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India and Pakistan tension on line of control(LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir is not new thing.
It's time to boycott all companies like 'lays, pepsi, lenovo, xiaomi, zte, huewai, ' etc which are either Pakistan sponsoring companies or Chinese company.
India have tried to make good relations with neighbour countries , Pakistan ,china , Bhutan, Nepal , Bangladesh and all. But Pakistan have given terrorism and killed innocent people, and China have supported them always.
But this is time to give it back to China.
Say no to Pakistan and china #Notochina_andpakistan

What can government do against Pakistan?

Indian government have not taken even a strong step against Pakistan . Pakistan is killing innocent civilians everyday. Indian government should take some serious steps to put Pakistan on back foot. Some of steps against Pakistan that Indian Modi government can take are.
- cancellation of Most favoured Nation status
- Review of water treaty
- no sports , entertainment and no business with Pakistan.
            Most important thing that Modi government need to do is cancellation of status of 'most favoured nation' that had been given to Pakistan in which some special benefits are given to favoured nation.
Remember Pakistan haven't given status of 'most favoured nation to India.

What indians/people of India can do?

Indian people have boycott Chinese products in diwali ,which have effected Chinese business a lot. So this time is to boycott Chinese company products, and Pakistan sponsoring companies .
Chinese companies in India
Xiaomi etc
Pakistan sponsoring companies
Some companies which have a stromg business in India and they are giving sponsorship to Pakistani teams.
Pakistani cricket team have got sponsorship of Pepsi and lays as well as Chinese company Haier.
If India want to trouble Pakistan than it should be at every level. Pakistan sponsoring companies are
Lays etc.

Why China supporting Pakistan?

China is best partner nowadays of Pakistan ,reason behind is very simple. China is trying to get benefit of Pakistan land. China is working on a business corridor in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan.
        War is never a solution and war against country who have lost in 1948, 1965,1971 and 1999. Pakistan can never understand ,so it's every indians duty to make them economically low.
Chinese business depends a lot on India.
So boycott of Chinese company can effect them, and there economy.
Surgical strike on POK  was on 28th of September, but politics on surgical strike attack is still going. Yesterday Arvind kejriwal , Sanjay Nirupam , Gehlot , P. Chidambram gives heartbreaking statements. After these statements whole country is angry and anger of people is looking by there efforts and on social media websites.
    But now Aam Aadmi Party, congress took U-turn. 
Kejriwal favours pakistan

What did kejriwal said on surgical strike

Kejriwal questioned surgical strike by saying , Pakistan is doing false propaganda by taking international reports to POK and saying that no surgical strike took place.
       He asked PM Modi to clarify this false propaganda of Pakistan, and indirectly to release evidences.

Some Congress leaders statement on surgical strike

Some congress leaders like former CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot , Mumbai congress president Sanjay Nirupam , and former finance minister questioned surgical attack.

  •           Sanjay Nirupam said government should unveil evidences of surgical strike ,  he also said it looks fake issue and BJP is doing all this for political mileage.
  •          Ashok Gehlot former chief minister of Rajasthan also questioned surgical strike and should give evidence the way US released video while Osama bin Laden's operation, but who will tell him that US haven't released video till now.
  •        Former finance minister P.Chidambram also questioned surgical strike by Indian army.

U- turn by political parties

First U-turn was by congress party who said it was Sanjay Nirupam's individual thinking .Congress party is with government and they have full believe on DGMO's statement and Indian army.
After congress party so called B team of congress party Aam Aadmi Party took U-turn and today Deputy Chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said they do not want any evidences but central government should answer false propaganda of Pakistan.

How people reacted on statement of kejriwal and Sanjay Nirupam?

A man of ABVP threw ink on Arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi sena leader in Delhi threw shoe on Health minister of Delhi. Whereas in Mumbai BJP and shivsena protest against Mumbai congress president Sanjay Nirupam.
Arvind kejriwal chief of Aam Aadmi Party and chief minister Delhi is today in headlines of Pakistani media channels for questioning surgical strike by Indian army.
He indirectly asked for video release of surgical strike by Indian army.
Kejriwal jantakareporter

Kejriwal questioned surgical strike against Pakistan

Kejriwal where praised and salutes PM Modi for surgical strike decision , and said he salutes PM modi for survival strike.
       But he questioned surgical strike by saying , Pakistan is doing false propaganda by taking international reports to POK and saying that no surgical strike took place.
       He asked PM Modi to clarify this false propaganda of Pakistan.

