : Hindi, Urdu, English and Punjabi.
  • Hobbies : Agriculture, reading, and writing.
  • Awards: For his best service in Education in HP he was Conferred with Glory of India Award by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi.

Unknown facts about career ID Dhiman

He was General Secretary of Bhoranj Welfare Committee in year.
  • Vice-President of Head Masters/Principals and Inspecting Officers  Association in 1983-87.
  • President in year 1987-89.
He is real pride and hero of Himachal pradesh. Himachal pradesh will always remember great service of ID Dhiman in field of education. His death is big loss for state and Bhartiya janta party.
Politics is really very interesting , two political leader GS Bali and sukhvinder Singh sukhu who were on target of CM Virbhadra Singh two days ago . They were sharing same stage with him in Theog rally.
They didn't missed a single chance to praise CM and senior leader of congress vidya stokes.
Congress leaders in theog rally

They praises both these leaders in front of people of theog
This whole picture of politics was seen in Nehru ground theog, where congress party was showing there unity.

Virbhadra Singh has done all over development of state : GS Bali

Transportation minister and senior congress leader said addressing people of theog that Virbhadra Singh and vidya stokes are inspiration for him. He attacked Dhumal and his party by saying
That Virbhadra Singh has done all over development , if Rampur and Theog are developing than Nagrota and Kangra is also not behind in development.

CM lives in heart of people : Sukhu

Congress state president sukhvinder Singh sukhu played a marvelous stroke by saying that our cm doesn't stay in different parts of state but he stays in heart of people . He also added Virbhadra Singh is in between people for 18 hours in a day.
He also said Virbhadra singh feels bad if he is not able to work for someone.

Anurag Thakur takes cricket as a reason for politics : Sukhu

Congress state president said Virbhadra Singh will become chief minister once again in 2017. He attacked Dhumal and his family by saying Anurag Thakur likes to stay in Dubai and Mumbai than in state. He attacked Anurag Thakur by saying they are using cricket as reason for politics.

BJP used to promote contract and contractors : Stokes

Senior leader Vidya Stokes said Virbhadra Singh wants every individual's development not like BJP who have always promoted contractors.
He assured Virbhadra Singh will become CM 7th time in 2017.

Our views on theog rally.

According to himstates this rally was really very successful, two days ago Bali was on CM's target on issue of rally of Sonia Gandhi, and sukhvinder sukhu on issue of suspension of Baldev Thakur. But this is really good sign for state congress that these leaders are together.
Dharamshala cricket ground , one of the beautiful ground located at god's city himachali. But it's unfortunate people of state always miss cricket action because of political leaders and bad politics of himachali Pradesh.
Ipl 2016 matches in dharmshala

What happened this time?

IPL is running in India and this is cricket league season, but himachal is facing political issues with HPCA . HPCA was hosting IPL matches but now three matches has been shifted to mohali which earlier Himachali cricket association was hosting.Remember every year HPCA hosts IPL matches and it is home ground for kings XI Punjab.Now matches of 7th , 9th and 15th may matches will held in Mohali cricket ground.

Is this first time match has been shifted???

No, it's not first time that matches has been shifted earlier high voltage match between India verses Pakistan was shifted to Kolkata due to security issues mentioned by himachali government.

Political views of parties on this issue 

  • Sudhir sharma, Rural Development minister Himachal Pradesh (congress party)
"Cm virbhadra Singh had given assurance of full security inside and outside of ground, even assured entertainment tax free matches. Matches has been shifted because of HPCA not government of himachal pradesh."
  • Anurag thakur, bcci secretary, HPCA president (bjp)
"Looking at old incident of India-pakistan match we have asked government to give assurance about security in written for these IPL matches. But even after 1 week government have not replied so this shows negative response of government for IPL matches."

HPCA and Bjp is saying government is not giving assurance about security but Cm had publicly announced to give security for all matches in himachali earlier .

What's our view on this issue ???

Himstates feels on this issue that both parties are trying to capture public votes with this issue. Congress is trying to show people of himachal that they are against the work culture of HPCA and they are not against cricket, whereas BJP is trying to counter Bjp with allegations that congress party doesn't support cricket in state. But all-over both parties are fighting for votes, one is fighting to be 7th time CM and other is trying to make his father next CM.
But himstates want to advise them ,more than politics you should focus on people of himachali.