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Karnail Rana is one of the most popular Himachali singer, whose songs are listened not only in Himachal Pradesh but all over India. Karnail Rana belongs to Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh.
Karnail Rana's debut with Himachali Nati album "Chamba Patne Do Badian" was a blockbuster which had selling record in Himachal Pradesh.
Karnail Rana's songs like ik joda sute da, Bhalaa saadhu jogiya ,Ghare chuttiyan aaija, Ridiya the ridiya goruaa are most downloaded and loved songs in Himachal music industry.
Karnail Rana

Profile of Karnail Rana

Name of Singer : Karnail Rana
Born on : 30 April 1963
Address : Village Ghallur, Dehra in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh.
Occupation : Singer and Actor.

Biography of Karnail Rana

Karnail Rana born on 30 April 1963 in Village Ghallur, Dehra in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh. His father was in Army and whereas mother was housewife. He started music from his home as his father was also music lover as his father learned basics of music in college level. Karnail Rana participated in many competitions and functions where his first love for music walk ghazals but later he started singing folk songs of Himachal Pradesh.
He became an overnight star with his first music album 'Chambe Patne Do Bediyan' in 1994.

Family of Karnail Rana

Father's Name: late Ran Singh Rana
Mothers name: Indira Rana
Karnail Rana's father late Ran singh Rana was in Army and later worked in ONGC whereas his mother was a housewife.

Education of Karnail Rana

Karnail Rana did his schooling from Ghallaur Government High School and graduated from Dharamsala Government College in music.

Best songs of Karnail Rana

- Jogiya be jogiya
- Ghare Chuttiya aaja
- Bhala saadhu Jogiya
- Dhaulagiri Parbat te
- Fulaan di barkha layi babe ne
- Ek joda sootan da
- Lacchi lachi Lok galande
- Kutu Rahani Deva Rani
- Sun Kangra Deya Loka
- Jara Ger Gai nu Laade

Best songs Albums of Karnail Rana

- Chambe Patne Do Bediyaan
- Toteyaan Bolna De
- Himachali Lok Rang Tarang
- Fauji Munda Aa Gaya Chutti
- Bindu Neelu Do Sakhian
- Shaan Himachale di

Interesting facts about Karnail Rana

There are so many interesting things about famous himachali singer Karnail Rana , some of them are given below.
  • Karnail Rana debut with record selling album "Chamba Patne Do Badian".
  • Karnail Rana is only singer of Dev bhoomi Himachal who have got 'A' certificate from All India Radio.
  • He has released more than 151 albums with T-series.
  • Karnail Rana have served in Nehru yuva Kendra in 1987 , and public relations department in 1988.
  • With music industry , he is also working for public , motivated voters during elections.
Kuldeep sharma is one of the famous Himachali singer of Himachal Pradesh. Kuldeep sharma is famous for his heart touching voice. He is also known as 'Nati King's in Himachal.
His some famous songs like 'Rohru jana meri aamiye' , 'Meri Monika', 'meri Preeti zinta' and neeru chali ghumdi have made him as Remix king of Himachal Pradesh.
Kuldeep sharma nati king

Profile of Kuldeep sharma

Name: Kuldeep Sharma
Born: 26th August, 1977
Occupation: Singer(Himachali)
Marriage: Married to Veena Sharma
Father's Name: late. Sh. Babu ram sharma
Mother's Name: late smt. Beggi devi sharma
Place:Tehsils Theog, Shimla.

Biography of Kuldeep sharma

Kuldeep sharma ,the nati and king of remix was born on 26th August 1977 in Tatrog village , Theog tehsil in district shimla Himachal Pradesh.
Kuldeep sharma's  mother name late smt. Beggi devi was also a singer. Perhaps this was the reason best singer of Himachal Pradesh started his occupation so early in childhood.
Kuldeep sharma have a record of being youngest professional singer for Akashvani.
His wife Mrs. Veena Sharma is also a singer and belongs to Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

Contact numbers of Kuldeep sharma


Contact details and address of Kuldeep sharma

Kuldeep Sharma
S/O Late Shri Babu Ram Sharma
Village Tatrog, Tehsil Theog ,
District Shimla,Himachal Pradesh.

Best albums of Kuldeep sharma

  • Nati fever
  • Dhamaka-2000
  • Ho Sonuye
  • Dhadhkan
  • Kashish
  • Jai Jag dambe Maa
  • Shera Wali di Cuniyaan
  • Mehak
  • Maiya Ke Dar Pe Chalo
  • Chahat

Best songs/nati of Kuldeep sharma

- Rohru jana meri aamiye full.
- meri Preeti zindgi, kindi chali tu.
- meri Monika .
- Dhola Ra dhamaka.
- Pata paani Ra ho meri gaangiye.
- neeru chali ghumdi.
- O my darling.
- chali ghumdi rohru baare, neele meri lashtiye.

Achievements of Himachali singer kuldeep sharma

1. Nati/remix king of Himachal Pradesh
Kuldeep sharma is said as Nati king of Himachal Pradesh. He had more than 50 albums in his list and more than 30 videos.
He had remixed some old popular songs in his voice and they have become more popular than original songs. That's why he is known as Remix king of Himachal Pradesh.
2. Youngest authorised singer of AIR shimla
Kuldeep sharma has a record of being youngest singer of All India Radio Shimla. He sung at the age of 16 for Akashvani shimla.
3. First Himachali singer to have Hindi bhajan album
Kuldeep sharma is the only singer who had released a bhajan album "Maiya Ke Dar Pe Chalo" all over India .
4. Kuldeep sharma awarded by 'Hind sangram Parishad '
This National Level was given by 'Hind Sangram Parishad' for his tremendous work in field of music .Kuldeep Sharma got this award on 6 May,1995.
This was the National Level award got by Kuldeep Sharma.Kuldeep Sharma got this award on 6 May,1995.
5. Best Pahari singer , him shri and Pahari Mrinal award
Kuldeep sharma was awarded as best pahari singer award for two times and also awarded by Pahari Mrinal award. He also received Him shri awarded for his excellent performances.