Kejriwal,hero of Pakistan in Pakistani media

Pakistan was on back foot in their on country after surgical strike by Indian army. Pakistani media is showing video of Arvind kejriwal in which he is asking proof of surgical strike.
Statements of Indian political leaders like Kejriwal ,Chidambram and Sanjay Nirupam make Pakistani media and people smile .
These all statements are really sad for country . These leaders are more dangerous than terrorists.

Don't disrespect Indian army Mr. Kejriwal : BJP

BJP leader Ravishankar Prasad today had first press conference and said statement of Arvind Kejriwal is sad for country . Ravi Shankar Prasad said I want to ask Arvind Kejriwal , do you believe Indian army or not?
He also said don't disrespect Indian army.
Why kejriwal is impressed with false propaganda of Pakistan

Is Chidambram's statement ,congress party's statement: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Ravi Shankar Prasad in his press conference asked congress party president Sonia Gandhi , is Chidambram's State congress party's statement ,in ehih former finance minister P. Chidambram questioned surgical strike.

Chidambram's statement is hurting  

Ravi Shankar Prasad said Chidambram's statement on surgical strike was very hurting.
        Ravi Shankar Prasad said he is asking this question because congress party congratulated Central government and Indian army for surgical strike.
       Vice-president of congress party Rahul Gandhi also praised surgical strike and PM Modi. He said in funny way in 2 and half year first time Rahul Gandhi praised PM Modi for something.

Congress called surgical strike fake

Congress party leader and Mumbai congress president Sanjay Nirupam called  surgical strike against Pakistan as fake .
He said BJP is telling lie and this is all to take political mileage .

All parties should be together on national security issue: BJP

BJP said today that it's culture in India ,there may be lots of political difference but on security issue of country ,all political parties should come together.
But who will tell such a non serious leader that BJP is in power and they are in power with full majority.
But these leaders like kejriwal , Chidambram and sanjay Nirupam will never understand Indian army and national security.
On 28th September midnight India attacked Pakistan by killing more than 50 terrorists were killed. India killed these terrorists by surgical strike by Indian army.
After this surgical strike attack all political parties come to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government.
Some of opposition of central government who are always against Narendra Modi ,today praised and some of these are here
Tiranga image

  • Congress party

Bighest opposition party in India ,Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi praised Central government. Sonia Gandhi praised Central government and congratulated Indian army for successive surgical strike.
Whereas congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said this was the first good step by Narendra Modi from 2014. He also congratulated Central government and Indian army.

  • Aam Aadmi Party

Today Aam Aadmi Party chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal released a video and said in video that surgical strike was a best decision by Indian prime minister and I salute Narendra Modi for it.
      He also added there may be lots of contradiction with prime minister and central government but on this serious issue of security and safety of country ,we are with PM Modi.
     Arvind kejriwal advised central
government to raise issue of false propaganda of Pakistan ,about denying of terrorism in there country at international level.

  • Janta Dal United

Ruling party of Bihar JDU also supported central government and president of JDU and chief minister of Bihar is biggest political enemy of Narendra Modi, but he said surgical strike was right decision and there can be no contradiction on national security issue.

  • Shivsena

Shivsena chief Uddhav Thakrey called Narendra Modi after surgical strike and congratulated him and Indian army.
Shivsena spokesperson Manisha said these surgical strike should not be stopped till Pakistan understand reality and stop terrorism
So after a long all parties comes in support of central government and its good to have all parties together on this issue of national security and safety.

Difference in Pakistan and indian politics

Difference in Indian politics and Pakistan politics is quite simple Indian political parties stop all politics on issue of national security issue whereas Pakistan's second number party Tehrik -e-insaf party chief Imran khan attacked his prime minister after surgical strike and his eyes are on Pakistan politics and trying to gain his points in eyes of Pakistani people.
Indian Army had taken strong action against terrorists in Pakistan occupied Kashmir . Surgical strike against terrorists in Pakistan by special commando done yesterday .
Indian army surgical strike

  • We did surgical strike against terrorists in POK: DGMO Indian Army

Indian army DGMO have said today that Indian Army have done surgical strike against terrorists in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Indian Army enters in LOC and according to sources Indian Army special commando' s enters 3 km in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
Indian army DGMO said they have killed several terrorists. He said we have got information about terrorists camps and we have destroyed them, and now we have no other plan for any strike.

  • 5-6 terrorists camp destroyed and more than 10 terrorists killed:sources

According to sources 5-6 terrorists camp were destroyed and more than 10 terrorists were killed. In this strike no help of Indian air force.
This all operation took place for more than 5-6 hours.

  • Defence minister, NSA monitored whole operation

This all operation of surgical strike was monitored by defence minister Manohar Pariker, NSA Sheet Dobhal, Army chief and DGMO of Indian Army.
According to sources Indian Army special commando returned without any casualty.
Indian defence minister , army chief and NSA didn't even have dinner while this operation.

