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Rahul Gandhi in Dharmshala did not left anything to say about BJP and Prime minister Narendra modi. But after just 2-3 days politics started in Himachal. Actually GS Bali , Transport minister of Himachal Pradesh did not get place to sit on stage while Rahul Gandhi rally in Dharmshala. SPG did not allowed him to enter on stage, and after that politics begins in Himachal. Chief minister said GS Bali is telling lie whereas Bali asked CM to inquire this whole issue.
Congress v/s congress in Himachal
Congress is calling it successful rally but now they are failing even in there family.

SPG did not allow to enter on stage : GS Bali

State minister and senior congress leader GS Bali said after Rahul Gandhi rally in Dharmshala that after receiving Rahul Gandhi on Airport in kangra, he went to Dharmshala with Vidhya stokes and kaul Singh Thakur. When he was going on stage , SPG members did not allowed to enter on stage as his name was not there on list given to SPG members.

Minister is telling lie about list : Virbhadra Singh

CM of Himachal Pradesh Virbhadra Singh called allegations of Gs Bali as lie. He said there was enough space to sit for ministers , MLA and CPS. There was enough space to sit for 45 people.
He said in Palampur that there was name of minister (Bali) in list but I don't know where was he at that time.
Virbhadra said I don't know if he came there or not.

How name disappeared List ? :GS Bali

MLA from Nagrota and Minister in state GS Bali said that when he reached near stage with IPH minister Vidhya stokes and Health minister Kaul singh thakur , SPG members did not allowed him to sit on stage. He said people from his constituency were sad after he was not allowed to sit on stage. He asked CM Virbhadra Singh to enquire this issue. He also said that he will take next step if answer will not be satisfactory.
He said this was not function of congress party , it was function of state government.

Rahul Gandhi's Dharmshala Rally was flop show : BJP

State BJP called Rahul Gandhi's Dharamshala rally as flop show. They said that congress asked students and aanganbadi workers to come in rally. Some of BJP leaders comment on Rahul Gandhi's Dharamshala rally.
  • Kishan kapoor
Former minister of BJP Kishan kapoor called Rahul Gandhi rally a flop show. He said congress government have wasted around 50 crore rupees to impress Rahul Gandhi . He said in that much about which state government wasted around 25000 houses could have built. He said in funny way that congress have asked students workers etc still only 10000 people were in rally.
  • Dr. Kuldeep singh Tanwar (kisan sabha president)
Kisan Sabha state president dr. Kuldeep singh Tanwar said four years congress government as unsatisfactory for farmers and common people.
  • Prem kumar dhumal
Opposition leader Prem kumar dhumal said on Rahul Gandhi rally , Rahul Gandhi could not tell even a single achievement of state government . He called state Congress party as 'National Shame'.
Gurmukh Singh bali popularly known as GS Bali is one of the top leader in Himachal Congress party. GS Bali born on 27 July 1954 in kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. He is currently MLA from Nagrota constituency.
GS Bali is known for his remarkable performance in transport and civil supplies ministry in Himachal Pradesh. GS Bali is currently Transport, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Technical Education Minister in Virbhadra Singh government.
Pride of Himachal - GS Bali

Profile of GS Bali|Contact Details

Born : 27 July 1954
Shimla Address : Minister's House No. 12, Grant Lodge, Shimla Pin code- 171002.
Permanent Address : Village and Post Office Tharu, Tehsil Nagrota and District Kangra.
Phone Number : 9816035297
Email Id:

Biography of GS bali

Gurmukh Singh Bali(GS Bali) born on 26th July in year 1954. He is in top 5 leaders of congress party in Himachal pradesh. 2012-16 is fourth time he was elected as Member of Himachal legislative assembly.
He born at kangra district of Himachal pradesh and was professionally agriculturist and industrialist. He married in year 1977 and have 2 daughters and one son. He is also founder of Himachal Nagrik Sudhar Sabha and conveyor of Indian national congress vichar Manch.
Interest : To Serve weaker sections of society.
Languages : Hindi, English and Punjabi.
Foreign Tours: Australia, Singapore and European countries.
Sports: Cricket, hockey and volley ball.

Family of GS bali

Current transport minister and MLA from Nagrota constituency, GS Bali married on
20 June 1977. He have two daughters and a son Raghubir singh Bali.

Education of GS bali

Himachal pradesh congress leader and four times member of legislative assembly of Himachal pradesh GS bali is diploma in Mechanical engineering. He is always focussed on betterment of education in state that's is why he was given technical as well as transport ministry.

Political career of GS Bali

Gs bali did his diploma in mechanical engineering and than he joins politics. Gs bali is founder president of Himachal Nagrik Sudhar Sabha He became the President of the Congress Seva Dal from 1995 to 1998. He was also the Joint Secretary of the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee from 1993 to 1998.
Gs bali was elected MLA from Nagrota four consecutive times after 1998.
He won election from Nagrota in assembly election year 1998, 2003,2007,2012.