  • Funny statements from Pakistan

Pakistan prime minister accepts this operation and condemned this operation and said they are capable of protecting themselves.
But Pakistan government is denied this operation.
Pakistan defence minister Asif Khwaja accepts this operation and said indian army enters in LOC.

  • Details about this operation have been given

According to Indian government details about this operation have been given to President of India, vice president, former prime minister Manmohan Singh, governor of Jammu and Kashmir and chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir.
Today government of India have asked for all party meeting after this operation.
After two days of Sushma Swaraj's historical speech in 71st General assembly meeting of UN, Modi government have acted strongly against terrorist nation Pakistan.
Bhikhari pakistani
Some of actions that will effect center of Terrorism Pakistan are

  • Surgical strike at terrorists camp in POK

Modi government and Indian army took strong action against Pakistan and destroyed 7 terrorists camp located in Pak occupied Kashmir. Around 40 terrorists have been killed during surgical strike attack. more

  • Boycott of SAARC Summit(SAARC summit cancelled)

After URI attack Modi government have acted very strongly on Pakistan. India have boycotted 19th SAARC Summit scheduled in Islamabad.
India have stated that there can't be any summit in this environment of terrorism and one country is responsible for this.
After boycott of India some other countries of SAARC , Afghanistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh have also boycotted this summit. Pakistan is on back foot with this step of India and SAARC nations action.

  • Review of Indus water treaty

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi said "pani or khoon sath sath nahi beh sakte" which means blood and water can never flow together. This was on Indus water treaty with Pakistan which is continuing from the time of first prime minister Nehru.
According to this treaty India can use only 19% of water of Indus river, and can't construct any electricity projects on these rivers. But now India have decided to review this treaty. Pakistan have asked WTO to mediate this issue.

  • No most favoured nation

After water treaty India have decided to review status of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) given to Pakistan from 1996.
Under this treaty some special benefits are given to most favoured nation.
Hope this will be cancelled soon and in place of most favoured nation Pakistan will be declared as most terrorist growing nation.

  • No entry in Bollywood for Pakistani actors and singers and no cricket

After URI attack MNS have decided to send Pakistan actors and singers back to Pakistan. Reports are coming that Pakistani actor Fawad Alam have leaved India .
BCCI chief and BJP star leader Anurag Thakur have said there is no question about match with Pakistan. There can be no cricket till there is terrorism from across the borders.
So it can be said that these are strong actions against Terrorist nation Pakistan.
Most important thing to know will be how soon status of Most favoured nation is cancelled .
Yesterday on 71st general assembly meeting of United nations Foreign minister of India and dynamic leader Sushma Swaraj represented India.
Everybody was waiting for her speech after Pak prime minister Nawaj shareef's speech in UN on 21st September.
Sushma Swaraj and Nawaj Shareef cartoon

What did Nawaj shareef said in UN meeting?

Pak prime minister's whole speech was full of lie and against India. He was showing his status, when in his 19 minutes speech he attacked India for 8 minutes. Some of his lie and foolish points in speech was these
  • Nawaj shareef called terrorist burhan bani as young Kashmiri leader.
  • Nawaj shareef lies by saying that there is human violation in Kashmir.
  • Nawaz also said in his statement that  whenever dialogue is started with India, India presents conditions for talk.
"Jiske ghar sheeshe ke hote hain vo dusro pe pathar nahi fenka karte": Sushma  Swaraj
Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj presented her speech in Hindi language and it was well presented , every issue about work done in India like swachh Bharat Abhiyan , steps taken to save environment and bank accounts etc.
But every Indian was looking what she will say against Pakistan. Some points of Sushma Swaraj are these
  •  Some nations are serving terrorist and they should be banned.
  • She said Pakistan prime minister was talking about human violation in Kashmir but he didn't see human violation in Baluchistan. She said it in Hindi proverb as "Jiske ghar sheeshe ke hote hain vo dusro pe pathar nahi fenka karte".
  • She also said on conditional talk statement of Nawaj Shareef. We have never asked for any condition.

Political views on Sushma Swaraj's speech

- Congress party
Congress party leader Shashi Tharoor said this was excellent speech and strong message have given to Pakistan by Sushma Swaraj.
- Aam aadmi party
Aam aadmi party chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal said this was a strong message and a very well speech by Sushma ji. He also said that we are proud on Sushma Swaraj.
Aam aadmi party leader Kumar Vishwas called Sushma Swaraj's speech as historical speech.
Shivsena attacked government by saying in there magazine 'saamna' that now it's time to answer Pakistan in strict words not in words.