Interesting things or facts about GS bali

- Founder of Himachal Nagrik Sudhar Sabha.
- Vice Chairman and later Chairman of the Himachal Social Bodies Federation.
- Bali was Convener of the Indian National Congress Vichar Manch from 1990-97.
- Joint secretary of HP congress committee from 1993-98.
- Bal mela is celebrated on his birthday in Nagrota.
- Four consecutive times elected as MLA from Nagrota constituency.
- It is said in political zone , that it's impossible to defeat GS bali from Nagrota.
- He is so much dedicated about his ministry that he had been seen raiding Transport office and dipo's .
- In transport and technical department , the more is fear of this pride of Himachal ,more they respect him

  • Himachal and every himachali have proud of GS bali for his splendid work for state. He is truely pride of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal needs his serving for more and more years.
Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh congratulated Indian army for surgical attack in Pak occupied Kashmir. Indian army did surgical strike attack against terrorists camps in Pakistan across LOC.
He praised this step of surgical strike and said terrorists cross border and attack Indian Army.
Virbhadra Singh chieft minister
In response of this terrorism this was right step by Indian army, Virbhadra Singh added that in this attack several terrorists had been killed and no casualty took place to citizens of Pakistan.
Allegations of backdoor entry jobs by opposition are baseless
Chief minister and congress star leader Virbhadra Singh denied allegations of Dhumal and opposition that jobs have been given from backdoor.
He asked Dhumal and opposition to tell even a single issue in which jobs had been given from backdoor.
Virbhadra singh attended dozens of rally's in Changar assembly constituency area Jaisinghpur.
Dhumal have habit of lie : Virbhadra Singh
Virbhadra Singh attacked former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal that he had habit of lie. How can be there backdoor entry in jobs, when these all jobs are under observation of public service commision and HPPSC Hamirpur.
He said Dhumal keeps lie without thinking about God.
He said tickets to candidates are given by mutual efforts of central leadership and State leadership.
I am still young and no intention of retirement
Virbhadra Singh wants to lead party in coming state election in 2017 . When he was asked about state CM candidate of congress party he said he is still young and there is no intention to retire from politics.
So it's clear Virbhadra wants one more chance and want to lead party in coming Himachal Pradesh election in 2017.
After lots of problems within party , with GS Bali and congress party state president sukhvinder Singh sukhu , it will interesting to watch how Virbhadra manages his leadership in coming elections.
Politics is really very interesting , two political leader GS Bali and sukhvinder Singh sukhu who were on target of CM Virbhadra Singh two days ago . They were sharing same stage with him in Theog rally.
They didn't missed a single chance to praise CM and senior leader of congress vidya stokes.
Congress leaders in theog rally

They praises both these leaders in front of people of theog
This whole picture of politics was seen in Nehru ground theog, where congress party was showing there unity.

Virbhadra Singh has done all over development of state : GS Bali

Transportation minister and senior congress leader said addressing people of theog that Virbhadra Singh and vidya stokes are inspiration for him. He attacked Dhumal and his party by saying
That Virbhadra Singh has done all over development , if Rampur and Theog are developing than Nagrota and Kangra is also not behind in development.

CM lives in heart of people : Sukhu

Congress state president sukhvinder Singh sukhu played a marvelous stroke by saying that our cm doesn't stay in different parts of state but he stays in heart of people . He also added Virbhadra Singh is in between people for 18 hours in a day.
He also said Virbhadra singh feels bad if he is not able to work for someone.

Anurag Thakur takes cricket as a reason for politics : Sukhu

Congress state president said Virbhadra Singh will become chief minister once again in 2017. He attacked Dhumal and his family by saying Anurag Thakur likes to stay in Dubai and Mumbai than in state. He attacked Anurag Thakur by saying they are using cricket as reason for politics.

BJP used to promote contract and contractors : Stokes

Senior leader Vidya Stokes said Virbhadra Singh wants every individual's development not like BJP who have always promoted contractors.
He assured Virbhadra Singh will become CM 7th time in 2017.

Our views on theog rally.

According to himstates this rally was really very successful, two days ago Bali was on CM's target on issue of rally of Sonia Gandhi, and sukhvinder sukhu on issue of suspension of Baldev Thakur. But this is really good sign for state congress that these leaders are together.
Theog rally  can be called as one of the important rally ,organised at jawhar lal nehru ground theog. This rally eas a message to bhartiya janta party who are preparing for election 2017.Congress parry had tried to unite all senior and big faces of congress party before himachal pradesh election 2017 .This rally  was a message from congress party to warn BJP that their all leaders are together and they are ready to fight strongly.


I can fight next election : Virbhadra Singh

Virbhadra Singh in theog rally said that he can fight next election and capable to make win his supported candidates seats.
He said  in funny way that a man is that much of young as he feels and a woman is young as she looks.

This rally has given a message : CM

CM Virbhadra Singh said after congress  rally in Theog that every rally have a unique social , political as well as economic message. This rally has given also a message. His target was on Bjp who always try to tell people that there are groups in  Himachal Pradesh congress,one is Virbhadra group and other is congress group.

There is no age limit to be in politics and fight election : Vidya Stokes

Senior leader of congress and minister Vidya Stokes said while addressing people of theog that there is no age limit to fight a election and to be in politics.
she also said that she is always ready for people of theog.

Virbhadra Singh can become CM 7th time: Stokes

She indicated to fight next election and her support fr Virbhadra Singh. Stokes said chief minister Virbhadra Singh can become Cm of himachal 7th time.

I am ready to retire : GS Bali

In theog rally transportation minister GS Bali said that after looking at condition of country he is ready to take retirement from politics.
He also assured his support for Virbhadra Singh by saying he is with CM Virbhadra Singh if he will become chief minister 7th time.

Virbhadra and stokes are inspiration for us: Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

State congress President Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said cm Virbhadra Singh and senior leader vidya stokes are Inspiration for all congress leader and workers.

Bjp divide Himachal on upper and lower basis : CM

Virbhadra Singh said in theog rally that BJP used to divide on basis of culture, religion area basis. BJP used to do upper and lower not we. For us every himachali is same.

Our view on this rally

This rally was really successful in many terms. Virbhadra Singh become successful in taking big leaders like Bali and stokes who always opposes CM.
But this time all of them stood with Virbhadra Singh. This is a bad indication for state BJP.